Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3045

“There’s something wrong with Xiaojin. I’m not sure, so I’ll come back to have a look and leave in two days.”

“Are you sure you can eat through so many big items all at once?”

“So far, it’s going to be planned, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

At this point, Mr. Fu finally did not stretch his face, showing a smile: “not bad.”


“However, you are just at the beginning. If you make mistakes on the way, you are easy to have problems. Don’t take it lightly.”

“I will.”

Master Fu looked at Gao Yunjin, then thought of something, and said: “the Lei family is not a fuel-efficient lamp, don’t trust them too much.”

“I know that, Grandpa.” The Lei family’s method of selecting successors is much more cruel than the Fu family’s. although Lei Yun seems to be a good man, he has a sense of pride and ruthlessness in his heart. That kind of ruthlessness is not what ordinary people can have. Fu Jincheng has lived two lives

How can we not know what’s going on?

Such people can become friends, but they are more likely to be shady behind their backs.

This is also the main reason why he clearly contacts with Lei Yun more deeply than other partners, and he still keeps a certain distance from her.

“What’s going on online?” Mr. Fu asked again.

“We haven’t found the source yet.” Fu Jincheng pauses and gives Gao Yunjin a piece of meat, “but it’s definitely not made by Xiaojin.”

Although he didn’t think that Mr. Fu would really think it was made by Gao Yunjin, since Mr. Fu asked, he naturally wanted to mention it.

“I know.”

When they talk about this topic, Gao Yunjin looks at Fu Jincheng without any trace and wants to see how he lives.

Master Fu looked at Gao Yunjin and said, “it doesn’t look like something done by people of duty.”

The implication is to praise Yunjin for being sensible and keeping his duty. He is not a nobody.

Fu Laozi praised Yunjin, but Fu Jincheng was very happy and laughed: “Xiaojin is really good.”

They are all praising her. Although Gao Yunjin is happy, Fu Jincheng doesn’t give a positive answer to what master Fu said.

Gao Yunjin lowers her head. Fu Jincheng and Fu Laozi don’t notice her mood, and they chat again.

Fu Jincheng chatted with Mr. Fu for about an hour before he stopped.

After leaving the old house, they rushed back to the hotel.

On the bus, Gao Yunjin thought of things on the Internet, “who do you think is most likely to do things on the Internet?”

“I don’t know.” Fu Jincheng held her and wanted to kiss her again. He didn’t want anything else.

Gao Yunjin: “I’m serious.”

“I’m serious too. I really don’t know. However, it’s either my enemy or the enemy of the Lei family. ” Fu Jincheng held her: “I’m sorry, let you be wronged.”

Gao Yunjin shakes her head. Her focus is not on her grievances. “Are you sure it’s your enemy?”


How else would you do that?


That is to say, he never thought that it might be ray Yun?

At this time, Fu Jincheng’s mobile phone rang.

It’s secretary Lan’s call: “Mr. Fu, I can’t hold on. Can you come back early?”

“Talk about the progress.”

Secretary LAN quickly told us the progress of the work.

Fu Jincheng’s face sank slightly: “it’s too slow.”

Secretary LAN cried, “but I’ve tried my best.”

“I see.” His work, Fu Jincheng his heart bottom, also know can’t careless, said: “I, go back tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mr. Fu!”

Hung up the phone, Fu Jincheng not give up holding high Yunjin: “I have to go back ahead of time.”

“I understand. Work matters.” With that, he thought of Lei Yun, who was also in country M. he couldn’t help asking, “is Mr. Lei also in country m now?”


“Is the Lei family involved in the cooperation of M country?”

“No, she’s talking about other cooperation. She’s just close to our company, so sometimes she’ll go back and forth.”

“Oh.” Gao Yunjin steady steady steady mind, “I, I see online evaluation of Lei is very high, she is not particularly powerful?”

“It’s very powerful, but no matter how powerful I am.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t want to talk to her about so many other people, so he went over and wanted to kiss her.

Gao Yunjin: “now in the car, don’t mess.”

Fu Jincheng’s eyes were deep: “I’ll go back to the hotel later.”

“No way.”

Fu Jincheng: “but I’m leaving tomorrow. It’s estimated that I can’t come back until two months later.”

Gao Yunjin is a little soft hearted, “but –“

Fu Jincheng rubbed her neck, and Gao Yunjin couldn’t say no.

Fu Jincheng smile successfully.

Back to the hotel, Fu Jincheng can’t wait to knock Gao Yunjin down at the entrance.

Gao Yunjin: “I haven’t taken a bath yet…”

“It doesn’t matter, my little brocade doesn’t take a bath, it’s also fragrant.”

Gao Yunjin

As soon as they got to the point, their mobile phone rang.

It’s a call from two little guys.

Gao Yunjin wants to pick up, but Fu Jincheng won’t pick her up.

In his heart, he just installed her and asked her again and again.

After that, the night was deep.

The phone didn’t ring any more.

When Gao Yunjin wakes up the next day, Fu Jincheng resolutely refuses to give Fu Jincheng the chance to mess around and calls home.

The kids have a rest today. They are having breakfast and chatting with Gao Yunjin.

“Why didn’t mom answer our phone last night? Is mom asleep? “

Speaking of what happened last night, Gao Yunjin was not at ease. As he was about to speak, Fu Jincheng chimed in: “Yueyue, Xiaoxuan, dad is also here.”

The kids were excited: “Dad! Are you back? “

“No, dad is still working outside, but I’m a little worried about mom, so I came back to have a look.”

Xiaoxuan shriveled his mouth: “so Dad will leave soon, and won’t come back to see me and my sister, right?”

Fu Jincheng

This understanding, full marks.

Yueyue even more absolutely: “so yesterday my mother didn’t answer the phone, but also dad you make the ghost?”

Gao Yunjin

Fu Jincheng

Yueyue forked: “Dad, you are such a big man, but also with us to rob mother, you are not shy?”

Fu Jincheng teases her daughter: “not shy, why is father shy?”

“Well, no shame.”

Yueyue ignored him and put her beautiful face close to the screen: “Mom, how’s the old uncle now? Is his injury better? Can we have a video with Uncle yuan? We miss him so much. “

Yueyue finished, Xiaoxuan also happily said: “we have painted a picture for him, and intend to give it to the original uncle and mother. When can we go to see the original uncle?”

The words of the little guys made Fu Jincheng’s face sink.

“You are very familiar with Uncle yuan?”“ Yes, uncle yuan is very good. Unlike you, you know how to rob your mother from us. “

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