Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3006

“Good boy.” Fu Jincheng rubbed their little heads, “after a while, my father will have to go out and can’t send you to school. At home, I remember to listen to my mother’s words and don’t let my mother worry, you know?”

Yueyue wrinkled her little nose and said unhappily, “we’ve always been good, and never let mom worry.”

“Dad knows.” They are really good and obedient all the time. He and Gao Yunjin really don’t have to worry about them most of the time. They just say, “don’t you grow up? Dad is worried that you will become rebellious.”

“Isn’t it true that the older you grow up, the more obedient you become?” Xiaoxuan doesn’t understand the side of a small head: “is Dad growing up more rebellious when he was a child?”

Fu Jincheng

In fact, the little guys were reluctant to give up him, and they didn’t tangle with this. They got into his arms one after another and held his neck as a coquetry. “Dad, you’ll come back early after you’re busy.”

Fu Jincheng touched his daughter’s and son’s small head, warm in the heart, “well, dad is busy, the first time to come back.”

Yueyue hugged Fu Jincheng for a while, but she didn’t know what she thought of. She said with righteous words: “don’t take care of the fox spirits outside. If you get on well with other fox spirits, will your mother be sad, you know?”

Fu Jincheng frowned. Before he spoke, Xiao Xuan opened his eyes and asked, “sister, what is fox spirit?”

Yueyue looked at her brother with a grudge, “you’re so stupid. I told you before, fox spirit is –“


Fu Jincheng looked at Yueyue dangerously: “who taught you to talk like this? What fox spirit is not fox spirit, how old are you? How can you learn these messy things Yueyue covered her mouth after she knew it, but she thought that her starting point was good. She pulled her neck and snorted: “this is what my deskmate taught me. She said that his father always had fox spirits around him, because his father didn’t have fox spirits outside

Ken’s home

Fu Jincheng

He probably understood what was going on, “Dad loves mom very much. He won’t look for foxes outside. Don’t listen to classmates next time, you know?”

Yueyue: “I know you love mom very much, but Dad, you are handsome. Fox spirits like handsome guys. If fox spirits take the initiative to –“

Yueyue was still talking. She noticed Fu Jincheng’s smiling eyes and immediately closed her mouth.

Fu Jincheng loves to fight with Yueyue, but in fact he hasn’t attacked her several times. Now, naturally, I don’t want to hurt her. Instead, I want to reason with her seriously: “these are adult’s things. As long as children study hard and have a good meal, they can have a good time when they should play. Don’t think about these messy things, you know

Is that right? “

Xiaoxuan is aroused curiosity, Yue Yue has not answered, he side of a small head, curious asked: “that father is really not with fox spirit go?”

Fu Jincheng was about to speak, Yueyue said: “Dad will not, if he left with fox spirit, we will take mom away from home, don’t want him!”

Xiao Xuan stopped and nodded seriously: “good!”

Fu Jincheng

This pair of daughters are really born!

It’s getting late, and Fu Jincheng has no time to talk to the children too much, so he went downstairs to have breakfast together.

After breakfast, Fu Jincheng didn’t forget to tell the housekeeper not to wake Gao Yunjin up and let her sleep until she woke up naturally. After that, he asked the housekeeper to wake her up if Gao Yunjin didn’t get up after 12:30 noon.

In addition, he ordered the kitchen to prepare food for Gao Yunjin to replenish his energy, so that he could eat it when he woke up.

Yueyue and Xiaoxuan are still young. They ask curiously, “is mom tired?”

Fu Jincheng

The housekeeper is a passer-by. He knows that he is used to Fu Jincheng. Every time he goes abroad, Gao Yunjin can’t get up in the morning. He doesn’t say much. He goes to the kitchen and orders the cook to go to work.

Fu Jincheng touched his nose and coughed softly: “yes, my mother took care of you for two days, but I didn’t sleep well. Do you think she’s tired?”

Xiaoxuan doubts: “but we don’t need mom to take care of us all the time.”

Fu Jincheng said, “why is mom so sleepy and tired?”

Xiaoxuan also don’t understand, Yueyue is bigger after all, it’s not so easy to fool: “that must be your trouble, you love to pester mom, mom must be so tired by you, you know to slander me and Xuanxuan!”

make a pointed comment.

Fu Jincheng almost choked by his own saliva, “I’ll see if my mother wakes up.”

Little guys did not grasp this topic, watching Fu Jincheng go upstairs.

Fu Jincheng is not quite at ease under the high Yunjin, sitting beside the bed touching her face, and a few kisses, together in her ear whispered: “Xiaojin, I left, at home to take good care of yourself.”

Gao Yunjin is fast asleep.

But she seemed to hear it, but she didn’t wake up and let out a beep.

Fu Jincheng smiles, kisses her, turns and walks away.

He went out before the children. Before leaving, he gave his daughter and son a kiss on the face. “If you have something, you can call your father. If your father doesn’t answer, you are busy. Don’t worry, eh?”


After finishing talking with the children, Fu Jincheng got up and got on the bus.

Although he knew that he would not be willing to leave Gao Yunjin and two little guys, Fu Jincheng just got on the bus soon, the feeling of not giving up came up again.

Before Fu Jincheng could clear up his mind, Lei Yun’s call came in, “I didn’t disturb your sleep, did I?”

“No, I’m on my way to the airport now.”

“That’s good.”

“What’s the matter?”

“No, I just want to tell you that tomorrow will be over and there will be a reception the day after tomorrow. I just want to ask if you can spare time to join us.” Although he seized the opportunity and occupied a certain market in M country, he knew more people and made more friends. Even if he was no longer in charge of the company in the future, he could also help with human and material resources when the company needed him

It’s a good thing.

So now that he has such a good chance, how can he give up?

“We should be able to find time to come out. When the time comes, let’s have a good chat?”

“Well, I’ll see you in M country.”

“Well, I’ll see you in M country.”

Hang up the phone, sunzong to Leiyun called in, “leizong, Yuanshi is downstairs.”

Lei Yun arranged his clothes: “OK, I’ll go down now.”


Lei Yun put down his water cup, took his bag and turned out of the room. Downstairs, Yuanshi is busy chatting with people about some business affairs. When his partner saw Lei Yun, he was immediately attracted by Lei Yun.

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