Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3044

The original mother didn’t believe him at all: “you stay in the hospital for me. I’ll fly back to see you tomorrow morning with your father.”

“No, I have –“

“I have to pack up. I don’t care about you.”

The original mother said, regardless of the original protest, hung up the phone.

Yuan Shi frowned deeply.

A moment later, he responded and pursed his thin lips.

He didn’t have any friends in G City, and he didn’t tell his friends here about his injury. How could they take the initiative to contact his parents and tell them about it?


Whose hand is it? With his knee, Yuan Shi knows what’s going on.



Gao Yunjin gets up, calls a bone soup, and prepares to send it to Yuan Shi.

Put down the phone and she went into the bathroom to change.

Take off the clothes, see the dark red on the body, all over the body, Gao Yunjin’s face instantly red.

After putting on his clothes, Gao Yunjin noticed several obvious marks on his neck. He rubbed his eyebrows, took off his clothes and turned over the suitcase to find a suit of clothes that could cover the marks on his neck.

However, she didn’t bring a few sets of clothes. In such hot weather, she can’t wear the clothes around her neck, because the location of the marks on it is tricky. She doesn’t want to cover it.

She squatted in front of the trunk and sighed.

Fu Jincheng flashed a successful smile at the bottom of his eyes, but pretended to know nothing. He poured her into his arms and said, “why did you suddenly sigh?”

“You can say it.” Gao Yunjin gave him a white look and pushed him: “don’t get next to me. I’m tired.”

“Well?” Fu Jincheng did not let go, but also came to kiss her.

“Don’t kiss me. I’m angry if you kiss me again.”

She pointed to the mark on her neck. “How do you let me go out like this?”

Fu Jincheng laughs: “don’t go out then.”

“You –“

Gao Yunjin doesn’t bother to pay attention to him. He casually picks up a suit of clothes to change, and then picks up his own cosmetics, intending to cover the traces on his neck with cosmetics.

After more than ten minutes of tossing, it has been effective.

But she was still not sure, “is that all right?”

Fu Jincheng curled his lips: “no more.”

Gao Yunjin can go out at last.

Fu Jincheng follows her.

When he got on the bus, his mobile phone rang. It was Secretary Lan’s call.

Secretary Lan was tired and paralyzed: “Mr. Fu, when will you come back?”

“In two days.”

“Two more days?”

He’s not Fu Jincheng. He doesn’t have such great ability to easily solve what Fu Jincheng should do. He’s been busy for two days and is almost exhausted.

“Work hard.”

Throw down such a word, Fu Jincheng did not say much, hung up the phone.

“I’ll be back in two days?”

“Well, I can’t leave for long.”

Gao Yunjin breathed a sigh of relief.

She couldn’t persuade him. She was really worried that he would stay here regardless of the company.

When he got to the hospital, Yuan Shi woke up from a nap and saw Gao Yunjin walking in front of him. Yuan Shi showed a smile, but when he saw Fu Jincheng, his smile faded without any trace.

After Gao Yunjin asked about some things, he put the soup in a bowl and wanted to feed him himself. Fu Jincheng quickly said, “I’ll be fine.”

Gaoyunjin Leng, the original appropriate forehead straight jump.

The nanny who took care of Yuan Shi remembered Fu Jincheng. Thinking of what happened last night, they felt a little scared and said, “we just need to take care of Mr. Yuan.”

Fu Jincheng doesn’t want to take care of Yuan Shi either. He just doesn’t want to let his Xiaojin find him.

To this, he naturally has no opinion, pulled Gao Yunjin to sit down in one side, hand holding her not to let go.

Yuanshi naturally noticed that, similarly, he also noticed that although Gao Yunjin was shy, he still had sweet in his eyes and didn’t open his hand.

Seeing this, Yuan Shi took back his eyes and concentrated on the soup. After drinking the soup, he said faintly: “Mr. Fu is very busy every day. Why are you so free these two days?”

Fu Jincheng said coldly: “it was always my wife’s life-saving benefactor, that is, my life-saving benefactor. No matter how busy I am, my life-saving benefactor can’t help looking at it. You say so, Mr. Yuan.”

“In this way, I misunderstood president Fu. I thought he was always in a hurry. He had nothing to do.”

It’s a mockery of his meddling.

After hearing this, Fu Jincheng understood that Yuanshi had guessed that his parents would know that he was injured. It was his handwriting.

Yuanshi didn’t want to cover it up. He said with a smile, “how can it be? I am very concerned about Mr. Yuan. Doesn’t Mr. Yuan feel it? “


He didn’t want to feel his concern.

They you come and I go of say, Gao Yunjin listened to, didn’t feel any problem, just as they are in each other polite.

Yuanshi really didn’t want to see Fu Jincheng. Although he didn’t want to see Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng held her in his arms all the time. He couldn’t see her. He didn’t want to open his face and said, “Xiaojin, go back and be busy. I’m a little tired and want to have a rest.”

Gao Yunjin has no doubt about him: “OK, then you have a good rest. I’ll come to see you in the evening.”

Yuanshi: “no, I have friends coming over at night. You are not familiar with them. I’m afraid you will be embarrassed.”

Hearing that someone was with her, Gao Yunjin was relieved, “OK, I’ll come back tomorrow morning.”


Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng left.

Yuanshi looked at their backs embracing each other and left, lost in thought.

Out of the hospital, Fu Jincheng wanted to go back to see Mr. Fu, so he asked Gao Yunjin, “do you want to go back to the old house?”

“Not bad.”

She’s fine anyway.

“Go back now?”


On their way back, they called Mr. Fu. When they arrived at the old house, it was just the time for dinner. Mr. Fu asked someone to prepare a table of dishes.

Fu Jincheng seldom came back once, and master Fu didn’t ask anyone else to come back. There were only Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng and master Fu on the table.

Master Fu: “why don’t you bring Yueyue and Xiaoxuan back together?”

“They’re going to school.”

“Are you going to keep them studying in the capital?”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng pause: “children, we want to bring their own.”

As for the way that master Fu used to cultivate heirs, when Yueyue and Xiaoxuan were so old, the younger generation of the family would give their children to him to take care of, in order to have a chance to sit in the position of heirs.

But now, his wealth is no less than that of the Fu family. Neither he nor Gao Yunjin ask their two children to live according to their ideas.

They want the kids to do what they like.

Fu old son looked at them one eye: “the child is yours, your husband and wife thought clearly to go.”

“Well.”“ Don’t you think it’s going to be very busy recently? Why do you come back to see me when you have time? “

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