Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 2998

Fu Jincheng wanted to leave, but when she saw Gao Yunjin’s drooping eyes and his lips that were slightly red and swollen, her breathing became disordered and her heart was a little agitated. She immediately had the impulse to break her appointment.

However, he now has a very close cooperation with the Lei family. If he breaks his appointment casually, he is afraid that Lei Yun will be dissatisfied.

Thinking of this, he leaned over and gave Gao Yunjin a hard kiss. He was about to release Gao Yunjin. Gao Yunjin’s eyes flashed slightly. He took his arm, went upstairs to his neck, and stood on tiptoe to kiss him.

Gao Yunjin rarely takes the initiative to kiss him. How can Fu Jincheng withstand such temptation? Immediately brain a blank, holding high Yunjin response.

Feeling that all his mind is on her at the moment, Gao Yunjin breathes a sigh of relief, and his heart is much lower than her.

At this time, Fu Jincheng has been fully aroused by Gao Yunjin. He can’t just leave. Fu Jincheng also recognizes it and doesn’t care about anything.

In his interest, he noticed that Gao Yunjin was distracted. He was very uncomfortable. He held her head and kissed her heavily. He asked in a hoarse voice, “what are you thinking about?”

Before Gao Yunjin answered, Fu Jincheng snorted and held her tightly in his arms. “No matter what it is, you can’t think about it. You can only think about me. Do you hear me? Well

This “eh”, with a sweet warning, seems to tell Gao Yunjin that if she doesn’t agree, he doesn’t mind using other methods to get her to agree!

How can Gao Yunjin fit others in his heart? In particular, Fu Jincheng directly used action, so that she did not even have a chance to say, had to be shackled in his arms, responding to him.

The room is beautiful.

By the sea, Lei Yun has been waiting for a long time.

However, left and right, Fu Jincheng didn’t come, and didn’t send a message to her. Lei Yun didn’t have any idea at the beginning.

Until half an hour passed, Lei Yun’s face began to look bad.

She called Fu Jincheng.

When the phone rings, Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin both pause.

Fu Jincheng was a little bit rational, but the matter has come to this point, he has no intention to go on.

He took a deep breath and gave a kiss on Gao Yunjin’s face. “Wait a minute, I’ll answer the phone first…”

Gao Yunjin really doesn’t want him to go to the appointment, so he takes the initiative.

Now it seems that her plan is very successful, and her body is still very attractive to Fu Jincheng.

However, now that Lei Yun has called, she doesn’t mean not to let him answer.

But now she can’t make him answer the phone. She pushes him with a red face, “you let me go first, then –“

Fu Jincheng took a breath, “don’t move.”

Gaoyunjin immediately a meal, dare not move.

But it’s late.

Fu Jincheng’s brain can only hold her now. She squints, puts down her mobile phone, embraces her again and kisses her deeply.

No matter in the past or in this life, Gao Yunjin has always been very sensible and considerate. Basically, he has never done such a thing.

She was a little happy, but not very happy, on the contrary, she was a little blocked.

At this time, the phone stopped ringing, and there was no more call.

But Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin didn’t notice. In their hearts, they only had each other.

After waiting for an hour, Lei Yun’s face became more and more ugly. Finally, she gave a cold hum and left.

Sun Zong also some angry, “this Fu Zong, has not coaxed the child?”

Lei Yun sneered: “how can he coax the children? I’m afraid I’ll be deliberately entangled, so I won’t let him go. ” Mr. Sun understood it and thought it was ridiculous. “It should not be that Mr. Fu is not the kind of person who does not distinguish between primary and secondary. Even if he is entangled and can’t come, can he make a phone call or news? After all, they seem to have been together for more than ten years, but they are not

It’s… “

It’s not a young man who just fell in love.

Lei Yun knew what he meant and sneered: “so, that woman still has some means. I look down on her too much.”

Mr. Sun also felt reasonable: “indeed, if there is no means, how can Fu Jincheng’s heart fall on her, just because of her family background?”

“You want to play tricks on me?” Lei Yun’s anger was hidden in his eyes: “she’s still tender! Does she really think that I can’t help her if I’ve been pickling Fu Jincheng all the time? Innocence

Mr. Sun didn’t speak any more. Together with Lei Yun, he left the beach and went back to the hotel.

In the hotel, the beautiful scenery disperses, Gao Yunjin sleeps in the past.

Fu Jincheng is in a very good mood. Looking at Gao Yunjin’s sleeping face, he holds Gao Yunjin in his arms and kisses him again and again. After enough kisses, his body and mind are satisfied. Fu Jincheng doesn’t feel sleepy at all. He also thinks of his mobile phone, which is still beside him.

Thinking of Lei Yun, Fu Jincheng gets up, picks up his mobile phone, goes out of the balcony and dials a phone.

At this time, Lei Yun had gone back to the hotel room and lay down to have a rest, but he didn’t feel sleepy. Seeing the call from Fu Jincheng, he narrowed his eyes. After a long time, he picked it up: “Hello, Mr. Fu?”

Fu Jincheng: “yes, it’s me. I’m sorry for breaking my appointment.”

Lei Yun: “it’s OK. I didn’t make an appointment this time. I’d like to make an appointment next time. It’s just that you didn’t come and didn’t contact me. I thought what happened to you. I was a little worried.”“ It’s nothing. It’s just that the two kids are a little noisy. ” If the person chatting with him at the moment is Qin Jingxu and other very good friends, Fu Jincheng will tell the truth. In the face of Lei Yun, a half baked child, he is a good arrow blocker


“The child is still young. It’s normal to make a fuss. It’s also my fault. Originally, your family came out to play happily. I suddenly asked you out. How can I say it’s me who bothered you? “

Lei Yun doesn’t care whether Fu Jincheng is lying to her or not. She just keeps the account on Gao Yunjin’s head.

They were polite and “understood each other” for a while before they hung up.

Fu Jincheng puts down her mobile phone and looks at Gao Yunjin, who is sleeping sweetly in the quilt. She smiles and holds her in her arms, depicting the beautiful outline of Gao Yunjin’s face.

In his sleep, Gao Yunjin feels itchy. With a cry, he pats Fu Jincheng’s paws open. Fu Jincheng smiles, takes back his hand and doesn’t move any more. Then he holds Gao Yunjin and goes to sleep.

Fu Jincheng slept less than half an hour and was woken up by the children. But he was in a good mood. He was not angry when he was woken up by the children, but Gao Yunjin had not woken up yet. He was sleeping soundly in his arms. He said hello to the children, “Mom hasn’t woken up, keep your voice down.”

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