Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2950

It’s good that he wants to go home, but he should keep busy. If he keeps procrastinating, it will only waste more time.

Besides, Gao Yunjin’s attitude towards him has become more and more polite, and he doesn’t even want him to help her, which gives him a very bad signal.

If he goes back to the capital, Gao Yunjin will talk to him about these problems immediately, but he can’t accept it.

Therefore, to stay in H city is not only the need of work, but also his

A way to escape. Just as Gao Yunjin said a few days ago that he wanted to bring his child to see him, he was so excited that he wanted her to come right away. But because he didn’t want to talk about things he didn’t want to talk about with her too early, he found so many so-called “Zheng”

When she refused to bring her children, she said, “no reason.”.

“So, the next time we play, it may be arranged here?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t reveal anything, but his silent expression made Lei Yun know that he didn’t go back to the capital, which might be related to Gao Yunjin, or he might be avoiding something.

Thinking of this, the corners of her lips curled up, and she felt that things were better than she had imagined.

Fu Jincheng laughs: “perhaps.”

Lei Yun: “no matter when it’s good, as long as Mr. Fu doesn’t forget it.”

“How dare Fu break his appointment with Mr. Lei?” Fu Jincheng said with a smile: “besides, it’s also Fu’s honor to play with Mr. Lei. Even if he doesn’t have an appointment, when Mr. Lei wants to play, as long as he is free, he will go to the appointment.”

Fu Jincheng’s words are the most common polite words. Lei Yun laughs when he hears them. “Since Mr. Fu has said that, I won’t be polite to Mr. Fu.”

They talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was good. They also talked about other topics about market trends.

After the chat, Fu Jincheng didn’t leave until more than ten o’clock.

After he left, Lei Yun left immediately.

Sun Zong saw that she was in a good mood. He said with a smile, “it seems that there is something good in Lei Zong’s expression.”

“I think so.” Lei Yun thinks of the present state of Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin and smiles.

“Do you need to implement the plan in advance?”

Lei Yun shook his head and said, “don’t worry. Maybe I don’t have to do this. They’re divorced.”

“What do you say?” Lei Yun said something about it, and sun was very happy, but he was not as optimistic as Lei Yun: “according to the information collected a few days ago, although Gao Yunjin looks good at it, she has deep feelings for her children, and she is totally optimistic

It’s possible that they won’t divorce Fu Jincheng because of their children. “

Thunder luck smile a close, “you don’t say, I almost forget the child this matter.”

In her opinion, if the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious, even if they are concerned about their children, the children can’t make them get back together, so she doesn’t regard the children as interference factors.

“They have a deep relationship with their children. Even if there is something wrong with their relationship, I’m afraid they won’t divorce easily.” Mr. Sun continued.

“I see.” Lei Yun said faintly: “let’s see the situation first. Even if I have to make arrangements, I have to find an opportunity that people can’t grasp, so that the catalyst can achieve the strongest effect, can’t I? “

Sun always appreciates a smile: “you say is.”

“Gao Yunjin still has to pay attention. If there is any useful news, please let me know as soon as possible.”

Her life experience tells her that opportunities are grasped by herself, and she doesn’t want to miss any opportunities.

After working with her for such a long time, Mr. Sun naturally understood her meaning, “I will.”


In the morning, Gao Yunjin went back to the company, went over the contents to be sorted out, and then told the Secretary to inform the people in the design department to go to the meeting room for a meeting.

The Secretary passed on the order, but before it was time for the meeting, he received a phone call and his face changed.

After hanging up the phone, he immediately went to Gao Yunjin’s office to find Gao Yunjin: “Mr. Gao, just now the Secretary of Mr. Wang in G city called to say that they want to terminate their cooperation with us. As for the contract breaking money, they will send someone to deal with it today.”

Gao Yunjin’s face changed, “how can it be like this? What happened? “

The Secretary shook his head: “I don’t know.”

“They said that they would terminate the cooperation. Didn’t they say why?”

“No. The attitude there was very cold. It just said to terminate the cooperation and pay the breach of contract as scheduled. When I asked the reason, the other party hung up on the ground of being busy. “

Gao Yunjin frowned: “I know. I’ll call Mr. Wang first.”

“That meeting…”

“Suspend the meeting and let them wait for the notice.”

The core content of the meeting to be held later was originally the cooperation with President Wang. Now there are variables in President Wang’s side, so there is no need for the meeting to continue.

After the secretary left, Gao Yunjin immediately called President Wang.

It’s busy on the other side of the phone. No one answers.

Gao Yunjin felt an ominous premonition in his heart.

The other party busy is false, may have expected that she will call in the past, so already ready to deal with.

But she did not give up easily and insisted on playing.

But after another call, there was no answer. In the afternoon, Mr. Wang sent someone to terminate the contract, but the person who came was not close to Mr. Wang. Gao Yunjin tried to ask the reason, and the other party said with a smile: “I just carry out the order of my boss, why do we have to follow Mr. Wang

I’m not a little guy like me, so I can’t help you. Please forgive me

The other party lost money in accordance with the contract, did not blink an eye, after processing, left.

Gao Yunjin’s secretary was angry: “what’s their attitude? I don’t think much of you. “

Although the other party has lost money, their loss can not be made up by this breach of contract.

“Forget it.” Gao Yunjin is more calm, “I’ll contact other people.”

She wanted to go to G city to ask Mr. Wang clearly, but with Mr. Wang’s determination to terminate her contract, Gao Yunjin knew that he would not come to an end.

Now that she has terminated her contract with Wang zongnong, even if she successfully changed Wang zongnong’s mind, time is still wasted.

Instead of this, she might as well find a new partner, so that she can feel at ease.

“Is that all?” The secretary is not very willing, “contact other people and go through the process again. We have missed at least half a month. How many half months can we waste in a quarter? Why don’t you ask Mr. Fu to deal with it? ” She said, Gao Yunjin did not speak, Leng next, “President Wang suddenly changed his mind, will be affected by the relationship between you and President Fu?”

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