Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2931

But Lei Yun is not a greenhouse flower who doesn’t know anything. She killed herself in the bloody rain. No matter how ugly it is, it can’t hurt her. For her, it’s most important to get what she wants. And the news about her and Fu Jincheng is likely to deepen the rift between Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin. For Lei Yun, it means that she has achieved her goal without doing anything, which is a natural disaster for her

good deed.

Since it’s a good thing, there’s no need to press it down.


Fu Jincheng was busy until eleven o’clock in the evening.

He is the only one in the huge presidential suite, quiet and quiet.

He rubbed his sore shoulder and picked up his mobile phone, which was full of calls and information reminders. But there were so many missed calls and information reminders, there was no Gao Yunjin.

She still hasn’t contacted him.

He turned his cell phone and wanted to call Gao Yunjin, but he finally resisted and dialed another number: “what’s the lady busy with today?” Knowing that Fu Jincheng wanted to listen to the detailed content, the other party also reported the itinerary in great detail: “I’m busy with the company, I’ve been in the company during working hours, and I haven’t been out. After work, she went to pick her up at her friend Zhuolin’s company

After work, they took the young lady and the young master to go shopping together and went home after playing for two or three hours. “

“She looks in a good mood?”

“As far as the photos are concerned, I’m in a good mood.”

Fu Jincheng

It seems that she had a good time when he was not at home.

“Send me some pictures.”

After hanging up the phone, the other party really sent a few photos to Fu Jincheng.

In the photo, Gao Yunjin and Zhuolin are playing with their two children everywhere. They never stop smiling. They look very happy. Fu Jincheng greedily looks at Gao Yunjin’s smile in the photo. He can’t move his eyes at all. His eyes are a little gentle. But he thinks that Gao Yunjin is still happy after he has been away for so long. He reaches out his hand and gently crosses the computer screen

, poked Gao Yunjin’s face.

Then he sighed helplessly.

The more I sigh, the more I miss her.

Thinking about it, my chest suddenly began to ache.

Fu Jincheng screwed up his eyebrows, picked up his mobile phone, and couldn’t help calling Gao Yunjin.

As soon as I called, I reminded the other party that it had been turned off.

That is to say, she may

I’m already in bed.

He put down his chest and put down his cell phone. When the pain in his chest was relieved, he got up and went to the bathroom to wash.

the second day.

Gao Yunjin arrived at the company. When he turned on his mobile phone, he saw the missed call from Fu Jincheng. After looking at his number for a long time, he dialed a phone.

I got through, but no one answered.

She put the mobile phone away, her secretary knocked on the door and came in: “Mr. Gao, Mr. Yuan is here, now in the reception room.”

Gao Yunjin was a little surprised: “is he in a hurry?”

Yesterday, she and harashi talked about some new details of their cooperation. Today, they are going to communicate with a third party. The location of the interview has been decided, which means that we can just gather at the hotel.

But now he came directly to her company, and I don’t know if there is anything wrong.

The Secretary touched his nose and closed his eyes with a smile: “he said he came here to go to the hotel with you, and his secretary is also there.”

Gao Yunjin understood, but felt a little embarrassed: “you don’t cajole.”

Secretary: “don’t worry, I won’t dance outside.”

I have been in contact with Yuanshi for several times. I think that if Gao Yunjin really wants to marry Fu Jincheng, Yuanshi will be a very good choice. I hope she can think about it.

Gao Yunjin understood her meaning and had a headache. The Secretary shook his head and said, “well, I’ll talk less later.”


She didn’t really mean this to harashi. She didn’t want to be misunderstood.

Gao Yunjin puts down his glass and asks the Secretary to bring the documents. They go to the reception room together.

When Yuanshi saw her, he stood up and said, “anyway, on the way, I’ll come and go with you. By the way, I’ll talk about something with you on the way.”

Gao Yunjin serious up: “what’s the matter?”

Yuanshi: “get in the car.”

Yuanshi came in his own car. Since he wanted to talk about things in the car, he had to take the same car.

“In my car? Or in your car? “

Gao Yunjin: “I can do it.”

“Let’s take my car. I have enough seats.”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

Because it’s not far from the destination, after getting on the bus, Yuanshi went straight to the theme. What Yuanshi wants to discuss with her is some problems that need to be paid attention to when he talks about cooperation with a third partner. He also shares with her some of the other party’s preferences, so that Gao Yunjin will not step on thunder and be punished when he talks with others

People’s routine.

In fact, he and Gao Yunjin are just partners, not the same company. Generally speaking, he should not disclose this information to Gao Yunjin.

But he did. Not to mention Gao Yunjin, her secretary, even though she knew that Yuanshi was interested in Gao Yunjin, she was a little surprised when she heard what Yuanshi said. She also liked Yuanshi better and felt that Yuanshi was a good choice, she said

It can be seen that the other party really likes Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin’s heart is very complicated. He is grateful, but he feels more troubled. But now their secretaries are all here, and he is the object of her cooperation. Anyway, Yuanshi is for her good, and she can’t say anything about Yuanshi in front of their secretaries. She just wants to be alone with him when she’s finished

Let’s talk.

So, she can only politely say: “thank you, I will pay attention.”

Yuan shidun said: “the other party is really good at making traps. Many people have been trapped by him and suffered heavy losses. That’s why I told you specially. It doesn’t mean anything else.”

This time, Gao Yunjin was embarrassed, “sorry, I –“

“Nothing.” Yuan Shi laughed, “but in fact, I do have private letters.”

If you change a partner, he will definitely not remind you like this.

Without waiting for Gao Yunjin to speak, he said, “this is a special case.”

In other words, he won’t do it again in the future, so that she doesn’t have to worry.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t know what to say.

The last time he was in M country, he basically meant the same thing, which gave her no chance to refute.

“I’m serious.” Harashi raised his hand and swore, “it’s really a special case.” He said that. What can she do except believe it?

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