Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2933

If it is before, Gao Yunjin must have started to talk about today’s interesting things with him, even when to drink water and go to the bathroom.

Simple and boring words, both of them can talk for half an hour, without fatigue.

But now, Gao Yunjin cold tone with a very boring sentence summed up his day’s work content: “nothing, just those things.”

Fu Jincheng recognized the coldness in her tone. She had a smile on her face. At the moment, the smile had been put away. “Are you in a bad mood? Is something wrong? “

She was so cold, he didn’t know whether she didn’t want to deal with his intentional performance, or just because of other things.

But no matter which one, it’s not a good thing for him.

But the former is more serious than the latter. If she doesn’t tell him something about the latter, it only shows that she doesn’t want to communicate with him. If it’s the former, she doesn’t even want to deal with him.

“Nothing.” Gao Yunjin sat down on the bed and asked him, “you called me just to ask why I called you, didn’t you? Do you have anything else to do? “

The implication is, if you don’t have other people’s business, I’ll hang up first.

Fu Jincheng heard it, and his heart sank.

He is still too naive to think, perhaps the above two cases, there are.

“Are you busy?” He doesn’t talk. Gao Yunjin doesn’t think he is in a mood. He just thinks he has something to do and doesn’t care about her.

Fu Jincheng: “No.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t ask him why he didn’t pay attention to her since he was not busy. He just said, “that’s what happened first?”

“… good.”

After Fu Jincheng’s voice fell, Gao Yunjin even hung up.

Fu Jincheng looked at the phone being hung up, heart pain, holding a mobile phone, sitting in place, for a long time did not move.

I don’t know how long after that, he planted in Gao Yunjin’s side to protect her, and sent him a message to ask if he was free.

After reading the message, Fu Jincheng didn’t reply, so he called directly: “what’s the matter?”

“Today, my wife and Yuan Shi also met.”

Fu Jincheng’s body suddenly tensed, thinking of the colder tone than yesterday, holding the hand of the mobile phone, green veins slightly convex: “meet alone?”

The cooperation between Gao Yunjin and Yuan Shi, after he knew that Yuan Shi liked Gao Yunjin, he went to know about it.

There are three years of cooperation between them. Even if some treaties need to be changed in the future, it will not take much time at all.

They talked about cooperation yesterday. If it’s business, he doesn’t think it’s necessary to talk about it for two days.

“No, it should also be about cooperation. They all have secretaries, and they have other people to eat with.”

Hearing this, Fu Jincheng’s anger was a little lighter, “so they just talked about cooperation, right?”

“It should be, but I’m not sure.”

Fu Jincheng thin lips a pursed: “what meaning?” The other party had no choice but to tell him everything he had learned: “it’s said that they were supposed to meet in a hotel, but in the morning, Yuanshi went to his wife’s company to wait for her. They went to the hotel together. On the way to the hotel,

They went in the same car.

This time, the target of cooperation is good at making traps. Many people are trapped by him, and even bankrupt. During this period, harashi helped his wife many times. “

Yuanshi is fond of gaoyunjin. Yuanshi has helped her three times and four times, so it’s easy to win her favor.

Gao Yunjin is the softest and easily moved. When Fu Jincheng heard this, he could basically imagine how he appreciated Yuan Shi.

Fu Jincheng tried to suppress the surging emotion in his heart, “and then what?”

“No more.”

“No more?”

With Yuanshi’s persistent attitude, he has done so much for Gao Yunjin. How can Yuanshi not ask Gao Yunjin to invite him to dinner?


Fu Jincheng didn’t ask again. After he hung up, he didn’t hesitate for a second and dialed out.

There quickly picked up: “Hello, who?”

“Fu Jincheng.”

There was a little surprised, but not too surprised: “it turned out to be Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu asked Mr. Yuan for advice.”

Fu Jincheng won’t talk nonsense to him: “stay away from her!”

Yuan Shi laughed: “why?”

“She’s my wife!” Harashi is not afraid of him, “is he? But how do I feel that you are not husband and wife at all? ” After that, he stopped satirizing him and said seriously: “Mr. Fu, don’t be too much. She doesn’t owe you anything. What are you doing with her?


Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng now have a problem in their relationship. In Yuan Shi’s opinion, it’s Fu Jincheng’s problem. Gao Yunjin still loves Fu Jincheng, but Fu Jincheng clearly doesn’t love her any more. Knowing that he likes Gao Yunjin, he even tries every means to block her.

When Fu Jincheng did this, Yuan Shi thought that it was just male chauvinism. He didn’t want it and couldn’t take advantage of others.

He can’t stand such a person!

Fu Jincheng sneered: “am I too much? You can’t covet other people’s wives too much? “

Yes, it’s too much for him to use his children to tie Gao Yunjin, but they haven’t divorced yet. What’s too much for him to ask a man who has an intention to his wife to stay away from his wife?

“I just love that she is not happy, not happy.” If Gao Yunjin is really happy, no matter how much he likes her, he won’t do it.

Just because he knew that she was unhappy and unhappy, he could not rest assured of her, and he could not really let Gao Yunjin continue to be husband and wife with Fu Jincheng because of her children.

If the second half of Gao Yunjin’s life is really like this, the second half of her life will be ruined.

Fu Jincheng holds the hand of mobile phone suddenly forceโ€œ If you really want me to stay away from her, you can! But the premise is that you can make her happy and give her happiness. Can you do that? ” Yuan Shi sneered: “I also put the words here, I let go of the premise is that she is happy, otherwise, no matter what you do

Well, I’m not really far away from her. “

At the end of the conversation, harashi hung up directly.

Fu Jincheng called to warn Yuan Shi, but in the end, he was warned by Yuan Shi.

How dare he say it!

Fu Jincheng sneered. He didn’t move him. Did Yuanshi really think he was a sick cat?

His eyes were dark, and he picked up his mobile phone just to make a call.

After the phone call, he felt a little better. But when he thought of what Yuan Shi said and how unhappy Gao Yunjin was now, his anger gradually disappeared, and what was rare in his eyes was more confused.

“Dudu.” I don’t know how long later, there was a knock outside the door, which interrupted Fu Jincheng’s thoughts and pulled him out of his confused mood.

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