Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2971

“Yes.” Just don’t let Gao Yunjin think he’s working.

“I also know that Mr. Fu, you haven’t been with your family well, so I won’t disturb you, first of all?” Lei Yun is just enough.


After hanging up the phone, Lei Yun picked up the cup, put on the sun visor, turned and walked to the direction Fu Jincheng had just left.

Lei Yun has a hot figure and a pretty face. Even though her sun hat covers a large part of her face, it also attracts a lot of attention. People around her praise her for her good looks.

Lei Yun seems to have been used to everyone’s attention and didn’t pay attention at all.

Before leaving, she also took a look at Gao Yunjin. Gao Yunjin’s attention was still all on the child, and she didn’t notice the sight of Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng bought water and fruit. On the way back, at the corner of the hotel, he saw Lei Yun coming head on.

Before Fu Jincheng spoke, Lei Yun noticed him, “Mr. Fu? What a coincidence? “

Fu Jincheng: “it’s a coincidence. Did you come alone?”

“Quite a few, and a few friends, they are still playing at the seaside. I just got a call and had something to deal with, so I went to the hotel first.” Then he asked him, “which hotel are you staying in?”

Fu Jincheng said the name of the hotel.

Lei Yun picked an eyebrow: “I live there too. It’s really a coincidence.”

“Yes, it’s a coincidence.”

“Are you in a hurry?” Lei Yun asked again.

Fu Jincheng: “a little.” The children are thirsty, waiting for his water.

“Well, I won’t disturb you too long, but if you have time, I’d like to chat with you for a while. I have something else to ask you.”

“What’s the matter?” It’s not interesting enough if we don’t ask.

“There are some questions about work, but I can’t explain them now. Why don’t we talk later?”

Fu Jincheng: “good.”

Lei Yun waved, “OK, you’re busy. I’ll go back first.”


Without hesitation, Fu Jincheng went back to the beach and handed the drinks to Gao Yunjin and the children.

“Are you not going to play?” Gao Yunjin knows that Fu Jincheng is very interested in some exciting sports on the sea.

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “no, I’m not interested.”

He’s really interested in surfing. Yes, it’s OK, but now for him, he wants to spend more time here and watch her without saying anything.

Moreover, he is also afraid of her worry, the children may not concentrate on playing.

Gaoyunjin see his lack of interest, also did not continue to ask.

Two people sat for a while, Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone rang, is blue secretary’s call, he picked up to listen, face is not very good-looking, “I know, I’ll go back to deal with it.”

“What’s the matter? Is something wrong with the company? ” Gao Yunjin asked.

“Well, I’m going back to the hotel to get busy. You play with the children first, and when you’re hungry, you’ll find something to eat.” He said earnestly.

“And you? Don’t you have to have dinner with me? “

“I don’t know when I can finish. If I finish, I’ll come down to you immediately.”

“Good.” Gao Yunjin didn’t want to disturb his work. He said that his work was urgent, and he didn’t leave him any more: “then you go quickly, work is important.”

Fu Jincheng: “good.”

Fu Jincheng went.

Just left not long, Lei Yun’s phone also came, “did you receive the message?”

“Yes, I’m on my way back to the hotel. I’ll have a video conference later.” Fu Jincheng said decisively.

“I happen to be here. Why don’t we find a place to sit down and discuss?”

Fu Jincheng: “good.”

It’s better to talk face to face than across the screen.

It’s not good for them to go to the woman’s room or the south room alone. After all, they are lonely men and women, which will be misunderstood by others. So they found an office in the hotel and sat down to discuss.

But when the people in their company knew that they were together, they were surprised and had a lot of speculation in their hearts.

They heard that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun had gone on holiday, but they didn’t know that they were going on holiday together!

What does that mean?

It means they really have a leg!

Other people have different ideas, but they don’t dare to show them.

Fu Jincheng is also very serious. He wants to finish his work early and have lunch with Gao Yunjin and the children.

So I didn’t notice the faces of the others in the meeting room.

Lei Yun also pretended not to know, calmly into the work.

There are some mistakes and serious problems in this matter, but as long as we have a good relationship and sort out the source, the problem is not big.

After discussing the plan, the meeting was over.

Well, lunch time is long past.

Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun have been busy for two or three hours and have been hungry for a long time.

“Would you like to have dinner delivered, or would you like to go out and find a place to eat together?”

“Go out and find a place to eat together.” After all, they just finished their work together. It’s right for them to have dinner together.

Besides, Gao Yunjin is supposed to have dinner long ago. He also wants to eat. It’s nothing to eat with Lei Yun.

On the other side.

“Are you really not hungry?”

The two little babes are looking at the meal cards in the restaurant. Gao Yunjin asked them to order them before, but they said they would wait for Fu Jincheng.

Two little guys, you look at me and I look at you, nodding again.


Although just now they had a little heart to feed and a bowl of soup, now it’s all over. She is worried that the two little guys will be hungry. She asks every ten minutes and every ten minutes.

“Really Yueyue curled her mouth: “Mom, you have asked many times, you are so wordy.”

Gao Yunjin

Isn’t she afraid they’re hungry?

And they showed that they were really a little hungry. She was not at ease.

Maybe Fu Jincheng has been away for a long time on a business trip. The two little guys are sticking to Fu Jincheng now.

So I have to wait for him to eat, and I am very filial to say that Fu Jincheng went to work, but they ate delicious food behind his back, which is very bad. She tried everything, but it didn’t work at all.

Moreover, she called Fu Jincheng several times, but he didn’t answer. She thought he was busy and didn’t know how long he would be busy. She was very anxious.

She looked at the time. It’s two o’clock.

Two little guys staring at the menu, thought Gao Yunjin didn’t notice, whispered: “Xuanxuan, are you hungry?”

Xuan Xuan honest, also dare not see Gao Yunjin, quietly nodded: “a little bit.”

“Shh Yueyue raised her finger: “me too, but only a little, oh, just a little, a little more, no more.” Xuanxuan nodded seriously.

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