Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3007

After saying hello to Yuan Shi, he quickly walked towards Lei Yun: “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“It turned out to be Mr. Teng. I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Lei Yun smiles. Seeing Yuan Shi, he makes an unexpected look? So Yuanzong is there, too? What a coincidence. “

Yuan Shi’s smile is very light: “H city is the site of the Lei family. I don’t think it’s a coincidence to meet Mr. Lei in the site of the Lei family.”

Mr. Teng: “well, Mr. Lei, Mr. Yuan, do you know each other?”

“Yes, we are old acquaintances.” “By the way, Yuanshi, I’m going to visit country m tomorrow to talk to your grandfather and your father about something. Do you want to go back together?”

Yuanshi frowned: “talking about things? What are you talking about? “

Lei Yun looked at him in surprise: “of course, it’s cooperation. Yes, how? Did Uncle yuan and grandfather yuan not tell you? “


They just told him to go back to country m tomorrow at the latest.

Originally, he thought there was something wrong with the company in country M. two days ago, he made a reservation to fly back to country m, preparing to fly back to country m early tomorrow morning.

Now hearing Lei Yun’s words, he seemed to understand something.

His father and his grandfather are nostalgic people, and they really have a good relationship with Mr. Lei. It’s hard to avoid the idea of making friends.

It’s just

He has met Mr. Lei. He is really nice and enthusiastic about him, but he can feel that if he wants to find a husband for Lei Yun, Mr. Lei’s first choice is Fu Jincheng, not him.

In addition, Lei Yun does have some thoughts about Fu Jincheng.

Generally speaking, only his father and his grandfather are still in love, hoping that the two families can kiss each other.

Thinking of this, his eyes were cold.

Lei Yun looked at all this, but pretended not to understand. He said with a smile, “what’s the matter? What’s the problem? “

“No problem.” Yuan Shi said faintly: “when I get to m country, if Lei Zong needs any help, just ask him. If he can help me, I will try my best.”

“I’m relieved to have you.”

Lei Yun plucked his hair and said with a smile, “my grandfather likes you very much. If you are free here, welcome to my home for dinner. I have something else to do now. I’ll go ahead and keep in touch when I’m free. “

“Yes, you will.” Lei Yun left. After chatting with Mr. Teng for a while, Yuanshi found an excuse to go to the bathroom and called the family of M country. “Dad, you asked me to go back. It’s not because something happened at the company, but because you want to get a match with your grandfather

It suits me and ray Yun, right? ” Former father: “I talked with your grandfather Lei and got to know Lei Yun a little bit. Lei Yun has talent and looks. She is really a rare good girl. Your grandfather and I think she is very good. In addition, she is the Lei family, so we can rest assured of her


Yuanshi frowned: “but I’m not suitable for her.”

“I heard your grandfather Lei say that you seldom go to H City, and you haven’t seen others several times. You haven’t really understood them. How can you know that they are not suitable for you?” My father is also a reasonable person. He said, “your grandfather and I are not pedantic. We don’t require you to be with Lei Yun, but we all agree that she is a good girl, so we want to give you a chance

I don’t want you to miss such a good object. I have no malice with your grandfather. “

“I know.”

I know my family well.

“But I have much more contact with Lei Yun than you think. She already has people she likes, and I also have people I like. Our three outlooks are seriously incompatible.”

“Is that so?” The father frowned, “but the girl you brought back last time doesn’t mean she’s married?”

Yuanshi didn’t deny, “Dad, I know what to do. You don’t have to worry about me too much.”

“All right.”

Since he said so, the father is not easy to say, “so, you are not going to come back tomorrow?”

“I’m still very busy. It takes a long time to make a round trip. If there’s nothing wrong, I really don’t plan to go back.”

“It’s OK. Since you don’t think it’s necessary to come back, don’t come back. Just stay outside and take care of yourself.”

My father didn’t say much and hung up.

He ordered his assistant to refund his ticket to m country tomorrow.

As soon as he returned the ticket, Lei Yun received the news and said, “very good.”


When Gao Yunjin woke up, it was already noon.

She was very sore, hungry and sleepy, but she lay on the bed and didn’t even want to move, let alone lift the bed. Fu Jincheng knew that she had gone too far and guessed that she would be in such a state. So when the housekeeper arrived at noon, he came to knock on the door. Without her answering, he said skillfully: “madam, the kitchen has prepared food for you. Please come now

Can I serve it for you? “

Gao Yunjin blushed, cleared his throat and replied, “OK, please.”

“All right.”

After a few minutes, the servant helped Gao Yunjin bring up the food.

Although Gao Yunjin is still tired, she also knows that Fu Jincheng ordered her to do everything. She doesn’t stay in bed any more. She gets out of bed and goes to wash. After washing and eating breakfast, I remembered that I didn’t go to the company, so I was in a hurry to start the plane. I was about to contact my secretary when I saw the message Fu Jincheng sent her before she got on the plane: wake up and wind me up. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the plane, wait

I got off the plane. I’ll be back to you right away.

Gao Yunjin’s heart is filled with sweetness. After replying to Fu Jincheng, she contacts her secretary and tells her that she will go to the company in the afternoon.

Put down the mobile phone, after eating, still very tired, also still sore.

Gao Yunjin couldn’t hold on. He slept for about an hour before he got up and went out.

After the meeting, general manager he from G city called and said that he would come to Beijing these days to discuss the next issues with her.

Gao Yunjin: “I should go to G city.”

He always said: “where, I used to the capital is the same, you are so busy, how nice to let you go again?”

How dare he let Gao Yunjin accommodate him? Naturally, he came to accommodate Gao Yunjin.

“I used to be in love and reason, so I’ll go there some time these days. That’s a deal.”

“Well, when you arrive, I’ll pick you up at the airport and wash your dust.”

She said so, he always had to let her, anyway, she was happy, even if he did not do well, make her unhappy. However, no matter what, he will still talk about it with Fu Jincheng. He doesn’t want Fu Jincheng to misunderstand him for not accommodating Gao Yunjin.

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