Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2981

Fu Jincheng also pause, wry smile: “you seem to… Forget that I can cook in my life.”

“I’m… confused.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t know what to say for a moment. After half a sound, he said with a bitter smile, “it seems that you have a deep memory of what happened in your last life.”

The memory of my last life is really unforgettable.

She wants to forget. It’s too hard and impossible.

So many things, even after a long time, she can still remember.

“I can cook.” Fu Jincheng looked at her and said seriously, “it doesn’t matter if you remember to be confused before, but you don’t want to remember to be confused later, OK?”

His words are very gentle, but also contain serious. Gao Yunjin’s heart leaped and she suddenly raised her head, but Fu Jincheng turned around with a smile, threw the carrot in the bowl into the pot, and then began to cook noodles, as if what Gao Yunjin had just seen was her illusion

She looked at Fu Jincheng’s back with an apron. Her heart was beating wildly. After half a sound, she came back to herself. “Well, you know what to do next, right?”

“I know.”

The so-called fragrant spareribs noodles, the most important is the soup base of spareribs.

Now Gao Yunjin’s spareribs are almost stewed, and the rest of the noodles are cooked with water. It’s very simple.

Gao Yunjin is relieved.

She felt embarrassed to stay here, so she said, “you’re busy. I’ll go out first.”

“Wait a minute.” Fu Jincheng looked back: “it’s so late now. Since we’ve all made food, we’ll have some together later?”

Gao Yunjin: “no, I’m not hungry.”

Fu Jincheng looked at her: “just accompany me?”

Gao Yunjin finally nodded.

Fu Jincheng smile, he knew that she is a softhearted person, she will certainly agree.

Therefore, if you want to make up with her again, the most important thing is to be soft.

Thinking of this, he whispered: “go outside and wait. It’s tiring to stand.”


After a while, the noodles were ready.

Fu Jincheng’s is a big bowl, Gao Yunjin’s is a small bowl.

After they sat down, Fu Jincheng put the ribs in his bowl into Gao Yunjin bowl.

Gao Yunjin: “I don’t want to eat so much meat. I have to sleep later.”

“It’s delicious. It’s OK to eat two more.”

“… oh.”

Fu Jincheng really didn’t coax her. The ribs are really soft and rotten, very fragrant, very delicious. The soup is delicious and thick. When the noodles are added, it’s really delicious.

Gao Yunjin didn’t stop for a moment. After eating half a bowl, he slowed down. Looking up, he found that Fu Jincheng was holding his chin with his hand and looking at her with a smile.

Gao Yunjin’s face was hot. “It’s really delicious.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, picked up a chopstick and put it into her bowl.

Gao Yunjin: “I don’t need so much, you –“

There is something else in her bowl. He gave her so much that he didn’t have enough to eat.

“Don’t worry. If it’s not enough, I’ll do it again. Anyway, there’s more in the spare ribs pot.”


Gao Yunjin shy away from his line of sight, a change just style, bow dawdle to eat.

“It’s like I haven’t eaten your food for a while.” Fu Jincheng looked at her head and said.

“Well.” Since she thought of her last life, she has seldom cooked.

Fu Jincheng knew that she didn’t know what to say, but now the atmosphere was very good. Although she was quite shy, the anger between them was not rigid, but very good. Therefore, he didn’t speak, and they ate noodles silently.

But he suddenly realized that if he wanted to get close to Gao Yunjin and make her fall in love with him again, they needed to get along with each other more and then do some very small and intimate things.

The noodles in Gao Yunjin’s bowl are much less than those in Fu Jincheng’s. Gao Yunjin’s stomach is full after eating, and now it’s more than ten o’clock. She’s so full that she doesn’t know when she can fall asleep.

She was embarrassed to sit like this, so she made an excuse to leave: “I’ll go for a walk in the garden and eat.”

Fu Jincheng narrowed his eyes, “my stomach is very swollen?”

“A little bit.”

“Yes, go ahead.”


Gao Yunjin left quickly. Fu Jincheng looked at her back and laughed.

When they had almost finished eating, the housekeeper asked someone to help them clean up their hands: “Sir, there are still many ribs in the pot. Do you want any more?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “no, help me keep it. Give me another noodle tomorrow morning.”

The servant nodded quickly.

Fu Jincheng looked at the direction of the garden, but did not follow. Instead, he went upstairs to find clothes and took a bath.

It’s so late that Gao Yunjin can’t take a long walk alone. After ten minutes, he comes back.

She had just returned for a while when she saw Fu Jincheng coming out of the bathroom with a bath towel and water dripping from her hair: “back?”

Gao Yunjin: “well.”

After a meal, he said, “I’ll help you with the hair dryer.”

“No, just wipe it for me.”

Gao Yunjin

He has his own hands.

However, he used to help her with her hair, and she would also help him.

So, she didn’t refuse.

She had taken a bath for a long time, but she had just had breakfast and sweated a lot. But when she leaned over, she still had a sweet smell that Fu Jincheng was very familiar with.

Fu Jincheng looks up at Gao Yunjin’s face, where she cleans her hair carefully. Her throat is sliding up and down gradually. Her eyes are a little more smiling, and her eyes are shining.

But Gao Yunjin is too attentive and doesn’t notice his eyes at all. She’s just really busy with what she’s doing.

Fu Jincheng’s hair is not long, the towel is very big, very thick, wipe his hair all of a sudden good: “well, hang for a while almost.”

Finish saying, just about to retreat, by Fu Jincheng warm big palm buttoned waist.

Gao Yunjin was stunned. Before he could react, he was held by Fu Jincheng and fell on the bed. Then, Fu Jincheng’s tall and straight body came up.

She was slightly surprised, a little flustered.

Fu Jincheng had a smile on his face. His eyes were deep and on fire. “I just took a walk downstairs for such a short time, but I haven’t been able to eat yet?”

Gao Yunjin’s heart beat out of his chest. “I –“

“It’s just right. I’m bloated now. Why don’t I eat together?”

Fu Jincheng said play, not equal to high Yunjin reaction, has not refused to kiss down.

Gao Yunjin has no strength to resist at all.

Although he has a strong momentum, he kisses her gently, and his hands clasped around her waist are light, just like he is afraid of hurting her.

Gao Yunjin felt the tenderness of his whole body, and his brain was completely blank. Finally, he slowly climbed up his neck and responded to his kiss.

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