Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3017

Over the years, she has been all plain sailing, and has never been defeated by a person who is inferior to her in any way.

It’s a shame to her!

Thinking of this, a trace of cruelty flashed through her eyes.

At this time, Fu Jincheng happened to look over and squinted.

Lei Yun was extremely clever and did not hide: “he thought of a very disgusting person and wanted to teach him a lesson.”


Fu Jincheng was not interested in her private affairs. As for the emotion that flashed through her eyes just now, he didn’t care.

Although Lei Yun acted ruthlessly, they had common interests now, and he was not afraid of her wrong thoughts.

Lei Yun still took Fu Jincheng to drink.

The pubs in M country are more chaotic, noisy and hot than those in China.

They are handsome men and women, and they are in good shape. M people are bold and enthusiastic. As soon as they come in, a group of people come to chat up with them.

They refused batch after batch, and finally they were able to sit down and drink.

Fu Jincheng is in a bad mood. The noisy atmosphere makes his head empty, but he can’t adjust his mood.

He held the glass and drank one after another.

Lei Yun tried to persuade him twice, but it didn’t work.

Two hours later, Fu Jincheng, who was not drunk, was drunk.

Looking at Fu Jincheng lying on the desktop, Lei Yun’s eyes began to become explicit, greedy, beautiful eyes flashed layer after layer of calculation.

She picked up her mobile phone and dialed a phone. Three minutes later, her people came to help her and helped Fu Jincheng get into the car.

Lei Yun holds the drunk and paralyzed Fu Jincheng with a smile on his eyes.

This is the first time that she looks at Fu Jincheng so closely.

She stared at Fu Jincheng’s beautiful face, her eyes were obsessed with him, and her heart yearned for him more and more deeply.

After half a sound, she didn’t know what she thought of and called: “Mr. Fu? Mr. Fu, how do you feel? “

Fu Jincheng was drunk and didn’t respond.

“Mr. Fu?”

Lei Yun called again.

Fu Jincheng didn’t respond.

Ray Yun is absolutely sure that he is drunk.

More than ten minutes later, Lei Yun didn’t ask others to help, but helped Fu Jincheng into the room.

Fu Jincheng woke up and said, “Xiaojin, Xiaojin…”

His voice was very light. Lei Yun was close to him. He could hear it clearly, and his face was cold in vain.

But she didn’t have time to respond. Fu Jincheng suddenly held her in her arms, tightly and tightly. Her high nose rubbed against her ear. “Xiaojin, I love you. Don’t, don’t leave me. Shall we start over?” Lei Yun is regarded as Gao Yunjin by Fu Jincheng. Although she feels disgusted, this is exactly what she wants. She pretends to push Fu Jincheng away, but Fu Jincheng hugs her more and more tightly. He wants to kiss her when he hugs her to face him


However, he was drunk, and Lei Yun was much higher and heavier than Gao Yunjin. He didn’t hold on to him for a moment, and Lei Yun fell to the ground.

Fu Jincheng is afraid that his Xiaojin will fall and hurt, so he quickly wants to help her up. Because he is drunk, his head is swollen and painful, and he doesn’t stand firm. He falls on the bed and forgets the thunder on the ground.

Fu Jincheng just held “Gao Yunjin”, and he was very happy, “Xiao Jin, how did you change, become heavy?”


After a fall, Lei Yun, who had just stood up, was not happy at all, and now he is even more unhappy.

Fu Jincheng thought of Gao Yunjin may fall, trying to get up from the bed, mouth said: “however, you become heavy is also the most lovely.”

Lei Yun’s face sank. Before he spoke, Fu Jincheng stretched out her hand and pulled her to him to kiss her.

Lei Yun’s heart moved and he closed his eyes without refusing.

Fu Jincheng kissed it, frowned, and drew the distance. “Xiao Jin, did you spray perfume?”

Lei Yun noticed her look and said tentatively, “well, do you… Like it?”

Fu Jincheng gently held her, “like. However, I prefer clean, perfume free love to you. “

Lei Yun

Holding “gaoyunjin”, Fu Jincheng didn’t feel enough in his heart, “Xiaojin, I miss you so much…”

Lei Yun looks at it and doesn’t know what to say.

She didn’t know what it was like for Fu Jincheng to get drunk and whether she would remember.

If it had not been for this scruple, she would have started to tease Fu Jincheng and raised their relationship to a higher level. She thought that when Fu Jincheng thought she was Gao Yunjin, she couldn’t wait to want her. She didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng just cherished holding her and even kissing her carefully, for fear of hurting her. She had no further meaning


It’s clearโ€”โ€”

She can feel his change.

But he’s just putting up with it.

Thunder carries Mou light a deep, pretended to rub carelessly next.

In Fu Jincheng’s present consciousness, the person in his arms is Gao Yunjin. Fu Jincheng immediately gasps and kisses “Gao Yunjin”.

Lei Yun pretended to struggle, but in fact he didn’t make much effort.

But Fu Jincheng cherished her too much. As soon as she struggled, she let her go.

What’s more, he felt that there was something wrong with “Xiaojin” tonight. If he could, he would like Gao Yunjin to say that he missed him too. But he said so much, but Gao Yunjin didn’t say that. He was in a low mood and let her go.


Lei Yun didn’t expect that Fu Jincheng could be such a gentleman. She didn’t develop in the direction she wanted.

She had no choice but to take the initiative.

What’s more, she doesn’t take the initiative casually. Even if Fu Jincheng wakes up and thinks about it, she won’t see any initiative. She just makes Fu Jincheng feel sorry for her initiative when she thinks about it.

Fu Jincheng wants Gao Yunjin very much. He is not Liu Xiahui. How can he bear it?

He flashed a flash of fire at the bottom of his eyes and held Lei Yun in his arms.

Lei Yun didn’t have time to be happy, so the doorbell rang outside.

Lei Yun’s face was very ugly.

The doorbell is ringing all the time. Lei Yun knows that the person outside is secretary LAN, even if he thinks with his knee.

She thought about it, let go of Fu Jincheng, pulled her clothes, touched her red lips, and dropped a few drops of eye drops before she went out to open the door.

“Fu –” Secretary Lan was surprised to see Lei Yun, “Mr. Lei, you –“

Lei Yun’s eyes dodged, “he, he’s drunk. I’ll be relieved when you come. You, take good care of him.”

With that, he left quickly.

Blue secretary is a careful person, her Dodge, as well as her messy clothes, red lips slightly swollen appearance, blue Secretary scared, quickly into the room to see Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng is as drunk as mud. Although his clothes are messy, he wears them well.

He was immediately relieved.

I wish I didn’t do it. I wish I didn’t do it. If you do, it’s a mess.

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