Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3034

However, some people think that one thing is very interesting.

“Don’t you see that? From beginning to end, Fu Jincheng’s wife has never appeared. She is the center of the incident, but she has never appeared. What kind of operation is this? “

“What operation? It’s obviously being flattered. “

“Seriously agree. Looking back for two days, I felt that I had been fed a big jar of dog food. I think the result now is the result of Fu Jincheng’s beloved wife. “

“Yes, yes. No matter how they make trouble on the Internet, Mrs. Fu in other people’s legend is not on the road. She is very calm, and the style of a rich lady should not be underestimated. “โ€œ You’ve got your brains burned, right? What kind of messy conclusion is that? Do you watch too many domineering dramas? Do you think Fu Jincheng’s money is easy to get? I think the so-called wife protection is fake. In fact, it’s Fu Jincheng who made trouble with the Lei family

Contradictions, the use of public opinion to suppress each other.

I guess it was the Lei family who started first, but Fu Jincheng had a lot of skills. In the end, he won, which can be seen from the official blog of the Lei family. “

This matter, so subsided.

When Lei Yun saw these comments, he looked a little ugly.

Mr. Sun sighed.

Ray Yun looked at him. “What do you want to say?”

“I think it’s better for Mr. Fu not to stir up trouble for the time being.”

“I know.”

If it’s provoked too often, Fu Jincheng will be suspicious.

However, she spent so much manpower and material resources, and in the end, she was a little unhappy.

It’s the first time she’s lost like this.

However, she is not easily discouraged, Fu Jincheng more difficult to win, the more she can not easily let go.

Thinking of this, she was in a good mood, took the documents and went to find Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng is dealing with business affairs. When she comes in, she talks with her. She looks like business affairs. She is not half embarrassed or uncomfortable.

It shows that he has really exposed the matter.

However, Secretary LAN personally saw the appearance of Lei Yun’s messy clothes coming out of Fu Jincheng’s room. He was a little uncomfortable when he saw Lei Yun.

Lei Yun’s eyes flashed slightly, and he looked embarrassed and lowered his head.

Secretary LAN noticed this and felt that Lei Yun was a woman. She was born with a thinner face than a man. It was normal for her to feel embarrassed.

I don’t think much about it.

Between them, Fu Jincheng didn’t change his face. After talking with Lei Yun, he asked, “what’s the matter?”

“You and ray Yun.”


If he hadn’t already married, he would have thought that Fu Jincheng was trying to set him up with Lei Yun.

“It’s just a little embarrassing. It’s nothing.”

“Embarrassed what?”

Secretary LAN

He was embarrassed for his client.

Fu Jincheng only has Gao Yunjin in his heart. He probably forgot about that night. It’s not a good thing to remember. Secretary LAN didn’t say anything.

But Fu Jincheng felt unusual and squinted at him: “are you going to cheat?”

Secretary LAN gritted his teeth: “you think too much, Mr. Fu. I’m embarrassed for you. Do you forget what you did when you were drunk?”

Fu Jincheng

I think so.

Secretary LAN: “when I came to take care of you that day, Mr. Lei, she was in a mess, and, and –“

Secretary LAN can’t say it.

But he knew that Fu Jincheng could understand what he meant.

As expected, Fu Jincheng frowned.

Secretary LAN gloated: “it’s your own question.”

Fu Jincheng: “go away!”


“Wait a minute.” Fu Jincheng called him, “don’t mention it to Xiaojin.”

“I know.”

“And next time I drink, I’ll ask you to come with me.”

This incident gave him a wake-up call.

If he is really drunk, what happens to Lei Yun, the consequences are unimaginable.

Therefore, he can’t easily drink with Lei Yun in the future. After all, men and women are different, and accidents are easy to happen.


He doesn’t want to drink, OK?

Thinking of this, he said with concern, “have you made up with your wife?”

Fu Jincheng smile pale, “No.”

That day’s matter, they all tacit understanding did not mention again.

As for whether she did anything with harashi, he

I’m not sure.

However, he is persuading himself to believe in Gao Yunjin.

She is not a nobody. Even if she really thinks about Yuan Shi, she can’t really mess with Yuan Shi.

It’s just that between men and women, when emotions move, they are always not controlled by emotions. What they do on impulse is impossible to stopโ€”โ€”

He this reaction, frightened blue secretary, he dare not ask again, turned and left.


Gao Yunjin’s feet finally healed.

When her feet are ready, the first thing is to be busy with her work.

Besides, she plans to change hotels.

Although Yuanshi won’t disturb her, she can’t bear his concern at all. She still wants to distance herself from him.

However, she has left too much work. After her feet are ready, she doesn’t move out at the first time. Instead, she is busy with her work and plans to move out the next day.

She took the document and was about to go out when she met the same person.

Yuan Shi said gently, “is the injury on the foot completely healed?”


“That’s good.”

“… good.”

“Be safe.” I don’t feel at ease.


Two people go downstairs together, but after entering the elevator, tacit understanding did not speak.

General manager he is waiting for Gao Yunjin downstairs. When he sees Fu Jincheng and Gao Yunjin going downstairs together, he is shocked.

“President he.” Yuanshi took the lead in greeting president he.

General he was both flattered and frightened. He said, “this is a coincidence.”

“It’s not suitable for her feet to walk for a long time. Remember to remind her to rest.”

General manager he’s scalp is numb, so he has to nod. Seeing Gao Yunjin frowning, he doesn’t retort. Suddenly, he hastens Gao Yunjin: “General Manager Gao, it’s late, or shall we go out early?”


Gao Yunjin left. He didn’t say hello to Yuanshi, and Yuanshi didn’t mind.

General manager he didn’t dare to mention Yuanshi in front of Gao Yunjin, but when he was busy, he thought about it and called Fu Jincheng: “general manager Fu.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to tell you something small.”

“He said

Mr. he hesitated, and finally said, “Mr. Gao knows a man surnamed yuan, who seems to be interested in Mr. Gao. He approaches Mr. Gao frequently. I’m worried that the other party has bad intentions.”

“I know. I’m measured.”

“OK, that’s good.” If he said that, he would be relieved.

Fu Jincheng also knows that it’s not good for Yuanshi to stay under the same roof as Gao Yunjin in G city. But it happened that the strength of the original family was not common, and he could not understand it if he wanted to move.

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