Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2993

Gao Yunjin’s mouth is swollen, and it doesn’t seem to hurt, so the little guys don’t continue to tangle. They run downstairs to eat.

The two children left. Fu Jincheng wanted to hold Gao Yunjin’s hand. Gao Yunjin slapped it open and refused to hold it.

Fu Jincheng looks at Gao Yunjin. He seems to be really angry. He quickly admits his mistake, “Xiaojin, I’m wrong. I won’t be in the future.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t hear it.

Don’t think that she will be soft hearted if he admits his mistake. Anyway, he has done a lot of such things. Don’t think that she doesn’t know. He just likes to see her at a loss and shy!

She ignored him. Fu Jincheng took her hand and pushed her against the wall in the stairs. Then she pecked at her lips. Gao Yunjin twisted her eyebrows. Before she spoke, Fu Jincheng said with a smile: “in fact, I love the way you are angry.”

He likes both sides of her.

Gao Yunjin: “you!”

Fu Jincheng gave her another kiss and held her in his arms. He didn’t give her a break: “still angry?”

“I can’t be angry yet?”


“You Gao Yunjin is more and more angry, gritting his teeth: “if you do this again, I will be more angry.”

“I know.”

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng was in a good mood, gently pinched her chin, attached to kiss her, “if you have been angry, then I will kiss you here until you are not angry.”


Fu Jincheng did what he said, covered her lips and began to kiss her.

The children have been downstairs for a long time, waiting for them to have dinner together. If they don’t go down all the time, they will definitely come upstairs to look for them.

When the time comes

Gao Yun Brocade gas however, stare him one eye: “I am not angry, not angry, OK?”

Fu Jincheng: “really?”

Finish saying, don’t believe of again pecked one mouthful.


“Then give me a kiss?” Fu Jincheng gains an inch.

Gao Yunjin

After taking a deep breath, she pursed her little mouth and touched Fu Jincheng’s lips. After perfunctory, she asked, “can you let me go?”

“Too perfunctory.” With that, he gave her a deep kiss, and then said, “it’s almost the same.”

Gao Yunjin

“All right, let’s go down.”

With that, Fu Jincheng takes her hand downstairs. Gao Yunjin is still angry and wants to draw back her hand. Instead of giving it, Fu Jincheng holds her hand and kisses it on her lips.

When Fu Jincheng did this, his eyes were very gentle. Although he was against the light, his eyes seemed to be full of her.

Gaoyunjin Leng next, the heart don’t know how, soft down, nothing to say, just slightly low head. Fu Jincheng didn’t notice Gao Yunjin’s reaction just now. He just thought that he was more angry and helpless, but more sweet. But he also knew that they might have a long way to go before they could completely go back to her memory of her last life

Let’s go.

You know, if it was Gao Yunjin at that time, she especially knew how to deal with him.

As long as she takes a soft suit and makes a fuss with him, how can he be tough?

Isn’t he following her all she says?

But she doesn’t have that consciousness yet.

But now they have a good start, the rest, just take your time, anxious to eat hot tofu.

Although Fu Jincheng suppressed Gao Yunjin with “violence” just now, Fu Jincheng worried that Gao Yunjin was still angry and had trouble with him. He always served Gao Yunjin with vegetables when he was eating, and then put the bones in her bowl when she ate fish.

“Dad, I want it too.”

Fu Jincheng only has Gao Yunjin in his heart. He directly ignores the two little guys, and doesn’t give them any dishes. The little guys are dissatisfied.

“Me too.” Xiaoxuan also said.

“You’ve grown up. Learn to be independent.”

Fu Jincheng said seriously.

Yueyue is not so easy to be fooled: “isn’t that mother bigger? Mom can already pick fishbone, but we can’t. why don’t you pick fishbone for mom? “

Gao Yunjin couldn’t resist, “Mom, here you are –“

“My mother has been working all day. It’s very hard. My father loves my mother. Don’t you?”


Xuan Xuan

Don’t they have to work hard to go to school? They also did a lot of homework!

Gao Yunjin

He doesn’t have to be so forced to make excuses to please her, does he?

“All right.”

Little guys are still very distressed about Gao Yunjin. After listening to Gao Yunjin’s hard work, they don’t care with Fu Jincheng, “then you’d better help your mother pick out the fishbone, let’s do it by ourselves.”

Gao Yunjin

Listen to the tone of the little guys, how does she feel like a vicious stepmother?

“Good boy.” Fu Jincheng said quietly, “be careful, clean and eat slowly, you know?”

“I see.”

The little guys also jump over the fishbone themselves, but they are in trouble.

However, my father said that they are big children. If they want to learn to be independent, they should take their time. It doesn’t matter. Who let my mother work so hard?

The little guys are very obedient. Fu Jincheng is very satisfied and looks at Gao Yunjin with a smile.

Gao Yunjin is also happy that the children can learn to be independent as soon as possible, but

It’s a bit wrong to use her as an excuse.

However, no matter what, it’s a good thing, and she’s not upset. In fact, she’s no longer angry with Fu Jincheng, but Fu Jincheng doesn’t seem to think so.

She pauses and gives Fu Jincheng a piece of meat, telling him that she is no longer angry.

Fu Jincheng understood, but still will give her food.

after meal.

They took the kids out to play.

The kids are very interested in many interesting things on the street. They don’t go shopping noisily, but they like the lively atmosphere on the street. When they see what they like, they just stay for a while.

The children are running in front, and Fu Jincheng takes Gao Yunjin’s hand and follows him.

After the children played for a while, they took them to buy clothes.

Clothes are chosen between them, all by themselves, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng do not care.

The children came out to play for about two hours. They had a good time. They were very happy.

When you get home, you don’t need Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin to remind you to take a bath.

However, Gao Yunjin likes to worry. Although the children are able to take care of themselves at some time, Gao Yunjin is still not at ease. He will go to have a look every other moment for fear that the children will catch cold in the bath.

But the little guys all know the propriety, and they don’t have fun. After taking a bath, they go to bed. Gao Yunjin also found that when the kids grew up, they didn’t like to kick the quilt so much, and they knew they had covered the quilt.

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