Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2923

Gao Yunjin is very tired, and she is not in a good mood. Now she has no idea to mess with him. She pushes him with her eyebrows and says, “don’t…”

Fu Jincheng thought that she wanted to refuse but also welcome. She didn’t stop and didn’t say it. It was even more heated.

Before she went on a business trip, they were both busy, and she happened to come to my aunt again. In sum, they haven’t done it for some time. Fu Jincheng is lustful and hasn’t done it for such a long time. Now that she’s back, she can’t let her go so easily.

In addition, he has been in a bad mood about her and Yuanshi, and he can’t ask. He has no place to vent his mood, so even if he knows that she will be very tired after a long flight, even if she has gone to sleep, he doesn’t intend to let her go tonight.

But Gao Yunjin is not a person who wants to refuse and welcome.

She tried several times, but Fu Jincheng didn’t seem to listen and didn’t want to listen. Regardless of her feelings, Gao Yunjin felt even worse.

She was so tired that she didn’t want to move at all. She had no interest in this aspect at all. Seeing him like this, she felt more aggrieved and uncomfortable. She couldn’t help but gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t want to do it. Didn’t you hear me?”

Fu Jincheng was stunned and raised her head from her chest. It seemed that she didn’t expect to say it in such a cold tone, so she was a little surprised.

Gaoyunjin see him stop, don’t open face don’t want to see him, but began to tidy up his clothes, and then pull the quilt cover on the body, light said: “I’m very tired now, don’t want to do.”

Then he turned his back.

But soon, Fu Jincheng broke her body back. Gao Yunjin twisted her eyebrows. Fu Jincheng pursed her lips and looked at her, “are you angry with me?”

Over the years, they have been on numerous business trips.

In the past, no matter how tired they are, they are very willing to eliminate fatigue and express their missing in this way, because it is a very good thing for them.

Now they, even if the feelings are not as good as before, but before she would not resist him in bed.

Like now, she has been on a business trip for a few days. If she doesn’t want to talk to him, she still treats him with this attitude. He can’t believe it.

Staring at him, Gao Yunjin feels uncomfortable. Don’t open your face. But Gao Yunjin also knew that his tone just now seemed too strong.

Although she was not in a good mood, her tone slowed down after she calmed down. “Sorry, but I’m really tired and don’t want to do it. Besides this method, I don’t know what else can stop you.”

“Tired? How tired are you? ” She looks really tired, but in the past, she was busier on business, took longer time, and didn’t show so tired, so he didn’t know whether she didn’t want to face him now or she was really tired.

But even if she was really tired, as far as her temperament was concerned, generally speaking, she would not suddenly get so angry.


“You –“

Gao Yunjin understands that he doesn’t believe her and thinks she’s lying.

Gao Yunjin didn’t know why he thought of her so much. Seeing her like this, she was too tired to speak, and she didn’t know what to say. As soon as she said it, she stopped.

“Why don’t you say it?” he said in a cold voice

She was tired at the bottom of her eyes. He saw that the fire was bigger, and the hand holding her wrist was exerting gradually. Gao Yunjin was in pain and wring her eyebrows. But like a contest, she didn’t open her mouth to cry for pain. Don’t look at him at the beginning, and she didn’t speak.

Looking at her like this, Fu Jincheng’s mood surged. She broke her face back to see him. Gao Yunjin suffered from pain, her eyes became red, and her eyes gradually became moist. But she still didn’t hum. Looking at him, she didn’t feel any emotion at the bottom of her eyes.

Her silent and numb resistance is the most worrying.

Fu Jincheng looks at it and slowly loosens his hand. He wants to open his mouth, but Gao Yunjin doesn’t want to start. He refuses to communicate with him.

Fu Jincheng looked at her and had a taste of everything.

As for what she and Yuan Shi said in the car that day, although he was upset, he planned to put it down for the time being.

But he didn’t expect that after she came back, he just wanted to make love with her, but she suddenly treated him with such an indifferent attitude.

This let him work hard to suppress the mood, all poured into the heart, can’t help but associate more.

He couldn’t help thinking about it, because she wasn’t like that before, and she didn’t have such a big temper.

What caused her to lose her temper with him?

Is it really because she doesn’t want to do it?

Even if she doesn’t want to do it, she can express it in another way, such as reasoning, or being soft, just like he does.

Why does she have to use such a good method?

The more I think about it, the more deep Fu Jincheng’s eyes are, the more I can’t be calm.

Thinking of this, he looked up at Gao Yunjin and wanted to talk to her, but found that she still closed her eyes and breathed evenly, as if

I’m already asleep.

Now this kind of situation, he doesn’t believe Gao Yunjin really can sleep, think she is just pretending to sleep, invisible refuse his close.

If she doesn’t fall in love with him again, they can’t be equal.

So, from the moment she regained her memory, he knew that in the future, when he wanted to bow his head, there would be a lot.

He is not afraid to bow.

Because if he doesn’t bow his head and try to find a way, it’s really easy for them to get separated.

Thinking of this, he grinned bitterly and didn’t worry about so much for the time being. After all, he asked for all this. He owed it to him in his last life. Why don’t he bow his head?

He looked a little softer and sighed. He hugged Gao Yunjin with a quilt. “I’m wrong. I shouldn’t wake you up. Don’t be angry, OK?”

After several seconds, there was no response.

Fu Jincheng a meal, holding her hand to loosen some, see her eyes closed, it seems to really fall asleep, not pretend to sleep, he Leng under, pursed tight lips, “small brocade.”

Still no response.

Fu Jincheng was finally convinced that she was really asleep, not pretending.

His throat suddenly a burst of acerbity, can’t believe in such circumstances, Gao Yunjin really sleep in the past.

However, in fact, Gao Yunjin really fell asleep, regardless of him.

He sat in place, sour looking at her sleeping face, for a long time did not move.

the second day.

Gao Yunjin wakes up and just moves his body, his head feels dizzy. She screwed up her eyebrows, slowed down, and then sat up from the bed. She looked at the place where she was. After half a sound, her mind suddenly remembered what happened last night. She was stunned. But on the other side of the bed, it was cold and there was no sign that anyone had ever slept. Suddenly, she was not sure whether the memory of last night was her dream or what really happened.

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