Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3020

“Well, I’m already thinking about countermeasures.”

“That’s good.”

At this point, Fu Jincheng really does not know what to say.

His silence made Gao Yunjin feel bad.

Although she was inclined to believe him, he had nothing to say, which made her feel uncomfortable: “that’s it first? It’s still early, and after you’ve dealt with these things, you’ll still have time to have a good rest. “


“I’ll hang up first?”


With that, when Gao Yunjin wanted to hang up, Fu Jincheng called her: “Xiaojin.”


“You –“

He wanted to ask her about the relationship with Yuan Shi, but he couldn’t say, “what’s wrong with the injury on your foot?”

Gao Yunjin knew that he had changed the topic, but he didn’t ask much, “much better, tomorrow should be able to walk normally.”

“That’s good.” “Just don’t wear high heels, it’s better to wear flat shoes,” he said

“I will.”

“That’s it first.”


Hung up the phone, Fu Jincheng silent, did not return to God.

After a long time, he thought of the business. He called Lei Yun and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lei, it’s bothering you.”

The thunder carries the lip Cape a hook, “this implicates all implicates, how does Fu always plan to compensate me?”

Fu Jincheng didn’t have the heart to joke with her, “next time we talk about cooperation, let more profits of 0.001%

Lei Yun

“I want to keep things down. What do you say?”

Lei Yun: “that’s what we think.”

“Then you’ve discussed this. Let’s have a talk with us.”

“Good.” Lei Yun said with a serious tone: “Mr. Fu, don’t you think it’s a bit strange this time? Although we are a little hot at home, we are not going abroad, and there are still people tracking us. This is very wrong

Fu Jincheng: “I know. I’ll find out.”

“Well.” Ray yundun: “I think the people who rob the project with us should be suspected.”

“I’ve thought about it, too.”

The Lei family’s cooperation with Fu Jincheng company in these major projects is too enviable. Some people want to use their black materials to do something. This method is not new.

“That’s OK. I’ll try my best to investigate. When I get the news, I’ll let each other know as soon as possible.”


With that, Lei Yun was about to hang up when Fu Jincheng said, “wait a minute.”

Lei Yun: “what’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry about last night. I take you as my wife. Please forgive me

Fu Jincheng’s crisp apology does not give people a chance to be beautiful.

But his crisp, does not mean that the thunder games as he wishes.

“I know, because you called your wife’s name all the time last night,” she said with a smile

Fu Jincheng is not impressed, but he thinks that Lei Yun should not have lied. Lei Yun joked: “Mr. Fu really loves your wife. When I listen to her, I almost envy her. It’s getting better and better. What kind of woman is Madame Qifu? It must be very special for us to love her. Ha ha


Gao Yunjin did something that made him sad yesterday, but when Fu Jincheng thought of Gao Yunjin, his eyes were still gentle.

“Nothing special, just a good person.”

It doesn’t matter whether Gao Yunjin is special or not in other people’s eyes. The important thing is that she is the most special in his eyes.

No one can replace it.

He said plainly. Lei Yun thought he was still angry with Gao Yunjin. He was in a good mood. He said nothing more and hung up.

Mr. Sun then came to Lei Yun and said, “everything has been arranged.”


Mr. Sun was worried: “will Mr. Fu really believe it?”

“Even if you don’t believe it, it will deepen the conflict between them. Besides, we can’t find our head. What are you afraid of? “

“That’s right, but –“

I’m afraid Fu Jincheng will know.

The strength of the Lei family is equal to that of Fu Jincheng. It is not easy for Fu Jincheng to do this when he is young.

He is so smart. If he makes a mistake, I’m afraid it will affect the Lei family.

Lei Yun is very confident: “he was blinded by emotion, and didn’t react so quickly.”

She has always been ruthless and accurate in her work. Mr. Sun really can’t compare with her. She is so confident that Mr. Sun didn’t say any more.

Lei Yun asked again, “by the way, how is the matter I asked you to check?”

“It’s all clear. It’s similar to what we knew before. Between them is Fu Jincheng initiative, Fu Jincheng seems to fall in love with her at first sight, after they are together. As for the next thing, we also know. “

“No omission?”


Mr. Sun is very sure.

“But why? I really can’t think of the charm of Gao Yunjin, who can make fu Jincheng love her so much! “

Mr. Sun hesitated. “There is no reason for love.”

“Love has no reason to speak of, but who is better, Fu Jincheng always has eyes to see?”

President sun

Like a person, with each other excellent or not, in fact, there is no absolute relationship.

What’s more, vegetables and radishes have their own preferences.

It can’t be generalized.

However, Lei Yun doesn’t seem to understand this.

Her feelings and her thoughts were all measured by money, power and excellence. As for other things, she never considered them.


Next, Fu Jincheng company’s official Bo sent a new message, which is pushing the progress of the company’s development products.

Because this product is cooperated with Lei Jia, and the official blog of Lei Jia’s company also forwarded it at the first time.

With this attitude of both sides, most of the melon eaters feel that they are jointly hyping.

Because after this incident, the heat is extremely high, which directly saves a wave of publicity expenses.

Nevertheless, we still don’t believe that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are nothing.

However, Gao Yunjin didn’t show up, and the gourd eaters didn’t know where Fu Jincheng’s wife was or how to find her.

After eating melon for a long time, there was no follow-up, and the two of them were not popular stars, so the crowd soon dispersed.

Gao Yunjin sees all this.

Before she said anything, Zhuolin’s phone rang in, “Xiao Jin, what do you think? Has Fu Jincheng explained it? “

“Explained. It’s almost what I said.”

“So you mean to believe it?”

She is not an ordinary gourd eater. She also knows the current situation between Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng. She is not easily fooled.

Anyway, she thinks that the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun is not simple.

I always think it’s a bit sudden this time.

“Well.”“ You, you, OK

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