Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2963

What’s more, having a baby is not without risks. He doesn’t want Gao Yunjin to take any more risks because of having a baby.

“President Fu is in his best years. Where is he old?” Lei Yun naturally can hear that Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to say, “OK, since Mr. Fu doesn’t come, I won’t disturb you. Hang up first. We have something to talk about tomorrow.”


After hanging up the phone, Lei Yun’s face suddenly sank down. He stared at the sandbag with sharp eyes. After kicking hard, he took off his gloves and said to Mr. Sun, “let’s go.”

She was obviously in a bad mood, and Mr. Sun didn’t ask much.

“By the way, how is Gao Yunjin doing?” Thinking of Gao Yunjin, Lei Yuncai remembers that he almost forgot about it.

“That person has already seen Gao Yunjin. He’s keeping the price very low. Gao Yunjin is still considering it.”

Lei Yun nodded and didn’t care too much. He just reminded him: “let him not go too far. Gao Yunjin has been married to Fu Jincheng for so many years. She has been used to being held by others for so many years. She hasn’t divorced Fu Jincheng. She can’t stand this grievance.”

After hearing this, Mr. Sun said truthfully, “that Gao Yunjin doesn’t seem to be a person who can’t stand being wronged. I’ve heard that many things about her company are handled by her, and she rarely moves Fu Jincheng out in order to achieve her goal.”

Lei Yun asked: “Oh? Is that right? “

Mr. Sun’s words are full of some recognition of Gao Yunjin. Lei Yun is not upset, but she just doesn’t think so.

Even if what Mr. Sun said is true, even if Fu Jincheng, Gao Yunjin’s company, has never helped, it seems that other people have done a good job in terms of the scale of Gao Yunjin’s company.

But with her, it is not even compared, what does she care about?

“Yes.” Mr. Sun took a look at her and reminded her: “Fu Jincheng is also a person who has seen everything. Since Gao Yunjin has made Fu Jincheng love her for so many years, there must be something desirable. Mr. Lei, you’d better not take it lightly.” Gao Yunjin is not as good as Lei Yun in shopping malls, but there are many desirable factors for a man to fall in love with a woman, so he hopes that Lei Yun will make a comparison between himself and Gao Yunjin in shopping malls, and that Gao Yunjin is everything

It’s not as good as her, but a comprehensive consideration.

Lei Yun is not arrogant.

She can listen to most of Mr. Sun’s words.

“You’re right,” she said with a smile

It seems that she has to study Gao Yunjin well.


“Good morning.”

Gao Yunjin is waiting for the elevator, and Yuanshi comes from his room.

“Good morning.” Gao Yunjin was surprised: “did you get up so early?”

It’s just after seven.

“It’s time difference.” Yuanshi sighed: “go to breakfast?”



“… good.”

The presidential suite is very big and the breakfast is very rich. But it’s too boring for her to eat alone, so she wants to go downstairs to eat. I didn’t expect Yuanshi to wake up so early.

If she had known, she would have

Yuanshi sees her chagrin and smiles. Gao Yunjin notices his smile and immediately realizes that he has guessed his mind. His little face is slightly hot and uncomfortable.

Into the elevator, the original Shi asked: “what time to go?”

“Just go after breakfast.”

They chatted and ate breakfast. After breakfast, they went upstairs together and got out of the elevator. Yuanshi asked, “are there many things? Can I help you with it? “

“No, I’ve already called someone up.”

“Good.” She wanted to keep her distance, and he didn’t dare to get too close. “After I’m busy here, I should also go to the capital. When I’m free, we’ll have dinner together again?”


“OK, be careful on your way. I’ll go first.”


After packing up, Gao Yunjin leaves the hotel immediately. She doesn’t notice that Yuanshi doesn’t go back to her room at all. She just stands by and looks at her leaving figure.

On the day Gao Yunjin left G City, the cooperation between general manager he and her spread to general manager Zhang.

Zhang always flustered, “how does surname he suddenly appear?”

“I don’t know.”

General manager Zhang’s secretary is more flustered than him. She worries that Gao Yunjin will choose another person to cooperate if she hears what she says in the bathroom. After all, general manager he’s comprehensive force is still a little behind them.

But she didn’t dare to say.

When the aura flashed, he quickly said, “is it possible that the person surnamed he is also arranged by general manager Lei?”

Mr. Zhang frowned and didn’t speak. He obviously didn’t agree with his secretary.

At the beginning, sun zongfen told him to keep quiet, that is to say, it was impossible to find other people, not to mention Gao Yunjin didn’t seem to have contacted that surname he.

Thinking of this, he picked up his mobile phone and called Gao Yunjin.

He hasn’t signed a contract with Gao Yunjin. As long as he tries, he should have a chance.

When Gao Yunjin received the call, he happened to be at the airport. Seeing his caller ID, he picked it up: “Mr. Zhang?”

“Always high? How are you thinking about your cooperation yesterday? ” Now it’s his urgent need to cooperate with Gao Yunjin, so Mr. Zhang’s attitude is very low. Without waiting for Gao Yunjin to speak, he said, “well, I’ve spared some time today to have a good understanding of your company’s brand concept, and also focused on the main works of your company in the past. Now the more I look at them, the more I like them, so I’m very happy now

Don’t want to cooperate with you, even if the profit is small, it doesn’t matter. “

Gao Yunjin pretended to be surprised: “is that so? I don’t know how much profit you can make, Mr. Zhang? “

Mr. Zhang said, “what do you mean, Mr. Gao? What kind of price do you think I should fix? Can you accept it

Gao Yunjin tone more surprised: “I say what price, you can give me what price?”

Although she said that, she didn’t smile at all and even pursed her mouth tightly. Mr. Zhang felt that Gao Yunjin would try his best to lower the price. He was very upset. But in order to please the Lei family, he gritted his teeth and said, “I know Mr. Gao has always been a reasonable person. Otherwise, the proportion will be 5% higher than what we said before

๏ผŸ What do you think? “

Gao Yunjin: “but I’ve talked to other people. They can give me a better price, so –“

“It doesn’t matter. How about 100%

Mr. Zhang had already guessed that she would say so, and he was not flustered. The reason why he gave such a price was that he was worried about Gao Yunjin’s suspicions.

Eight percent. He’s barely making any money.

“Mr. Zhang, are you serious? Are you kidding me? ” He has changed so much that it is normal for her to have this worryโ€œ Of course not. I really want to cooperate with you. If there’s anything else to add, just mention it. I will try my best to do what Zhang can do. “

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