Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3002

If he gets this wine, he may be able to

Think of that scene, Fu Jincheng fundus raised infinite expectations, fundus even lit a little bit of fire.

Fu Jincheng seems to really like this wine. Lei Yun is very happy. “Since Mr. Fu wants it, he must have it.”

Fu Jincheng was stunned and said, “what general Lei means is that this wine is right.” Lei Yun plucked his hair and said, “this wine was made by my grandfather when I was 18 years old. It has been more than ten years now. It’s only one tenth here. If Mr. Fu likes it, I’ll send two bottles to you when you come back from your business trip

Your company, take it home for you? ” Lei Yun is very beautiful. This evening, he wore a low cut white shirt with a strong sense of design, and a seven point long silk skirt. Under the moonlight, it was sexy and provocative. The waiters on one side could not look at Lei Yun

Move away from me.

Lei Yun himself is quite confident about his beauty and indifference, and his eyes are somewhat charming.

This fight a beauty placed in front of their own eyes, Fu Jincheng is not blind, naturally can see.

He flashed a flash of surprise, “Lei is very beautiful tonight.”

Lei Yun’s hand holding the cup was tight, and he felt at ease at last.

This is the first time that Fu Jincheng found her beauty, and it is also the first time that Fu Jincheng praised her after they met.

So, her efforts, or there is a return, at least let Fu Jincheng notice that she is not only talented, she has beauty.

She was not modest at all. She picked her eyebrows and said, “am I only beautiful tonight? How do I feel that I’ve always been beautiful? “

Fu Jincheng laughed, “it’s my fault. Indeed, Mr. Lei is always beautiful.”

Lei Yun took a sip of the wine and said casually: “so, Mr. Fu would praise other women for their beauty? I thought that in general Fu’s mind, only your wife is beautiful. “

Fu Jincheng: “of course not.”

At most, it’s just that Gao Yunjin is the most beautiful in his heart.

At this time, the staff on one side also took the fishing rod.

Lei Yun put down his glass and said, “have a try?”


Lei Yun stood up, his high heels wrapped around the tablecloth on one side. Lei Yun didn’t stand firmly, so he fell to one side.

Fu Jincheng put down his glass and quickly caught her.

But because they picked it up a little late, they were tripped by the chair beside them, and both of them fell to the ground. As it happens, Lei Yun just pounced on Fu Jincheng’s chest.

Lei Yun raised his eyes and integrated Fu Jincheng’s eyes.

Fu Jincheng was about to get up and noticed her eyes.

Two people four eyes opposite, Leng in situ.

Instead, the staff on one side thought they were injured. They were a little worried and wanted to help them up. Lei Yun came back and got up from Fu Jincheng, “yes, I’m sorry.”

Fu Jincheng also got up from the ground: “it doesn’t matter.”

“Mr. Lei, are you ok?” The waiter helped her back to her chair.

“It’s OK. It’s just a twist.” Lei Yun sat down and looked at Fu Jincheng, “are you ok? Thank you just now

“I’m fine.” Fu Jincheng just fell down, and basically nothing happened. He asked with concern: “are your feet OK? Do you want to go back to the doctor? “

“There’s a doctor on board. I’ll let the doctor see it later.”

“That’s good.”

They didn’t talk any more.

Lei Yun knows that she just showed a little bit of feeling for Fu Jincheng, but it’s just a little bit. She just wants Fu Jincheng to know that she may be interested in him to guide Fu Jincheng.

And Fu Jincheng

If she was right, he was out of his mind when he looked at her just now.

Indeed, that’s reasonable.

With her beauty and figure, even if Fu Jincheng likes Gao Yunjin in her heart, as long as she gives his brother a sign, she doesn’t believe he will be completely indifferent.

Think of this, she did not trace a smile.

At this time, the doctor came to check Lei Yun’s foot.

Fu Jincheng looked at it and did not speak. His deep eyebrows frowned lightly.

Lei Yun is beautiful. He always knew that.

But no matter how beautiful it is, it’s just beautiful.

Just now, under the moonlight and the dim yellow light, Lei Yun’s beauty was a little less tough and a little more soft. I have to say, it was very beautiful. It was more beautiful than any time he saw her.

It’s just beautiful.

No matter how beautiful she is, it has nothing to do with him.

After all, he lived two lives, met and had many beautiful women, all kinds of them.

What kind of beauty has he never seen?

He won’t be so excited just because Lei Yun is so beautiful tonight.

In his life, he has only Gao Yunjin in his heart, and can’t hold other people any more.

He was stunned just now, but he suddenly reacted. Even if he had a family, even if Lei Yun was the leader of the Lei family, he was not likely to have any thoughts on him. He was also a man, and Lei Yun was a woman.

In the middle of the night, he and Lei Yun, without any other acquaintances, went out alone for night fishing. Even if he didn’t have any other bad ideas about Lei Yun in his heart, the influence didn’t seem to be very good.

So he has to pay attention later.

The doctor took care of Lei Yun’s sprain. Because the sprain was not serious, he could take a medicine and keep it for a week.

Fu Jincheng: “you are injured, or you’d better go back to rest early?”

“It’s rare for me to come out. I’m going to run all over the world in two days. I don’t know when I will be free. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. I don’t know if Mr. Fu can accompany me.”

In fact, she didn’t want to miss the chance to be with him.

“Of course.”

She said that. She’s here, too. How can he refuse?

The two officially started fishing.

They are looking for a good place, more than half an hour, each caught several fish.

Fishing is really a fun thing, and Fu Jincheng’s mood soon got out of the previous, focused on fishing his own fish, and chatted with Lei Yun without a word.

Until early in the morning, they caught a bucket of fish. Fu Jincheng was tired and bored. He suggested, “it’s getting late. Why don’t Lei go back to rest early?”

Lei Yun is also tired, but if Fu Jincheng doesn’t mention the end, she doesn’t want to end it so soon.

But Fu Jincheng mentioned it all, so she had to echo: “well, it’s really late.”

When he got up, Lei Yun almost fell down because of a foot injury. Fu Jincheng quickly helped her.

This time, I succeeded in holding it, but I didn’t fall. Leaning against Fu Jincheng’s broad arms, Lei Yun’s mind was blank for a moment. He stared at his chest and thought, if only she could walk on him like this all the time.

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