Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2929

Fu Jincheng seemed to be serious. He couldn’t help asking, “what happened? Madam… “

“It’s OK. I just want to end this busy day as soon as possible.”

Otherwise, he has been basically away from home for half a year.

He can’t wait so long, and he’s worried that Gao Yunjin can’t wait.

Secretary Lan was relieved.

He suddenly made such a decision, he thought that the problem between Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin could not be alleviated.

Because of Fu Jincheng’s decision, Secretary Lan was so busy that he didn’t even have time to drink water that day that he kept calling.

In the domestic evening, Fu Jincheng took time to chat with two children about video.

The two little guys were very calm at the beginning and didn’t Miss Fu Jincheng very much, but Fu Jincheng has been away for half a month. Now they miss him very much. After chatting for a while, they asked him, “Dad, when will you come back?”

“In a week.”

“Another week?”


“All right.”

Fu Jincheng: “where’s mom?”

“Mother is busy upstairs.”

Fu Jincheng was a little disappointed. “I know. After playing for a while, you’ll have to take a bath and go to bed. Do you know?”

“I see.”

After another chat with the child, Fu Jincheng hung up.

In the next two days, Fu Jincheng was busier than before, and on the third day, he flew directly from country B to city H.

During this period of time, several new projects invested by Fu Jincheng have spread in China, so netizens basically know that Fu Jincheng will have several big projects to do this year, and he himself has been searched several times.

So, he’s very hot now.

And he returned home, straight to H City, Lei Yun also personally went to the airport to meet him: “Mr. Fu, long time no see.”

Fu Jincheng steps, showing an official smile, “general manager Lei personally meet, Fu deeply uneasy ah.”

Two days ago, Lei Yun knew that Fu Jincheng would arrive in H city ahead of time and planned to discuss the cooperation content in advance, so she asked someone to check his flight, and then came to meet him in person.

“Mr. Fu, when you say this, I’m more worried about Lei.” With that, she made a gesture: “Mr. Fu, this way, please.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lei.”

They left soon.

But Fu Jincheng’s popularity is high recently. Because of the exposure of her identity and her beauty, Lei Yun has been searched several times. She is out of the circle and has become well-known. Now she has a high degree of attention.

So even if they don’t stay in the airport for a long time, Fu Jincheng still takes the VIP channel, but many people see them and send their photos to the Internet.

Not long after, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun’s Related words became popular. The combination of handsome men and beautiful women plus strong and strong is very eye-catching. It is precisely because they are beautiful men and women, and Fu Jincheng is a married man who has been married and has children. When they get together, even if they may just cooperate, netizens see that they are both side by side, and they begin to think about it

They are a perfect couple.

It’s just a pity that Fu Jincheng is married.

Finally, after discussion, everyone began to be curious about Fu Jincheng’s wife, who only heard about her but didn’t see her.

These years, Gao Yunjin is too low-key, netizens grilled for a long time, no one grilled out Fu Jincheng’s wife in the end is where sacred.

However, the netizen’s heart of gossip is never extinguished, this is not, chatting about, Fu Jincheng wife’s entry, also on the hot search.

Netizens even pick Fu Jincheng’s wife, but also have to guess each other’s personality, as well as the emotional state between their husband and wife.

About Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng, although they are well-dressed in the upper class these years, there are few people outside, because Fu Jincheng doesn’t allow them, and other people don’t dare to offend him.

For Fu Jincheng and his wife, netizens have different opinions. Some say that their husband and wife have been in love for ten years, others say that they have long been apart, and some say that they have no children or divorced.

How the fact is, netizens do not know, we are just hearsay, really know the inside story, are afraid to offend Fu Jincheng, afraid to be picked out, dare not rashly nonsense.

So, netizens discussed a lot, no one specific results.

When netizens ate melons online, Gao Yunjin was still busy in the company, and she didn’t know that Fu Jincheng had returned home.

But this time, Zhuolin called her.

When Gao Yunjin saw that it was her calling, he answered it with a smile: “Xiao Lin? Don’t you have to go to work today? Why do you call me when you have time? “

She has not had a good chat with Zhuolin for some time. Although she is still busy, Gao Yunjin is still very happy to receive her call.

“You -” see her still smile, Zhuolin to the mouth of words, suddenly can’t say.

“What’s the matter?” She seems to stop talking. Gao Yunjin asks, “is there anything I can do for you?”

“It’s OK. I’m fine.” It could be you.

But listening to Gao Yunjin’s tone, she thinks that things on the Internet are not credible. After all, she still thinks that Fu Jincheng is unlikely to cheat, because he seems to really love Gao Yunjin these years.


But the powerful woman named Lei is really beautiful.

She can’t help but worry about Gao Yunjin.

In particular, she remembers that there was a big conflict between Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng before. She secretly asked about the follow-up. Gao Yunjin didn’t say much, but listen to her meaning, it seems that she and Fu Jincheng are different from before.

It is precisely because of this, she will see that kind of gossip on the Internet, immediately call to find her.

“Is it really all right?” Gao Yunjin is not at ease. Listening to Zhuolin’s tone, she feels that she is not telling the truth.

“I –“

Zhuolin tangled, half ring, also don’t tangle, gritted his teeth directly way: “have you seen the Internet?”

“Online? What net? “

Zhuolin said a name that people often surf.

Gao Yunjin smiles: “did you know me on the first day? I seldom surf the Internet. ” After a pause, she realized something. “What do you mean by this? Is it — “

“Your husband has been on a hot search, with a woman named Lei Yun!”

Gao Yunjin’s brain suddenly roared, a blank, “what? What do you mean Gao Yunjin’s reaction, Zhuolin know that she is thinking too much, “you don’t think, I don’t mean they mess, so just on the hot search, is today your husband from B country direct flight to H City, the woman surnamed Lei went to the airport to meet him, two people talking and laughing appearance was photographed put on the Internet.”

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