Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3000

In the evening, Fu Jincheng called Lei Yun and said, “does Lei always leave? Why didn’t I see you today? “

Lei Yun was not surprised when he received a call from Fu Jincheng.

“I’m not afraid to disturb Mr. Fu. I’m sorry to contact you.”

“I can’t say I’m interrupting you, but as you know, I’m going on a business trip. I promised the children that I would accompany them well these days, so –“

“I understand.” Lei Yun interrupted him and joked: “Mr. Fu doesn’t have to explain it to me all the time. I understand it. Is Mr. Fu’s explanation three times and four times that I am such an uninteresting person in his heart?”

“Of course not.” Lei Yun’s words really let Fu Jincheng relax, “but Fu feels that he is sorry for Lei Zong.”

Lei Yun followed his words and said with a smile, “so how does Mr. Fu plan to compensate me?”

Fu Jincheng understood and said with a smile, “what does general Lei mean?”

“I’ll go fishing later. I wonder if Mr. Fu can get out?”

“About when?”

“After ten.”

“OK, no problem.”

The two little guys had gone to bed before ten o’clock. He just told her.

“That’s all right.” Lei Yun raised his eyebrows: “I’ll wait for you on the boat. I hope Mr. Fu will not break his appointment this time.”

She said that. She believed that even if Fu Jincheng was nervous and Gao Yunjin could not break her appointment twice. After all, their cooperation was still there. He would not give her such face.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Gao Yunjin came out of the bathroom and noticed that there was a smile on his lips that had not been dispersed yet. She wiped her hair and said, “who are you talking to on the phone? Why are you so happy? “

When she said that, she noticed that he was still holding his cell phone.

“Am I happy?” Fu Jincheng threw aside her mobile phone and came over to kiss her. Then she took the towel in her hand and wiped her hair.

Gao Yunjin was so kissed that he forgot what he was going to say next. He wanted to help her wipe her hair, so she sat quietly and asked him to help her.

Her hair is long and thick. It takes a long time to blow it every time. Gao Yunjin was worried that his hands would be tired. He wanted to let himself come. Fu Jincheng didn’t give it. When he was about to blow his hair, he put aside the hair dryer and gently pressed her against the window. The tall and straight body covered her and held her

In my arms, make trouble.

Gao Yunjin smiles and hides his kiss, “don’t make trouble. It’s late. Go to take a bath.”

“No hurry.” He wanted to eat her very much. After kissing her for a while, his interest came and his breathing became disordered. But now it’s not too early, and there is still half an hour to go before the time agreed with Lei Yun. He was sorry to be late, and he reluctantly kissed her before he got up

Get dressed and take a bath.

Gao Yunjin takes a hair dryer to blow his hair which is not completely dry. Seeing that he is going to take a bath in the bathroom with a suit of casual clothes, he thinks he has taken the wrong clothes and reminds him.

“Don’t you wear pajamas?”

Fu Jincheng then remembered that he had forgotten to tell her that he had an appointment with Lei Yun.

“I’ll go out later.”

Gao Yunjin smiles, “out? Where are you going? “

“A cooperator came here and promised to go fishing with her just now.” Speaking, Fu Jincheng came to kiss her forehead, “you sleep first, I’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Just about to let her go, Gao Yunjin grabbed his hand again, “I, I’m not very sleepy now, or I’ll go with you?”

“No Fu Jincheng touched her soft face, a heart has become more soft, “although fishing together, but in the final analysis is also a kind of entertainment, you are not used to.”

“It doesn’t matter, I –“

“All right.” Fu Jincheng touched her forehead and said, “I was tired and sleepy when I had dinner at night. How can I not be tired and sleepy now? Don’t worry, this kind of social intercourse is just a pediatrician for me. I won’t be very tired. Don’t worry about me. “

“No –” well, I have to hurry up, or I’ll be late. ” Speaking of this, Fu Jincheng’s face again stirred up a smile, “originally at noon today, I promised to accompany others to go out to sea to play, but at noon, some goblin had to pester me

I didn’t even answer the phone. Now if I’m late again, I’ll be shameless. “

So, this time with him about to go out, or Lei Yun, she did not think wrong?

It’s so late now. Lei Yun asked him out——

No, or in other words, Lei Yun may have guessed why Fu Jincheng broke the appointment at noon, so she deliberately asked Fu Jincheng to go out at this time.

She’s trying to put her down!

When she was stunned, her face was not very good, and there was melancholy and sadness at the bottom of her eyes.

This, Fu Jincheng noticed, in the heart a joy, can’t help holding her up, sitting on his leg, kiss, deep eyes smile at her: “Xiaojin, you are… Reluctant to leave me?”

“I – well, I don’t want you to go.”

She subconsciously wanted to refute, however, she knew that she did not want him to leave.

She grabbed his hand and slowly tightened it. She took the initiative to kiss his lips again. “Can’t we not go? I, I want you to sleep with me. “

Fu Jincheng’s heart was shocked. Her hand suddenly tightened and her breath became thicker. “Xiaojin, you –“

Gao Yunjin didn’t give him a chance to open his mouth. He took the initiative to cover his lips again.

She didn’t know how much influence she had on him.

He thought that when he came back from H City, she would divorce her. However, what he didn’t expect was that not only did she not divorce him, but she even wanted to start over with him when he offered to be nice.

It was a big surprise for him.

Now, his little brocade seems to like sticking to her very much, and he kisses him on his own initiative, not willing to let him go

Just thinking of this, Fu Jincheng felt that he was about to explode. He wanted to hold her in his arms and love her until she cried in his arms.

However, these days, he was too uncontrollable. At noon, he had been messing around for so long, and she was a little hurt.

If he messes up now, she will be hurt.

In addition, he really can not break the appointment, so weigh these two points, Fu Jincheng after kissing Gao Yunjin for a while, hard to release her.

“Xiaojin, I’ll be back soon. Be obedient. Can I sleep first?”

His breathing has been disordered for a long time. He’s afraid that she will entangle him. If he hugs her more, his reason will be thrown out of the air. After finishing that sentence, Fu Jincheng did not dare to hesitate any more, and immediately released her. Like escaping, he did not give Gao Yunjin the chance to stay, and immediately turned to the bathroom.

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