Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3048

But Yuanshi has persisted for such a long time, and she has never wavered

So, in these two lives, the only man she ever loved was him.

Or maybe she doesn’t love him now, but she doesn’t dare to love him anymore.

He believed that as long as he was given some time, he would make her fall in love with him again.

“You, don’t you drive?” He watched her heart beat wildly. He couldn’t help but shut up.

Fu Jincheng hugged her, “don’t open, just want to hold you.”

Gao Yunjin can’t keep up with his thoughts at all. He only knows that he is very happy, but he doesn’t know what he is happy about.

No, she couldn’t push him away, so she let him hold him until he had enough.

After holding for a while, Fu Jincheng was itching again.

Fu Jincheng really wants to take her back to the hotel and make trouble again.

It’s better to act now.

He let her go and drove back to the hotel.

As soon as I got back to the hotel, I came here with Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin is used to it and has to cooperate with him.

When feeling moved, Fu Jincheng held Gao Yunjin tightly, “I love you, Xiaojin, I love you.”

Gao Yunjin was shocked and opened his confused eyes. He suspected that he had heard wrong.

Fu Jincheng is attached to kiss her, into the next round of offensive.

Gaoyunjin Lengleng looking at him, ears also echoed just Fu Jincheng said love her voice.

Fu Jincheng in this life, said countless times love her.

Before, she believed it, because it was Fu Jincheng before how to restore the memory.

Fu Jincheng, who has recovered his memory, also said love.

It’s just, it’s all in bed.

Man in bed, what words can say, can’t believe.

“Xiaojin?” Aware of her distraction, Fu Jincheng was very unhappy and bit her: “what are you thinking?”

She shook her head.

Fu Jincheng kisses her: “don’t think about anything else.”


The beauty continues.

It took a long time to calm down.

Meanwhile, the parents arrived at the hospital.

After confirming that the injury on Yuan Shi would not leave any sequelae, they put down their heart and decided to take Yuan Shi back to m country for treatment.

Yuan Shi didn’t agree: “Dad, mom, I live well now, and it’s the same here.”

“You can’t handle the work like this. I’ve handed it over to your brother. You’ll come back with us and keep it. We don’t trust you here alone.”

“Running around is not good for healing.”

“Don’t worry. We’ve got people flying our own planes. It won’t hurt you.”


“Are you worried about Miss Gao?”

Know son Mo if mother, a see originally suitable this facial expression know what he is thinking.

Yuanshi: “No.”

“Don’t lie to me. I know what you think better than you do!”

Because Gao Yunjin’s son was injured, he volunteered, and his mother couldn’t say anything. But Gao Yunjin had a family of his own, and they were afraid that Yuan Shi would sink deeper and deeper.

Harashi didn’t speak.

“You heal first, others, how do you like to toss, we have no time to care about you.” My father spoke.

Original mother: “I don’t mind staying here and staring at you every day.”

When they arrived, Yuanshi knew that there was no room for turning around. In addition, Gao Yunjin had already made a conclusion. He said faintly, “I know. I’ll go back to recuperate. I’ll come back after recuperating.”

“Whatever you want.”

The original mother saw that he was not in a good mood, so she didn’t continue to say, “we’ll go back tomorrow. If you want to say goodbye to your friends, can you tell them?”



When he woke up the next day and had breakfast, Gao Yunjin received a call from Yuan Shi: “do you have time to come to the hospital?”

Gao Yunjin immediately said, “if you are free, I will go there now.”

“Can you come alone? I have something to say to you. “



Gao Yunjin looks at Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng stares at Gao Yunjin when she answers the phone.

Gao Yunjin took back his eyes and replied to Yuan Shi: “good.”

“I’ll wait for you in the hospital.”


Hung up the phone, she looked up and found that Fu Jincheng was looking at her with a smile.

Gao Yunjin is inexplicably guilty.

Fu Jincheng tilted his slender legs and looked at her leisurely under his chin: “Yuanshi’s phone?”

“Yes…” Gao Yunjin carefully looked at him: “he asked me to go there, and… It’s a person, I agreed.”

Fu Jincheng laughed, “I heard it.”


The more he laughed like this, the more upset she was. “That –“

“Go ahead.”

She was stunned. “Are you sure?”

These days, every time she wants to go to the hospital to see Yuan Shi, Fu Jincheng is not very happy. She thought he would not allow her to go.



He’s so perverse, she always feels a little strange.

Fu Jincheng said with a smile: “don’t you want to go?”


After Yuan Shi was injured, she felt guilty all the time, but she didn’t know what he could do for him. He finally called her, but she was embarrassed to refuse. She didn’t even ask Fu Jincheng, so she agreed.

Now that she has agreed, she is sure to go.

Fu Jincheng reached out to her and said, “come here.”

Gao Yunjin goes to him.

Fu Jincheng put down his legs and patted his thighs: “come and sit down.”

Gao Yunjin

However, thinking of her promise, she sat up obediently.

Sitting on it was not as steady as on a chair. She put her hand around his neck.

Fu Jincheng hid his gentle eyes and pointed to his lips: “kiss me until I am satisfied.”

Gao Yunjin

She has always had a good temper. Before she agreed to the academician, she knew that Fu Jincheng could not easily agree with her, so she would do whatever he said. She was very cooperative and kissed him on the lips.

He didn’t move, just raised his eyelids and looked at her.

She gave a kiss, but Fu Jincheng didn’t respond.

Gao Yunjin had no choice but to kiss deeply. Fu Jincheng’s face softened. He clasped her waist and pecked on her lips.

With a smile on his face, she felt relieved: “is that ok?”

“No way.”

“But I’m in a hurry. Let’s talk about what comes back, OK?”

Although Yuanshi didn’t say the time, she said it would be over soon. She couldn’t make Yuanshi wait too long.

Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrows: “come back? That is to say, anything is OK? “

Seeing this, Gao Yunjin has an ominous premonition in his heart. He thinks that he will suffer again tonight.

But after so many days, there is no shortage of this day.

She hardened her head and nodded, “yes, all, all.”

She had no temper at all.


Fu Jincheng satisfied, pecked on her lips, eyes also restored just gentle: “go, careful on the way.”“ Well

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