Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2961

When Gao Yunjin returns to the hotel, Fu Jincheng goes to say goodbye to the host of the reception and leaves.

Lei Yun came over and said, “I’m going to go too. Together?”


“How’s it going? Shall we fight together? ” Out of the manor, before getting on the bus, Lei Yun asked.

Fu Jincheng pause, “go.”

Lei Yun picked his eyebrows and said, “it’s refreshing.”

“I’ll go back and change first.” Fu Jincheng said.

“Me too.” Lei Yunxiao: “I’ll send you the address later. I’ll be there in an hour. Don’t be late.”

“I have an appointment with Mr. Lei. How dare Fu be late?” With a smile, Fu Jincheng got into the car, picked up his mobile phone and called Gao Yunjin.

Although Gao Yunjin said yesterday that he should not call her if he has nothing to do, even if he usually listens to her, he doesn’t want to make her angry, but if he doesn’t contact her all the time, it doesn’t help their relationship.

So, it’s impossible for him not to call her all the time.

Gao Yunjin is about to take a bath. Seeing his caller ID, she stands in the same place. After a while, she goes into the bathroom with her clothes and doesn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng made a few calls, but Gao Yunjin didn’t answer. Fu Jincheng’s mood fell to the bottom of the valley.

At this time, his mobile phone also happened to ring.

Fu Jincheng thought it was Gao Yunjin. When he first saw the person who reported Gao Yunjin’s whereabouts to him, his eyes were a little more gloomy. “What’s the matter?”

“Yuanshi also went to G city two days ago.”

Fu Jincheng’s face changed, “what else? Did they meet? “

“Yes.” But there is a saying over there: “I just met him at dinner. It doesn’t look like an appointment.”

“Anything else?”

“They went for a ride, had a snack and went back to the hotel ten minutes ago,” he said

Fu Jincheng gritted his teeth, “go for a ride? night snack? How long does it last? “

You know, how long has he not gone out for a ride with Gao Yunjin, and how long has he not gone out for supper with her.

“About two hours.”

Fu Jincheng took a deep breath and his voice sank. “They live in the same hotel?”

“Yes.” There is also an excuse for Gao Yunjin: “there are several hotels nearby. The one my wife lives in has the best evaluation. It’s understandable to meet her.”

Fu Jincheng knew, but he was still very uncomfortable.

He didn’t know what he thought. He narrowed his eyes and asked, “do you live on the top floor?”


“The next room?”

“A room apart.”

Fu Jincheng clung to his mobile phone and didn’t speak for a long time.

“There is no intimacy between them.”

“I know.” Gao Yunjin is what kind of a person, he is still clear, if not divorced, she will not easily mess with other men.

But it doesn’t mean that she has no feelings for Yuan Shi.

She kept the marriage with him only because of the children.

“I have finished what I want to say. Do you have any questions, Mr. Fu?”

“How long will Yuanshi stay in G city?”

“I don’t know.” The other side said, “I want people to pay attention.”

“Be quick.”

“Good.” There seems to have thought of something, and said: “by the way, madam is going to visit Xue’s house tomorrow morning, and then go back to the capital tomorrow afternoon.”

“I see.” Fu Jincheng said.

Fu Jincheng seemed to have nothing to say, so he hung up there.

Fu Jincheng’s chest was very upset, holding his cell phone for a long time.

Secretary Lan was on the side, completely afraid to speak.

When Fu Jincheng’s face calmed down, he asked, “do you really want to go out later? We have to get up early tomorrow. “

He worried that Fu Jincheng was too tired.

“Well.” He promised Lei Yun, but it’s not easy to stand him up. “Are you going together?”

“…” Secretary Lan’s mouth twitched: “I’m afraid you’re tired.”

After that, he paused and said, “however, I’m really busy during this time. I’ll take some exercise to relieve my nerves.”


Fu Jincheng absent-minded should be, holding a mobile phone and can’t help but call to high Yunjin in the past.

Gao Yunjin is still taking a bath. When he calls, she still doesn’t answer.

Fu Jincheng pursed his lips and called again and again. If Gao Yunjin didn’t understand the phone, he would not give up.

Gao Yunjin can’t hear the sound when she takes a bath in the bathroom. When she comes out of the bathroom more than ten minutes later, she hears the sound of a call.

After a pause, she picked up her mobile phone and found that Fu Jincheng had called her more than 20 times

She was surprised and thought that something had happened. She wanted to call him back. Fu Jincheng called again.

She immediately picked up: “hello –“

“The phone at last?” Fu Jincheng’s tone is a little cold.

Gao Yunjin choked, Fu Jincheng said: “I ask you a question.”

His tone is indifferent, Gao Yunjin’s heart is tight. Before he can react, he asks, “we are still husband and wife in law, right?”

Gaoyunjin Lengleng answer: “yes.”

“So why can’t I call you?”

Gao Yunjin is speechless.

Fu Jincheng has already guessed what the reaction is, which may scare her, but this is the only way, otherwise she will only hang him.

Thinking of this, he asked, “can I call you later?”

“…” Gao Yunjin holds the mobile phone and answers after half ring: “yes.”

Fu Jincheng breathed a sigh of relief and finally felt better.

Then they fell silent.

After a while, Fu Jincheng tone finally eased down: “scared?”

High Yun Brocade hangs Mou, tone light way: “do not have.”

Maybe she was used to his gentleness. Suddenly, he was like this. She just couldn’t react. She was not frightened. After all, she had seen him more indifferent and ruthless. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” After the attack, the person in charge of Fu Jincheng coaxed the people back: “I just want to tell you that even if you alienate me, our problems still can’t be solved, so I hope you can directly tell me what you have to do, let’s go

Now it’s husband and wife. It’s different from the previous life. No matter what it is, we can try to discuss and solve it. What do you think? “

It’s right to be married now, but it’s also possible

Not soon.

“Good.” Whatever he says, anyway, the initiative is not in her hands.

“Still angry?” Fu Jincheng knows that she can’t coax her so quickly. He also plans to coax her slowly, so that they can appreciate their time together.


“Really? If you still want to be angry, just continue to be angry. It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want. ” Fu Jincheng said softly.

“No, I’m not angry.”

What is she angry about?

She didn’t know what she was angry about? Angry with him or lucky?

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