Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2944

On Friday, Gao Yunjin took time out to pick up two kids from school.

On Saturday and Sunday, the two kids can go out to play. They are very excited. As soon as they get on the bus, they begin to tell Gao Yunjin about their plans.

Gao Yunjin listens attentively and keeps in mind what they want to do.

The two little guys usually go to the only places to play. They don’t like to go if they go more often.

So after discussing for a long time, we didn’t unify the places we were going to play. After discussing, our white face wilted.

Yueyue pursed her lips and squeezed into Gao Yunjin’s arms, “Mom, can you let dad come back early? I miss him a little bit… “

Xiaoxuan holds half of his face in his fleshy hand. He also looks at Gao Yunjin and says, “I miss Dad too.”

The two little guys were still happy for a while. Suddenly they were like this, and there was a tendency to cry. Gao Yunjin quickly soothed them in a soft voice: “didn’t dad say that? Dad will be back next week. “

Xiaoxuan: “we know, but we can’t wait. I miss him so much. I miss him coming back to play with us.”

Yueyue nodded to one side. She didn’t know what she thought of. Suddenly she had a look on her face. She took Gao Yunjin’s hand and said, “Mom, why don’t you play coquetry with dad and let dad come back early?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned, and subconsciously said, “Dad is going to work. When Dad finishes his work, he will come back.”

“We know!” Yueyue interrupts her. She thinks her idea is very good. She continues to say excitedly: “but Dad listens to you most. Mom, if you are coquettish with him, he will immediately put down his work and come back to accompany you!”

“How can that be? And — “Yueyue still didn’t give Gao Yunjin the chance to finish her words. She held her chest in her hands and looked at her:” Mom, don’t bully us. We don’t know anything when we are young. I remember, dad used to go on business, you are

Because I miss my father, when I video with my father, I have a crush on my father. My father immediately leaves his work and comes back! And more than once! “

Xiao Xuan is still young. I don’t remember much.

Hearing this, he held up his small face and looked at Gao Yunjin admiringly: “Mom, is it true?”

“I –“

Yueyue snorted, hands akimbo, warning: “Mom, don’t cheat children.”

“No, mom.” Gao Yunjin was said by the two little guys. He felt a little ashamed and blushed. “It’s true that there’s such a thing, but it’s a long time ago, and the situation is different.”

“Why is it different? Isn’t it a business trip, too? ” Yueyue doesn’t believe it.

“Yes, mom, what’s the difference?” Xiao Xuan looks puzzled.

Now what Fu Jincheng is up to, Gao Yunjin is not clear at all, so naturally he can’t say what’s different.

It’s just that… “This time, things are much more important than before. You can’t just let go of your work.” Although she doesn’t know what he’s doing now, what he’s doing now seems to be very good for the future development of his company

Naturally, it is more important than before.

Two little guys are not unreasonable children.

Hearing this, the two black eyes looked at each other, and the momentum that just came out of the fork suddenly disappeared. Then he climbed into Gao Yunjin’s arms and began to act like a coquetry: “Mom, would you like to have a try, please?”

“Yes.” Xiaoxuan also did not give up: “if dad really can’t come back early, then we won’t say it again, mom, OK?”

In fact, the two little guys are very obedient. They seldom make trouble with her.

It can be said that they are now so coquettish with her, but they really want to Miss Fu Jincheng.

Thinking of this, she softened, “OK, mom, try it.” Finish saying, give two children to hit prophylactic injection again: “but mom does not dare to assure father to be able to agree.”

In the past, no matter how busy Fu Jincheng was, as long as she made an appeal, Fu Jincheng would basically agree to her immediately and would like to use all her strength to meet her needs.

However, her relationship with Fu Jincheng is not as good as before. She is not sure that Fu Jincheng will agree. What’s more, after the last time they talked about the topic, Fu Jincheng didn’t call her these days. Even if he called, he only called home and focused on chatting with the two children, only when the two children mentioned her

He would only have a word with her when he was young. Thinking of this, her eyes darkened a little, and she didn’t dare to give her children too much expectation. She continued to exhort: “mom knows you really miss Dad, mom can understand, mom believes dad also miss you, but dad is too busy at work

He’s tired. He works every day. He’s very tired. So, even if father doesn’t agree, sister and brother can’t cry, you know? “

“We know that we are big children, so we won’t cry casually.” Yueyue, with a successful plan, said with a smile, “but we just miss him. Dad has been away on business for so long. We really miss him.”

Xiaoxuan echoed: “yes.”

Gao Yunjin

So, she was set up by two little guys?

Anyway, with their assurance, she was relieved.

Two little guys arrived at the goal, immediately in situ full of blood compound, and happily in the car to play.

Gao Yunjin looks at it, and his heart is so soft that he can’t help reaching out and touching the soft hair of the two little guys.

Just, think of a while back home, she… The so-called want to talk with Fu Jincheng coquetry thing, her smile on the face is a little pale.

It’s really difficult for her to be coquettish now.

But she is not sad about this. She is sad because she is sorry for the two children. If her relationship with Fu Jincheng is the same as before, she believes that Fu Jincheng will still rush back like before.

This time, I’m afraid I’m going to let the two little guys down.

“Mom, what’s the matter with you?” All of a sudden, two little guys were worried.

Gao Yunjin recalled: “do I? Mom’s not so good. Mom’s fine. “

“Really?” Yueyue doesn’t believe it.

Xiaoxuan said: “Mom, you look very sad.”

“Yes.” Yueyue echoed and asked, “Mom, do you miss Dad too?”

“I -” Yueyue kisses Gao Yunjin’s face and comforts her: “Mom, it doesn’t matter. Even if dad doesn’t come back so soon, I have a holiday with Xiaoxuan. Xiaoxuan and I will play well with you these two days, so you won’t be alone.”

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