Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2928

It’s been almost ten days since he started his business trip, but she never asked about him. Usually, after finishing the topic of children, she has the meaning of talking on the phone.

But at this time, he was busy with his work and couldn’t find an opportunity to change it, so they still maintained this state during this period.

A few days later.

As soon as he woke up, he was woken up by a call to remind him.

He twisted his eyebrows, took his cell phone and picked it up. The voice over there rang immediately: “Mr. Fu, madam, I met with Yuan Shi today.”

Fu Jincheng suddenly sober, immediately sat up from the bed: “where to meet?”

“Companies, they should be talking about cooperation.”

“How long? Is anyone else there? “

“I don’t know.” There was a pause, “Yuanshi went to his wife’s company to find his wife, but our people didn’t follow him. We don’t know whether they are alone or talking about other issues.”

“How long did they talk? Yuanshi finished talking and left? “

He and Gao Yunjin are in this state now. Even if he wants to find her, he calls her every two days for fear that he will expose his intention.

However, even so, there were only a few short sentences between them and they hung up.

For this reason, these days, he felt very uncomfortable and more and more uneasy.

Worried about Gao Yunjin, it’s because of Yuan Shi that he will distance himself from him in this way.

So, now he heard that Gao Yunjin actually met with Yuan Shi. He can’t calm down at all. He regrets why he decided to expand the market this year.

His relationship with Gao Yunjin is already on the verge of collapse. He has to travel a lot this year, so he can’t be with her. Spend more time with her. It’s even harder for him to save herโ€œ They talked about it for about two hours, and then went to lunch with them. By the way, at lunch time, my wife’s secretary was also there. They didn’t eat alone. After eating, they separated. I know. That’s it

That’s a lot

“I know.”

Fu Jincheng hung up the phone, then picked up the mobile phone and called Gao Yunjin.

This time in China is afternoon time, Gao Yunjin is busy, received a call from Fu Jincheng, she immediately picked up, “you wake up?”

Her tone is quite gentle, Fu Jincheng meal, eyes surging mood calm two points, “well, just wake up.”

“What’s the matter? Is there anything I want to say to the children? “

“…” Fu Jincheng took a deep breath, “yes. I’ll take the time to video with them today. “

Gao Yunjin: “OK, I see.”

Here, according to the meaning of Gao Yunjin, they seemed to be able to hang up, but Fu Jincheng didn’t hang up and didn’t hesitate. He asked in an ordinary tone, “are you busy?”

“Not really, just dealing with the end of the hand.”

“Not busy today?”

Gao Yunjin: “not busy.”

“Isn’t the company coming out with new models again? I thought you should be busy now. “

“I’ll be a little free these two days. After a while, it’s hard to say.”

“Because of the new model?”

“It’s not just that, because last time I went to m country, I met several bosses, and then I may cooperate with them, so this season’s styles will be sold for a longer time.”

“So, we talked about the contract today?” He used the tone of guess, and finally asked this sentence.

“Well, I adjusted some cooperation plans with a former partner.”

“Adjust the planning, that is to say, you still need to continue to cooperate?”

Former partners

I don’t know if this partner is Yuanshi.

If so, when Gao Yunjin talks about Yuanshi, his tone is too flat and there is no special mood.

“Yes.” Suddenly said so many things that have nothing to do with children, Gao Yunjin is a little not used to, “you today, not busy?”

Otherwise, how do you have time to ask her these trivial matters?

“Not for the time being.”


Then, she didn’t know what to say, so she was silent.

Fu Jincheng also wants to continue the previous topic: “so, you may go to m country again in the near future?”

“Not in a short time, because someone will come over there. I don’t have to go there myself.”

Fu Jincheng bickered. Just as he wanted to continue, the doorbell rang outside the door.

The doorbell rang very loud. Gao Yunjin heard the sound through the phone. He thought he had something to do, so he said, “what you told me, I’ll tell the children. Don’t worry. I won’t disturb you. Hang up first. “


As soon as he finished, Gao Yunjin hung up.

Fu Jincheng’s face is not very good-looking, but there is secretary LAN outside the door. Fu Jincheng didn’t look at Secretary Lan’s face and put down his mobile phone to open the door.

Secretary LAN: “you just woke up?”

Because he’s still in his pajamas.

But they need to go out now, or they’ll be late.

Fu Jincheng understood his meaning, didn’t say much, went in to wash, a few minutes later, the two went out of the door together.

After getting on the bus, he dialed a phone and went out, “how many clients did my wife meet today?”

The other side responded, “just one.”

The other side’s response made Fu Jincheng feel better.

At least, when Gao Yunjin talks about Yuanshi, her tone is still calm. In other words, her feelings for Yuanshi may not be as deep as he thought, and the relationship between him and Gao Yunjin is not irreparable.

However, even so, he has no time to wait to die. If he keeps busy, he will probably take advantage of the situation to the extent that he likes Gao Yunjin.

What’s more, Gao Yunjin has two lifetime memories. Her feelings for him are very complicated now. It’s not so easy for her to fall in love again. Therefore, he still has time.

Thinking of this, after hanging up the phone, he said to Secretary LAN, “contact Mr. Lei and ask her if we can talk about our cooperation a few days in advance.”

Secretary LAN: “do you want to fly directly to H city the day after tomorrow instead of going back to Beijing?”


“Are you sure?”

Fu Jincheng is obviously eager to return home recently. He thought he would like to fly back to China immediately. He suddenly said so. He felt that he was almost unable to keep up with his thoughts.

“Sure.” Fu Jincheng’s face was calm: “not only that, you will also inform those people of the company later, and let them speed up the process. I plan to hold the press conference half a month in advance.”

“…” Secretary LAN choked, “but is it too soon?”

“They can do it.”

Secretary LAN: “I know. It’s just that I’m afraid I’m in a hurry and the effect is not good.”

“I can control it.” Secretary LAN

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