Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3016

After a long time.

Gao Yunjin moves. Just as he is preparing to go to the bathroom, he finds that Yuanshi has not left.

She is a Leng, “you –“

Harashi interrupted her, “I’m leaving now.”

Without giving her a chance to speak, harashi finally left her room.

What happened to Fu Jincheng, the people he sent to follow Gao Yunjin couldn’t know. There is no monitoring in the corridor on the floor of the presidential suite, but the people who follow Gao Yunjin secretly take pictures of everything. When Yuanshi leaves Gao Yunjin’s room, he avoids Yuanshi and goes downstairs to call Fu Jincheng

Call me.

Fu Jincheng heard the call, his face moved, quickly picked up the phone.

However, when he saw that the caller was not Gao Yunjin, the mood of his eyes suddenly returned to calm.

“What’s the matter?”

“Just now, I took some pictures and sent them to your email.”

The other side will take pictures, generally speaking, they are some controversial pictures.

Fu Jincheng heart a tight, “I know.”

“There’s more.” The man over there hesitated. “When Yuanshi sent your wife back to her room, she stayed for forty or fifty minutes to leave.”

“What did you say?”

Fu Jincheng suddenly stood up from the sofa, “what do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything else.” There explained: “I also took the video, no other meaning, just to tell you, later I will send the complete video to your email.”

In 40 or 50 minutes, we can do a lot of things.

Because of this, people who follow Gao Yunjin will specially say it.

If there is nothing between Gao Yunjin and Yuan Shi, how can she let Yuan Shi stay in her room so long if she avoids suspicion enough?

That’s all the other people had to say. Seeing that Fu Jincheng had nothing else to do, he hung up.

Fu Jincheng sits down on the sofa, holding his mobile phone tightly. After half a sound, he opens the mailbox. The first picture that comes into his eyelids is the picture of Gao Yunjin holding in his arms.

There are not many photos, because they are all pictures of Yuanshi holding Gao Yunjin.

Instead of looking at the photos, he turned on the video.

A minute after the video, he sees Gao Yunjin come out of the room, and then

I went to Yuanshi.

Fu Jincheng suddenly pressed the pause and couldn’t watch any more.

His face is very ugly. He stares at Gao Yunjin who knocks on the door of Yuan Shi in the picture. His eyes are stained with scarlet.

After a while, he calmed down a little, then continued to look up.

The photographer was a little far away from Gao Yunjin, and they didn’t speak very loud. He didn’t know what they were talking about. He only knew that Gao Yunjin handed Yuan Shi the bag in his hand, but Yuan Shi didn’t want it, but Gao Yunjin finally thrust it into Yuan Shi’s hand.

This scene seems to be very like two discomfortable lovers.

In particular, the two people are making trouble. At last, Yuanshi holds Gao Yunjin up and walks quickly towards Gao Yunjin’s room.

And Gao Yunjin didn’t struggle in the whole processโ€”โ€”

Fu Jincheng breathed violently.

Soon there was no one in the picture.

But he sat in silence and didn’t respond.

I don’t know how long it took.

His cell phone rang.

He looked at the screen without expression. It was a call from Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer.

He’s not in the mood.

Ray Yun didn’t call back.

After about ten minutes, the doorbell in his room rang.

Lei Yun stood outside the door and said with a smile, “I’ve been busy these days. I’m very tired. Do you need to go out for a drink and relax?”

Fu Jincheng did not speak.

Lei Yun was stunned: “what’s the matter with you? Why is your face so ugly? “

Fu Jincheng’s voice was too hoarse to say: “nothing.”

Lei Yun said with concern: “are you sick? Shall I see a doctor? “

“No, I’m fine.”

“All right, have a good rest. I won’t disturb you.”

At this time, Fu Jincheng took the initiative to say: “where to drink?”

Lei Yun’s lip without a trace of a hook: “go first, you will know.”

“Wait for me ten minutes.”

“Well, I’ll just change my clothes. I’ll see you downstairs.”

Lei Yun changed into a low cut, pure black skirt, which is simple and neat, but can completely outline the female curve.

As she went downstairs, the eyes of the men who passed by were glued to her.

However, although she was dressed a little ostensibly, because of her powerful and elegant temperament, she didn’t feel pornographic. On the contrary, she had a lot of high-grade sexy beauty, which made people greedy, but she didn’t dare to chat up easily.

However, the people who can stay in this internationally famous hotel are not ordinary people, and some gentlemen come up to chat with her.

Thunder luck all expression indifference of gave to refuse.

Fu Jincheng came down a few minutes later: “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”


Fu Jincheng wears casual clothes, but he is handsome, sexy and expensive. With him, the men around naturally don’t want to insult themselves, so no one dares to talk to Lei Yun again.

Lei Yun’s make-up this evening has a wild beauty, which she has never shown in front of Fu Jincheng.

She also knows that she is very beautiful and a man. Basically, she can’t help being attracted by her.

But it just doesn’t work.

Fu Jincheng saw her, from the beginning to the end, there was no fluctuation.

Lei Yun is a very confident person, but repeatedly hit the iron plate in Fu Jincheng. Her heart has changed from helplessness at the beginning to habit. Now, she is angry.

But it’s not Fu Jincheng.

She resented Gao Yunjin.

She didn’t know what ecstasy Gao Yunjin had given to Fu Jincheng. She let Fu Jincheng be so devoted to her.

Thinking of this, when Fu Jincheng was aware of it, she sent a message to people: help me check some things about Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin in the early years, and be more careful. I want to know something I didn’t know before.

Fu Jincheng is obviously unhappy. Even if Lei Yun wants to find a sense of existence, he can’t hit the muzzle.

She showed timely consideration: silence.

However, Fu Jincheng is still very happy in this state.

He clearly talked to Gao Yunjin at the banquet. Now he is still in a low mood, which means that maybe there is something between Gao Yunjin and Yuan Shi that she doesn’t know.

It was a bit out of her expectation.

She also knows that people in her family seem to like Gao Yunjin. If Gao Yunjin is willing to marry Yuan Shi, they will accept it.

Thinking of this, she pursed her mouth tightly. She was very unhappy. She felt that Gao Yunjin was very lucky. She was so old and her children were so old that she could still fascinate the rich three generations who were so excellent.

On the contrary, she has everything and is better than her. Fu Jincheng doesn’t see her, and Yuanshi doesn’t like her either. Why?

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