Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2916

More than an hour after her plane took off, Fu Jincheng and Secretary LAN came out of the conference room. Fu Jincheng’s face was not very good, but as soon as he walked out of the meeting room, he took out his mobile phone and went to find the message Gao Yunjin sent him. After reading it, he thought that she might be on the plane now and it was inconvenient to turn on the machine, so he replied a message to her

She asked her to tell him when she got there.

Secretary LAN has something else to say to Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng is busy, and he doesn’t disturb him. He just stands by.

Fu Jincheng is the core figure in the company.

As the company grew stronger and stronger, the people on the board of directors knew that they would have meat to eat with him. Therefore, when Fu Jincheng decided on several major projects this year, they also raised their hands in favor.

How do you know that before long, when they were officially busy, the old members of the board of directors saw that there had been a lot of recent events, a large number of project investment, and their attitude was wavering. They began to make a mess of ideas, command and make some trouble. Fu Jincheng has been so busy for so many days that he doesn’t even have much time to go home. Today, Gao Yunjin went abroad. He had adjusted his time to send her because he had to deal with the trouble caused by those people. He was so busy at daybreak that he was a person

I’ll be angry.

Therefore, Secretary LAN understands Fu Jincheng’s mood very well.

See Fu Jincheng reply finished, put down the mobile phone, he asked: “Madam on the machine?”

Fu Jincheng said, “well,” but his face is still not very good-looking.

He originally wanted to give Gao Yunjin a surprise, but now it’s OK, no surprise. He didn’t even have time to call her, and I don’t know if she would think much.

Just thinking of this, his mobile phone rang, and a message came: harashi just ordered a ticket back to country M.

Gao Yunjin goes to m country. If Yuan Shi hasn’t given up, he guesses that he will go back with him. Although Yuanshi’s home is in country m, it’s his freedom when Yuanshi goes back. This time, it may just be a coincidence, but Fu Jincheng doesn’t rule out that he will take this opportunity to continue to approach Gao Yunjin, so people have been paying attention to him these days

It’s a good trip.

Fu Jincheng’s reply: keep an eye on him and report the latest situation to me at any time.

There also quickly replied to him: understand.

Secretary LAN saw that he was busy, and then told him his next trip today. After that, he left Fu Jincheng’s office without disturbing Fu Jincheng’s rest.

Fu Jincheng just wanted to call back and chat with the two children. Lei Yun’s call came back.

Fu Jincheng twisted his eyebrows and looked a little impatient, but he still picked it up. There was a pleasant laugh from Lei Yun. “I called you a few times, but no one answered. Is Mr. Fu busy now?”

Fu Jincheng: “I’m busy for the moment. What’s the matter with Mr. Lei?”

Lei Yun said with a smile: “is it something to invite you to dinner?”

Fu Jincheng immediately refused: “I’ll be busy for a while. I can’t leave. I’ll have dinner another day.”

Lei Yun smile received a few points, but not discouraged, “all right.” A meal, tone with a little concern, “Fu always all night again? Listening to the sound, I feel very tired. “

Fu Jincheng smile: “is a bit.”

Second, he is tired. The main reason is that he wants to have some personal time now. He finally has some rest time, but he is occupied by unimportant people. No one is willing to change.

“Then you have a good rest? We’ll talk when you’re done? ” In Lei Yun’s heart, Fu Jincheng is addicted to shopping malls. He is ambitious, has strong action power and likes to challenge. He should like to socialize, so that she really didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng’s tone is out of impatience. She just thinks he is a real man

I’m tired.

Fu Jincheng: “good.”

After he hung up the phone, he immediately made a phone call to his home. As soon as the phone was called, it was picked up there. Soon there came Xiaoxuan’s excited voice: “Dad!”

Hearing his son’s crisp voice, Fu Jincheng’s eyebrows relaxed slightly, and his face raised a gentle smile: “is it Xiaoxuan? What are you doing? “

Xiaoxuan said happily, “I just got home from the airport.”

“Just got home?” Fu Jincheng asked with a smile, “where’s my sister?”

“My sister went upstairs to the bathroom and came down in a moment. Does Dad have something to say to my sister?”

“Well, dad wants to talk to his sister and brother.”

“Good, good,” Xiao Xuan asked him, “Dad, are you finished? When can I go home? “

“Dad is busy now. Dad will try to go back early this evening to have dinner with you and your sister, OK?”


Fu Jincheng hasn’t been home for some time. In his heart and Yue Yue’s heart, he thinks that Fu Jincheng will have time to go home after a long time. He suddenly says that he can go home to have dinner with them. Xiao Xuan is very surprised.

“Of course it’s true, but after dinner, my father will go back to work again. He can’t sleep with your sister.” Now is the busiest time for him to work. I wish he could have 48 hours a day. There is no accident that he will have to work overtime tonight.

Now Gao Yunjin is not at home, he is not at ease with the two children, afraid they are not happy, so he will try to take some time to accompany them.

“Xiaoxuan and his sister are big children. They don’t need their father to accompany them when they sleep.” Although some lost, but Xiaoxuan is still very sensible.

“Good boy.”

Then, Fu Jincheng talked with Xiao Xuan for a while, and Yue Yue came downstairs.

Xiaoxuan: “sister, dad called back and said that he would come back to have dinner with us in the evening!”

Yueyue runs down the stairs, takes Xiaoxuan’s mobile phone, talks with Fu Jincheng, and doesn’t call him a bad father, so he happily takes the mobile phone and pesters Fu Jincheng to talk.

Fu Jincheng now is the rest time, he is very patient with the two children, has been coaxing.

Although they only met Fu Jincheng the night before yesterday, Fu Jincheng hasn’t formally accompanied them for many days. In addition, Gao Yunjin is not at home now. The more they chat with Fu Jincheng, the more they miss him.

Chatting, Yueyue asked: “Dad, when can you not be so busy?” Fu Jincheng understood that his daughter was missing him. He felt guilty, but he didn’t want to lie. He said truthfully: “Dad will be very busy this year, especially in the next few months. He may go on a business trip frequently, so this year may not be like before

I’ll be at home with you all that time. “

The two little guys thought of him at first, and when they heard this, they were even more disappointed and lost. They did not speak, Fu Jincheng said: “but next year will be good, from next year, Dad’s work is not busy, can have a lot of time, always stay at home with you to play, where you want to play, Dad can take you.”

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