Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2917

“Really?” The two little guys were so easy to coax that they were not sad at once.

“Of course it’s true.”

After the completion of these projects this year, his company’s comprehensive strength will go up to a higher level, and the development of the company in the future will only be more relaxed. It can be said that he does not have to worry about it any more.

This is a good opportunity, which is the main reason why he insisted on doing these big projects at the same time.

“Yes The two little guys cheered. The two little guys started to discuss where they would go next year through the phone. The discussion was vigorous and they put Fu Jincheng on the other side of the phone.

Fu Jincheng sighed helplessly, got empty, took a glass of water to drink up, listening to the voice of two little guys on the phone, eyes as gentle as water.

Children’s thinking is erratic, and they don’t know where they are before a result is reached. Fu Jincheng is listening on the phone and can’t laugh or cry.

His rest time is limited, looked at the time, smile closed a few minutes, said: “there is a lot of time, you can slowly discuss ah, do not worry.”

Xiaoxuan and Yueyue obediently said: “good!”

Fu Jincheng’s eyes turned slightly and suddenly changed the topic. “By the way, when my mother left today, was she sad?”

“Yes.” Yueyue said: “my mother was reluctant to part with us and almost cried.”

“Mother cried?”

“No, almost.” With that, Yueyue pursed: “I miss my mother so much.”

Fu Jincheng’s eyes darkened a little, “my father also wants my mother.” He and Gao Yunjin are no longer around the children. They are worried that the children will cry and adjust their mood. “By the way, when mom left, did you talk about dad?”

“Yes.” Yueyue’s attention shifted away: “Mom, let’s listen to you.”

“No more?”

The two little guys looked at each other and thought about it seriously. Xiao Xuan shook his head and said definitely, “no more.” Gao Yunjin sent a message to him before he got on the plane. Although he also told him to pay attention to his body, most of the information he saw was about children. He knew very well that she was worried that he would be too busy to take care of the children, and the children would not see him

The two of them will be sad, so they specially sent him a message.

As for the advice to pay attention to the body, it is estimated that it is just by the way. After all, they are still husband and wife. If they don’t take a word from him, they will be too unfamiliar.

You know, even if there was a similar situation in the past, there were many things Gao Yunjin could tell, which could not be summed up in three or two sentences.

But the message that Gao Yunjin sent before was relatively short, with politeness and alienation.

Thinking of this, his eyes darkened a little.


After the plane landed, Gao Yunjin turned it on for the first time. After seeing Fu Jincheng’s message, she had a smile on her face.

“Mr. Gao, it’s time for us to go.” Then her secretary came up to her and said.

Gao Yunjin: “wait a minute.”

At this time in China, it was early in the morning. She didn’t know if Fu Jincheng was busy today and didn’t want to disturb him. She replied a message to him and told him that the plane landed safely.

After answering him, she got off the plane with her secretary.

At this time, Fu Jincheng is still busy and can’t find time to look at her mobile phone, so until Gao Yunjin arrives at the hotel and settles down, Fu Jincheng hasn’t replied to her message.

Her eyes were a little dim, a little lost.

She was not lost for long. When the master knew that she had arrived, he called her and asked her how she felt about the long-distance flight, whether she was tired or not, and whether she wanted to have a rest. Then they had a meal together at noon.

Gao Yunjin didn’t sleep well on the plane. He was really tired. He thought that he would be busy to night. He was worried that his mental state would make the master unhappy. After chatting with the master, he turned off the plane and soon fell asleep.

So, when Fu Jincheng was busy and called her, he found that she was turned off.

At this time, it is already three o’clock in the morning in China.

Busy so long, everyone is very tired, blue Secretary yawned, “then I go back to rest.”

Fu Jincheng let out a “um”, obviously a little unhappy. Secretary LAN knew that he had been waiting to get in touch with Gao Yunjin. Now he was busy, but he had this expression. Secretary Lan thought with his knees, and knew why.

Secretary LAN sighed in her heart and said, “I’m tired from the long flight. My wife may think you’re asleep, so she’s going to have a rest. Or you’ll call again when you get up tomorrow morning?”

“I know. Go back and rest.” Fu Jincheng did not expect this.

But, in my heart, I hope that she can contact him more, instead of contacting him. After giving him an account, it’s over.

When Gao Yunjin wakes up, it’s two hours later. For the first time, she still looks at whether Fu Jincheng has replied. When she sees Fu Jincheng’s short reply with the word “good”, she holds the gesture and sets it in place.

Before long, the time agreed with the Master arrived. She didn’t have much time to think about it. She put down her mobile phone to wash, dressed up and went out.

The master has always liked Gao Yunjin, and he is still so enthusiastic after meeting him.

After chatting for a long time, the master suddenly asked, “by the way, didn’t Yuanshi come back with you?”

Gao Yunjin Leng next: “you mean, he will come back to participate in your show?”

The master noticed something wrong: “didn’t he tell you?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head, “we haven’t contacted for a while.”

The master doesn’t know about young people, but she is familiar with Yuan Shi. She knows what Yuan Shi thinks about Gao Yunjin, and she doesn’t like to get involved in young people’s affairs, so she doesn’t ask much.

After dinner, Gao Yunjin is busy with the master. Although she is very tired, she feels very full and happy, and forgets about Fu Jincheng for the time being.

Until the evening, after dinner, she received a call from Fu Jincheng.

She is busy, master and several other heavyweight designers are also in, her phone rings suddenly, very impolite interrupted the conversation between each other.

Gao Yunjin is embarrassed and apologizes to others.

In fact, she wanted to answer the call because she missed it. As far as the busy degree of her and Fu Jincheng is concerned, she doesn’t know when the next time she can talk.

These are her predecessors. The master specially introduced her to them. It would be impolite for her to leave halfway. The master saw her struggle, patted her on the shoulder and said with a smile, “since this phone call is so important to you, you can take it. It’s OK.”

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