Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2958

In addition to Secretary LAN, the person who knew Fu Jincheng best was Lei Yun.

Lei Yun found the gap and sat down beside him: “how come Mr. Fu has always been worried recently?”

Fu Jincheng laughs: “do you have it?”

He didn’t admit it, and Lei Yun had to smile: “that may be my blindness.”

Fu Jincheng touched a cup with her and didn’t say much.

“Do you want to go to the boxing house in the evening?” Lei Yun suddenly asked.

“If I remember correctly, it seems that we are all going to the same reception in the evening?”

Lei Yun raised his eyebrows: “I’m talking about after the reception.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak.

“I’m very tired recently. If you want to relax, please feel free to contact me.” Then he patted him on the shoulder and got up to leave.


Gao Yunjin lay on the bed and fell asleep.

Then she was woken up by her cell phone ring.

Her brain has a moment of blank, picked up the mobile phone, see to he total call, she narrowed her eyes, did not answer.

The phone over there hung up naturally. After a while, he continued to call.

Gao Yunjin’s brain is sober.

She didn’t have lunch. Although she still has no appetite, she is a little hungry.

General he’s phone calls constantly come over, Gao Yunjin thought, or picked up: “general he.”

“Mr. Gao, I’m not interrupting your rest, am I?”

Gao Yunjin said faintly, “no, I’m awake.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Mr. He was relieved and asked, “is Mr. Gao free? He is really sincere to cooperate with you. I hope Gao can always give him an opportunity. “

General manager he, who also works for Lei Yun, is far from general manager Zhang’s attitude.

The other side’s attitude is so good, but Gao Yunjin can’t have a good impression on the other side.


Although she didn’t know whether these people had been avoiding her before, which was inspired by Lei Yun, they are now actively contacting her, but it must be Lei Yun’s meaning.

She didn’t know whether it was just a coincidence or a downfall.

No matter which one, since Lei Yun has put her hand in front of her, it’s not good if she doesn’t deal with it.

Thinking of this, she said, “I don’t know when there will be time? Shall we make an appointment for a chat? “

Mr. he breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I’m free at any time. You can make sure of the time.”

Gao Yunjin set the time in an hour and a half later. After lunch, she made an appointment with her partner to meet in a coffee shop.

When he saw Gao Yunjin, he was even more enthusiastic. He immediately talked about his views on her company’s brand, saying that he liked her company’s design concept very much and felt that the development prospect was very good.

The other side is very honest, sincere, and even cautious, as if afraid of her unhappiness.

Looking at him, if Gao Yunjin doesn’t know that there is Lei Yun in it, she really thinks that the other party is really optimistic about her company and especially wants to cooperate with her.

But Gao Yunjin already knew everything, so his attitude was very cold.

In her response, he always felt a little uneasy, doubting whether the conditions she gave were not good enough, and hesitated to make 0.5% profit.

You know, given the price, his profit is very small.

So, even if he can get on the line of Fu Jincheng, he has a little pain.

However, he was reluctant to let his child be a wolf. For the sake of long-term development, he still gritted his teeth and gave the best conditions.

He and Zhang are two extremes. Gao Yunjin doesn’t know what Lei Yun’s intention is.

Can we say that this is why she has a bad heart, and there is a trap waiting for her in front of her? And the general manager Zhang’s conditions are harsh, but he sincerely wants to cooperate with her?

In other words, Lei Yun wanted to mislead her. She guessed that she might choose Mr. Zhang for insurance, so she deliberately asked Mr. Zhang to lower the conditions, just to make her busy?

Gao Yunjin thought over and over again. After a moment’s silence, he suddenly asked, “I’m in a situation that Mr. he probably knows. I don’t know if Mr. He can answer me a question?”

She said that, he always felt that there were signs, happy to say: “any question, you can ask.”

“Now the partners in G city don’t seem to want to cooperate with me. I don’t know why they always go the other way and take the initiative to cooperate with me?”

“I thought it was something, but Gao always wanted to talk about it?” Mr. he disagreed and said, “some people are just too snobbish. When they hear something, they start to worry. I don’t have the ability to think about myself at all. I think I’m smart. Who knows? So, I’d rather

I’m willing to make a bet, so I’m really sincere and want to cooperate with you. I hope Gao can always consider me. “

In fact, he really wants to flatter Gao Yunjin.

But yesterday, Fu Jincheng told him that Gao Yunjin didn’t want him to help her. He told him not to reveal that he had found him. That’s why he said so.

Although some of his thoughts are real, he would not have been so calm without Fu Jincheng, the God of the sea. Otherwise, he would not have been indifferent when he knew that Gao Yunjin was looking for people everywhere.

Gao Yunjin didn’t believe everything he said.

However, the other side does look more reliable than that one.

In particular, the conditions given are good. Even if there is a trap waiting for her, as long as she is careful, she is not afraid of being cheated by the other party.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin talks with general manager he seriously. Basically, he decides to cooperate with general manager he.

When the conversation is almost over, Mr. He will be relieved.

Mr. He said with a smile: “well, I have something to do the day after tomorrow. I’ll go to your company the day after tomorrow and sign the contract. What do you think?”

“No problem.”

“Is Mr. Gao still free? Why don’t you come to our company? I’ll go to the scene for you to investigate. “

It seems that he really wants to cooperate with her.

Gao Yunjin naturally wants to go to the other party’s company to have a look, “that’s disturbing.”

“It should be, it should be.”

The other side was thoughtful, so Gao Yunjin went to the company with the other side.

Everything went well, and then initially worked out the intention of cooperation, and set a formal signing date.

He always decided to cooperate with Gao Yunjin on a temporary basis. Other people in his company didn’t know. After knowing the news, many people opposed it.

With a mysterious smile, president he whispered to his partner, “guess whose call I received last night?” The partner of general manager he was stunned, and his eyes widened after reaction. Then he shook his head: “are you crazy? How is that possible? “

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