Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2935

Seeing her call, Gao Yunjin put down her book, picked it up and said with a smile, “why did you call me again today? Do you want me to go shopping with you on Saturday and Sunday? “

“No!” Zhuolin gritted her teeth, “it’s not mine. It’s your husband’s business. Your husband and that woman are hot again!”

Gao Yunjin’s smile gradually disappeared, but his face was calm: “yes?”

“What’s your tone?”

It’s a little more peaceful!

Gao Yunjin asked faintly: “what is it about?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that someone photographed Fu Jincheng drinking in a bar. It’s said that a woman often goes to that bar. So, why did he show up in that bar? I don’t have to say much about it

Gao Yunjin: “didn’t you get Lei Yun?”


Gao Yunjin’s eyes drooped, “maybe”

“Maybe what? Maybe he went alone? Your husband doesn’t like to go to bars. He’s not interested in those places at all. Even if he drinks, he won’t go to those places to drink!

But he did. What’s more, I went to the bar Lei Yun often went to! Do you think it’s a coincidence? No way

When those netizens speculated whether Lei Yun was in or not and whether Lei Yun introduced Fu Jincheng to the bar, Zhuolin knew that Fu Jincheng would go to the bar because of Zhuolin’s understanding of Jin Cheng.

Maybe, maybe he will go to the bar just to cooperate with Lei Yun’s hobbies!

Now I haven’t photographed Lei Yun. Maybe they are afraid of being found, so Lei Yun just hid.

Gao Yunjin: “I know. I’ll go up and have a look.”

Zhuolin was surprised. “Go up and have a look? What are you look at? You, your first reaction is not to call and ask where he is? “

Gao Yunjin

Zhuolin is very angry, angry that Fu Jincheng treats Gao Yunjin like this, and angry that Gao Yunjin doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t have any consciousness of the palace.

She was so angry that she said, “you are really angry with me. If you don’t dare to fight, I’ll fight you!”

Gao Yunjin said helplessly: “Xiao Lin, don’t make trouble. You’re afraid of him. Are you sure you’ve called, can you speak out?”

Zhuolin often goes to their house to play. She is very familiar with Fu Jincheng. Fu Jincheng is also very friendly to her. Zhuolin can occasionally quarrel with Fu Jincheng, but that’s her situation. In fact, Zhuolin is very afraid of Fu Jincheng.

“You –” Zhuolin choked: “are you absent-minded? Who am I doing this for? You’re still tearing down my desk here. Do you have any conscience? “

Gao Yunjin said faintly, “well, I’m wrong.”

Her tone has been light, no ups and downs, seems to have expected, not surprised, also seems to have accepted the status quo.

After all, it’s Gao Yunjin’s business. Zhuolin is just playing with her mouth. It’s impossible to really decide for her. She also did not make, just said earnestly: “you know how to do it yourself.” She wanted to hang up, but she was worried: “well, Xiaojin, you are still young. Even if you divorce, you can find a good one on your terms

You’re a man of mine

“I know.”

Zhuolin: “you are not modest at all.” Gao Yunjin laughs. Zhuolin knows that she doesn’t want her to continue to talk about this topic. She doesn’t want to continue to talk about it now. But she thinks wildly. She wants her to go out and relax herself: “well, how about you

Would you like to come out for a drink? ” Gao Yunjin pauses, but doesn’t answer immediately. Lei Yun knows that she’s moved, and encourages her to say, “go ahead, go ahead. Even if you’re still together for the sake of children, then he can go out with other women. Why can’t you? We didn’t

It’s a loss to find a man to go out! “

Gao Yunjin’s mood is really depressed recently. It has lasted for several days. I don’t know how to solve it.

Now Zhuolin said, she was a little excited, because she really wanted to go out for a walk.

However, she remembers that the last time she went to a bar with Zhuolin, Fu Jincheng was very angry. If she went to the bar again now, he knew it and didn’t know if it would happen——

“Don’t you think that Fu Jincheng said before that you are not allowed to go to the bar?”

The last time she took Gao Yunjin to a bar, Fu Jincheng was angry. She still has a lingering fear, but now it’s different from before. Naturally, it doesn’t count.

Gao Yunjin choked, “a little.”

Zhuolin hated the iron but said: “you are all like this. What he once said doesn’t count? You used to swear to be bald together, but now? “

Gao Yunjin didn’t speak.

Zhuolin also knew that what she said poked her heart too much. “I’m sorry, I –“

“It doesn’t matter. I know you’re doing it for me.” Gao Yunjin doesn’t mind: “I’ll go.”

“Good.” Zhuolin asked, “then you come to pick me up?”


After hanging up the phone, Gao Yunjin went online to have a look. At the first sight, he saw the names of Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun. They were side by side.

Click open to see that there are only photos of Fu Jincheng on it.

In the photo, Fu Jincheng sits on the high table and chair beside the stage bar, with elegant and casual posture, handsome face and remarkable appearance.

It’s just that the light is a little dim over there, and she can’t see his face.

There are a lot of photos, and there are several angles.

Gao Yunjin looked at them one by one, and then fixed his eyes on one of them, because Fu Jincheng’s face would be clearer in this photo.

Then, she looked at the photos of Fu Jincheng and started to stay. It was only when a short message came from her mobile phone and interrupted her thoughts that she remembered that she had agreed to go to the bar with Zhuolin.

She looked at the time, and more than ten minutes had passed since the end of her conversation with Zhuolin. Fearing that Zhuolin was angry, she got out of bed to change her clothes, put on some makeup and went downstairs.

The housekeeper did not sleep. Seeing her coming downstairs, he asked, “madam, where are you going so late?”

“I’ll go out with Xiao Lin for a walk.” Gao Yunjin said, “you need to rest early. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“But now it’s so late…”

Usually Gao Yunjin seldom goes out so late, so Gao Yunjin suddenly goes out, and the housekeeper is a little worried, “shall I go with you?”

Gao Yunjin: “don’t bother. I won’t go for long.”

Housekeeper: “well, would you please tell me the specific places you are going to play? If there’s anything I can do for you, it’s more convenient. ” Although Gao Yunjin has his own company and often travels on business, in the housekeeper’s heart, Gao Yunjin is still the little girl who has been protected by Fu Jincheng for more than ten years. Besides, before Gao Yunjin went out on his own, Fu Jincheng got angry twice.

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