Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2955

In the past two days, she has suffered too much indifference and rejection. Suddenly, someone has made a 180 degree change. The phone call is strange, but Zhang’s character is OK. Generally speaking, even if the other party is cheating her, she has to try


After all, she does not have many choices now. How can she know if she really wants to cooperate with her if she doesn’t have a try?

So, anyway, Zhang’s call is good news for her. Gao Yunjin is in a better mood and has a smile on her face.

At this time, her cell phone called again.

She quickly looked at the caller ID, she was also a little surprised, but she was not so surprised by the presence of general manager Zhang in front of her, “Hello, general manager he, hello.”

“Hello, Mrs. Fu.” He always pour is very enthusiastic, but also some careful, “I did not disturb you to rest?”

“No, No.” Gao Yunjin said, “I’ve got up.”

She has seen and remembered president he, but they haven’t cooperated before and haven’t talked about the relevant contents, so they haven’t considered each other for the time being.

She had also thought that after they had finished talking with Mr. Zhang, she would contact Mr. He and other people without any result.

Now, before she moved, people came to the door in the morning, and it was so early.

What a coincidenceโ€œ That’s good. That’s good. ” Mr. He said eagerly: “well, I heard that you are interested in contacting the market of G city and are looking for partners. Unfortunately, he is also in this field. I wonder if Mrs. Fu can give him a partner

Opportunity? “

He also took the initiative to call. General manager he was very low in stature and meant to please. His attitude towards her was quite different from that of general manager Zhang.

Gao Yunjin was surprised at this.

But she also knows that he is cautious and doesn’t easily offend others. He has a high evaluation in the industry. At least he doesn’t have as much insight as Mr. Zhang. He is not as influential as Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhang.

So it’s reasonable for the opponent to keep such a low attitude.

No matter what Zhang and he’s attitude, cooperation still needs to be discussed in detail before she can decide who she wants to cooperate with.

After all, Mr. He may be a smiling tiger, and Mr. Zhang may just give her true feelings. How can she know who to cooperate with without talking?

To this end, she has a calculation in mind.

Thinking of this, she said to Mr. He: “I have an appointment in the morning, so I can’t spare time in the morning. In the afternoon, we’ll have a good chat. Do you think it’s ok?”

He is always in a panic.

Gao Yunjin knows about looking for people to cooperate with these days. He thought Gao Yunjin would agree immediately. Now Gao Yunjin says that she has made an appointment with other people.

For this reason, the first thing he thought of was that Fu Jincheng also found other people.

Soon he rejected the idea.

Fu Jincheng said last night that he should keep quiet and Gao Yunjin should not see that he is making a bridge. That is to say, Fu Jincheng only found him.

Gao Yunjin’s so-called appointment with other people may just feel that he is not the best candidate, and she still wants to try her favorite partner.

We are all business people, and we can understand that.

Think of this, he always calm down, “good, you arrange the time is good, I have time these days, you are welcome to call at any time.”

This general manager he is so easy to speak, Gao Yunjin saves a lot of worry, but also has two points of favor for this general manager he.

After chatting for a while, they hung up.

After breakfast, Gao Yunjin sorted out the information and went to Zhang’s company according to the time agreed with Zhang.

However, Mr. Zhang seems to be very busy. She waited in the reception room for more than half an hour, but no one saw her. Except that Mr. Zhang’s secretary told her at the beginning that Mr. Zhang was very busy and would come over later, no one has paid any attention to her.

So, after waiting for half an hour, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait to see someone.

Fortunately, after she waited for more than an hour, president Zhang finally came.

Mr. Zhang arranged his tie and said with a smile, “there are so many things these days. I’m a little busy. I hope Mr. Gao will forgive me.”

Mr. Zhang just called her this morning. Don’t you know what his schedule is today?

So, to let her wait is just to give her a bad impression. After all, in his opinion, she seems to have to cooperate with him.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin didn’t show any displeasure on his face. He said with a smile: “Mr. Zhang’s business is booming, and it’s normal to be busy.”

Thinking of the phone call from President sun last night, president Zhang was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth. “Recently, Mr. Zhang has been supported by a noble man. It seems that his luck is really good, ha ha ha.”

However, there is always thunder luck with sun.

Speaking of this, when Mr. Zhang looked at Gao Yunjin again, there was a little more contempt in his eyes.

Lei Yun is the current leader of the Lei family. She has to be rich, powerful, talented and beautiful. No matter how beautiful Gao Yunjin is, she can’t compete with others for things.

The disdain on Zhang Zong’s face, intentionally or unintentionally, let Gao Yunjin hold the coffee cup, but the smile on his face also a little bit, “that’s really a good thing. Congratulations.”

After Zhang Zong was happy, he didn’t forget Sun Zong’s meaning. He said, “it’s late. I have a dinner appointment at noon. Let’s talk about it now?”

It’s only an hour before noon.

She has been waiting here for so long, and Mr. Zhang is not going to keep her for dinner.

This posture is really high enough.

Gaoyunjin eyes a Lian, put down the coffee cup: “good.”

In the absence of Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun, Mr. Zhang wanted to cooperate with Gao Yunjin, so he knew something about Gao Yunjin company.

So the conversation is not ambiguous at all.

In addition, he has decided to cooperate with Gao Yunjin, so he can’t let himself suffer losses, so when talking about the conditions, he is a little harsh.

Gao Yunjin had already guessed that the general manager Zhang would lower the price, so he was not surprised. He just said, “general manager Zhang, your price is too low. According to this price, I can only barely recover the cost.”

There is no money to earn. Why does she bother to look for people everywhere?

Mr. Zhang disagreed, “the price is a little low, but I also need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources. If it’s not the price, I don’t have much profit.”

Although his price is too low, because he knows that Gao Yunjin will cooperate with him, he will be so unscrupulous.

Although the price is a little lower, he is confident that Gao Yunjin will cooperate with him. Gao Yunjin cooperates with him. Even if she doesn’t make money, she won’t lose money.

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