Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2962

Maybe what Lei Yun did was just her own meaning. He didn’t know it at all?

In this way, he may be innocent, and she may have wronged him.

Think of these, Gao Yunjin heart is not angry, but she seems to be more sad.

“Then I can call you as usualโ€œ


Fu Jincheng laughed, a heart is gentle down, before the gas is gone, “now how are things handled? Is it going well? “

“It’s going well. We’ve found someone.”

“That’s a good thing.” Fu Jincheng already knew, also don’t go deep to ask, “that plans when to return to the capital?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. I’ll see Aunt Xue and them tomorrow morning. “

“Have you bought the present?”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin said, “I was ready before I came here.”

“That’s good.” It’s been a long time since I spoke to her like this. Naturally, Fu Jincheng was reluctant to stop and said, “but are you sure they are at home? They seem to be very busy these days. “

“I called them. Yonglou and Xiaocheng are not at home, but Aunt Xue is at home.”

“That will do.”


“You came out. Are you going to buy some presents for the two little guys?”

“Yes, I saw some gadgets when I went out tonight. Yueyue and Xiaoxuan should like them.”

Speaking of the two children, the expression on Gao Yunjin’s face softened down, sat down and touched the things she bought today.

Fu Jincheng couldn’t laugh, because he knew what was going on, “go out tonight? Are you out? “


“Did you go out on your own?”

Gao Yunjin tone: “no, with a friend.”

“Yes, what kind of friend?”

Thinking of Yuan Shi’s Thoughts on her, Gao Yunjin said after a pause: “a very good friend.”

“That’s good.”

But, speaking of this, her tenderness and happiness, Fu Jincheng across the screen can feel.

So for a moment, he didn’t know whether her change was due to talking about children or Yuanshi.

Even so, they had a good chat. He knew that they had done nothing, so he didn’t ask deeply.


They were quiet.

“What’s the matter with you?” Gao Yunjin hesitated for a while and then asked Fu Jincheng a question.

“It’s very good. We can finish the work here in three or four days.”

“Is that so? That’s good. “

Even so, she was not too happy, because his return meant that they seemed to have something to talk about.


Two people also talked for a long time, ears have been ringing his deep familiar voice, her heart also will continue to beat.

Gao Yunjin heart more confused, can’t help saying: “it’s late now, if you are busy tomorrow, do you want to go to bed early?”

“Good.” Fu Jincheng asked, “are you tired?”

“A little bit.”

“That’s fine. If you’re tired, you’ll have a rest early.”


“Good night.”

“Good night.”

She finished, Fu Jincheng did not hang up, Gao Yunjin did not hang up, after a while, he still did not hang up, she had to hang up the phone.

At this time, even she did not notice, her face is with a sweet smile.

Fu Jincheng over there is not much difference, there is a gentle smile on his face.

“Make up with your wife?”

At this time, Secretary LAN dared to speak.

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “not yet, just more relaxed than the previous two days.”

It seems that the problem between them is quite serious. It’s really difficult to make up with each other through a phone call.

Back to the hotel, Fu Jincheng picked up his clothes and went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Fu Jincheng has been very busy for a long time. He was in a good mood today. He took a bath in the bathroom. It was half an hour after he came out of the bathroom.

At this time, his mobile phone also happened to ring up.

He took it and looked at it. When he saw the call from Lei Yun, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten his appointment to fight with Lei Yun

Thinking of this, he laughed and picked it up.

Lei Yun took the lead in joking: “Mr. Fu, half an hour has passed. It’s almost an hour. Where are you?”

Fu Jincheng: “I’m sorry, I’m a little delayed here.”

“Mr. Fu, do you mean to stand me up?”

Lei Yun just thought that he was late, but he would break his promise.

“Yes, Mr. Lei, I’m sorry.”

After chatting with Gao Yunjin, his mood was relaxed, and his exhaustion was swept away.

Now it’s more than 11 o’clock, and he’s very comfortable after taking a bath, so he’s not interested in boxing.

“Mr. Fu, why don’t I know you still have a hobby of standing up? What do you want me to do if you don’t come? “

Although Lei Yun said these words with a smile, in fact, she was a little angry.

She is very interested in boxing, but if it wasn’t for trying to help him relax, she wouldn’t come out at all.

But now, all her good intentions are in vain.

How can it be that she is not angry at all?

She’s not a saint!

“What does ray want?” Fu Jincheng joked.

Lei Yun kicked the sandbags hard, his eyes flickered, then he said: “how about it? Naturally, it’s still the old rule. Since Mr. Fu stood me up, of course he had to compensate me. What do you think, Mr. Fu

Fu Jincheng understood, “I owe you the previous boxing agreement, right?”

“No, three times.”

Fu Jincheng is in a good mood, and doesn’t care with her: “OK, just be happy with Lei.”

“Listen to President Fu’s tone, it seems that something good happened just now?” Lei Yun didn’t care about it. He kept on talking about it and began to talk about something else.

“It’s not a good thing.”

“Oh?” Thunder luck good strange way: “but I listen to, how does general Fu mood seem to be a lot better?”

Fu Jincheng smiles: “Lei Zong is still so keen.”

Lei Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly and looked very curious: “what’s the matter? I wonder if Mr. Fu can share it with me so that I can be happy. “

“It’s just my family. There’s nothing to say.” Fu Jincheng doesn’t plan to tell outsiders more about Gao Yunjin.

“Family? Does it make my wife happy again? “

Lei Yun knows that this is impossible. She just wants to explore this aspect.

“How is that possible? My wife and I are too old to have children It’s not true that they are old. Most importantly, they are satisfied with these two children.

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