Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2966

Although the security measures in the place where they study are good, and many people don’t know their identity, because there are rich children in the school, in order not to let the children be targeted, when they have their own independent thinking ability, they should not let them

It’s better for us to know that. “

“Good.” Gao Yunjin knows that his words are really reasonable, and she is listening carefully.

She saw that the smile on Fu Jincheng’s face was not as good as before. She thought that she was making him unhappy and said, “then talk to the children and I’ll pour a glass of water.”

Then, the mobile phone back to Yueyue and Xiaoxuan.

She’s at home now. She doesn’t need to do anything by herself to drink or eat. Pouring water is just an excuse. They all know it.

Before Fu Jincheng spoke, Gao Yunjin walked away. Until Fu Jincheng finished talking with the children, he didn’t show up again.

Two days later, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng didn’t get in touch.

However, since knowing that Fu Jincheng may be on the news recently, Gao Yunjin can’t control his heart. He will pay attention to Fu Jincheng’s news on the Internet every day.

If she sees new news, she will read it carefully. If not, she will quit.

That day, when she searched for Fu Jincheng, she just saw an interview video related to Fu Jincheng, but he was not the only one. There were Secretary LAN and

Ray Yun.

Fu Jincheng is dressed in a black high-end custom-made suit, and Lei Yun is wearing a simple cut white deep V long skirt, which not only outlines her hot and chic figure, but also makes her more capable. The whole person seems to be in full swing.

Fu Jincheng is also a person with great momentum and deterrence.

Although the tone of their speech was light, he went to that stop with all his anger open. No matter how gentle he was, he couldn’t ignore it.

But when Lei Yun stood with him, they seemed to complement each other, extremely harmonious and perfectly matched.

After living two lives, she discovered for the first time that someone could match Fu Jincheng like this. It may be that they have been together for a long time, or they may be very familiar with each other. When they were interviewed, they were able to make a corresponding reaction immediately with one voice, one look and one action. The tacit understanding made people dare not

I believe that they are just partners. On the contrary, I think they are lovers who have been together for a long time.

Gao Yunjin sits in the office and looks at Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun on the screen of his mobile phone.

It’s the end of the interview. The reporter also asked: “speaking of it, Mr. Fu has been in H city for a long time. After this press conference, it is said that you are almost busy, and H city is also a country famous for its delicious food. Will Mr. Fu plan to stay in H city for a few more days and taste it more

Do you have good food? ““ Yes, speaking of this, I have to thank Mr. Lei. ” Fu Jincheng said with a smile and looked at Lei Yun. Lei Yun immediately said with a smile: “Mr. Lei is our VIP. I dare not ignore Mr. Fu, so Mr. Fu is here in H city

For some time, I did eat a lot of delicious food. Speaking of this, I still know some good places. Would you like to have a try? “

Fu Jincheng: “of course, there is always laurel.”

The reporter took the opportunity to cut in: “so for the sake of our food in H City, even if we finish our work here, will Mr. Fu stay in H city for a few more days?”

Fu Jincheng said with a smile: “of course.”

After that, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun chatted for a while, but the reporter couldn’t get in.

The reporter also interviewed them and had a certain understanding of them.

As far as Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are concerned, it’s not just a working relationship.

Then, I think of the eight trigrams I saw in the evening before. When I look at them again, I have an idea in my heart.

Of course, even if she has an idea in her heart, she can’t ask directly. They are serious business interviews, not gossip gathering places.

But the degree of topic is also very important to them, especially for the same woman, who has deep experience and is aware of Lei Yun’s idea. After all, compared with previous partners, Lei Yun’s attitude towards Fu Jincheng is completely different.

That’s enough. At the end of the interview, the reporter said with a smile in the tone of interviewing friends: “it’s a good relationship between Fu and Lei. They seem to be friends for a long time, rather than working partners who have worked together for a period of time. It’s said that they have common interests

People who have interests and goals are very chatty. Now it seems that this is true. “

Lei Yun was smart enough to look at the reporter, but he didn’t dare to see him clearly. He was afraid that Fu Jincheng would see him out. “President Fu and I really have a special conversation. After all, we are similar in age and work, so naturally there are many topics.”

“Yes.” Fu Jincheng thinks that even if it’s a simple commercial mutual boast, “Mr. Lei is very interesting and knowledgeable. Working with Mr. Lei, not only don’t need to worry about things at work, but also it’s really comfortable to get along in private.”

Lei Yun raised his eyebrows: “since Mr. Fu praised me so much, in order to thank Mr. Fu for his praise, it seems that I’m sorry that I don’t invite Mr. Fu to dinner at night.”

Fu Jincheng said simply: “it’s natural. Does Mr. Lei want to invite me to dinner?”

Lei Yun: “I dare not.”

Later, they looked at each other and laughed. The atmosphere was relaxed and natural. It didn’t look like they were in a business interview.

It’s the end of the news.

Gao Yunjin not only doesn’t eat, but also forgets when the chopsticks were put down.

With her understanding of Fu Jincheng, if not close, he is in the state in the video.

Even if he doesn’t show indifference and alienation, even if he is gentle, even if he can feel like a spring breeze, he is not in a relaxed state.

From the video, we can see that their relationship is very close and harmonious, without any sense of disobedience.

As the reporter said, they are not just partners.

“Mr. Gao, are you there?”

I don’t know how long later, Gao Yunjin’s secretary’s voice came from outside the door, accompanied by a knock.

Gao Yunjin revived, put aside the mobile phone, no longer look, “please come in.”

“Haven’t you finished yet?” The secretary was about to speak. Half an hour later, the food in front of Gao Yunjin was almost untouched. He was very surprised.

“No appetite.” She did not trace the convergence of the next smile, tidy up the next table on the lunch box, tone insipid way: “what’s the matter, you say it.” The Secretary talked about the important things, Gao Yunjin forced himself to listen carefully, but in the end how much she heard, only she can know.

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