Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3049

Although she polished him for a while, he released people. Gao Yunjin always thought that it was a little easier for Fu Jincheng to release people today.

But she didn’t think much about it. She arranged her appearance and went out.

When I got to the hospital, there was only one person in the ward.

Yuanshi put down his book and said with a smile, “here you are?”


“Sit down.”

Gao Yunjin sat down and said, “did you have breakfast?”


Gao Yunjin looked at a table full of flowers and fruits beside him: “did your friends come to see you?”


“What do you want to tell me?”

If before, harashi said that she wanted to talk to her and let her go, she would not agree.

But now, he is injured, and Fu Jincheng is also here. Although she and Fu Jincheng have some problems in their relationship, they are still husband and wife. She thinks Yuanshi will not tell her anything again.


“My parents are here.”

“Uncle and aunt are here?” Gao Yunjin was a little surprised, but not too surprised.

It’s true that they don’t care much about Yuanshi, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care about Yuanshi.

The original Shi suffered such a heavy injury, which parents are sure not to rest assured.

“Well.” Yuan Shi looked at her, “they are worried that I have no one here to take care of me, and they plan to take me back to m country to recuperate.”

Gao Yunjin nodded, “that’s good.”

No matter how well taken care of by others, no one at home can take good care of them.

She will be more at ease when he goes home to recover.

“Well, I think so too, so I want to say goodbye to you.”

Gaoyunjin Leng next, suddenly feel some sad, “it is farewell ah.”


“Well, you pay attention to your health.”

In fact, she also wanted to care more about a few words, but it was not suitable.

I’m afraid too much, he will misunderstand.

Yuanshi seemed to understand her tangle, and suddenly he burst out laughing.

Gao Yunjin knew that he had seen through his emotions, and his little face was a little hot: “I’m sorry.”

“Needless to say I’m sorry, I understand.”

She didn’t like him and refused him from the beginning. She didn’t hesitate. He just couldn’t let her go.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” His smile slowed down a little bit, “I called you, in fact, I don’t just want to say that.”

“Anything else?”

Yuanshi didn’t answer. He said to himself, “it seems that this is my first face-to-face meeting with you and Fu Jincheng, right?”


“You said he didn’t love you, did you?”

Gao Yunjin did not know why he suddenly said this, but nodded.


“I don’t know.”

How can we make it clear about the past life?

“Did he say it himself?” Yuanshi asked again.


Last life, after she took the initiative to get back together with him, he did not say love, but also did not say no love.

But love and don’t love, many times, are not so simple as the mouth said.

As for this life, he once loved her.

But with the memory of his last life, she did not dare to think about his love or not.

Then why are you so sure that he doesn’t love you

Gao Yunjin grinned bitterly: “I can’t explain this.”

Yuanshi wry smile: “I always thought you were a very careful woman. Only now do I find out that you are so careless. “

“What do you mean?”

What does it have to do with carelessness?

“Although I don’t know why you are so sure that Fu Jincheng doesn’t love you, I think he loves you very much, and you love him very much. You love each other

“Yes, is it?”

Gao Yunjin’s heart moved, and then he laughed. He didn’t put Yuan Shi’s words in his heart.

She couldn’t listen to him at all. He frowned, “has he done anything to hurt you? Why are you so sure that he doesn’t love you? “

Gao Yunjin nodded: “well, he did.”

Yuanshi was still curious: “what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Is it recent?”

“No, a long time ago.”

“Then why…”

Gao Yunjin shook his head and didn’t answer.

Gao Yunjin is not an ignorant girl. She has been married to Fu Jincheng for so many years. She can’t answer. That should be a serious matter.

Yuanshi is very curious and hard to ask.

However, he still felt not quite right: “is there any misunderstanding?”

These times he saw Fu Jincheng’s performance, Fu Jincheng’s heart is all in her body, that is love, nothing else, is love, want to hide can not hide the strong love.

“There is no misunderstanding.”

If it’s just a misunderstanding, she won’t take her children with her in her last life. She has been in a foreign country for so many years.

If it’s just a misunderstanding, Fu Jincheng won’t come to her death in his last life. He won’t come to the cemetery to see her off.

If the misunderstanding in this world can really span such a long time, even if it’s just a misunderstanding, there’s nothing to say. After such a long time, everything in the last life is settled, and there’s nothing to say.

So, in this life, she was open to it.

Harashi didn’t expect that she would cry.

Want to give her a tissue, but because of the injury on the body can not move, had to say: “that is why? I feel like he really loves you. “

He met Fu Jincheng so many times. If he was dazzled at first, could he be dazzled again and again?

“To tell you the truth, I think he loves me a lot, but it’s not like that.”

The past is fresh in my mind.

Love or not is proved by facts.

Her words, let the original Shi no words.

Gao Yunjin wiped his tears: “sorry, I’m a bit impolite.”

“It doesn’t matter. I should say it’s my fault. I think I’m right. I suddenly mentioned this to you.”

Yes, she is such a careful woman. If it’s just a misunderstanding, she can’t miss it.

Unless Fu Jincheng deliberately did not let her find her love.

Otherwise, how could she not see it?

“It’s OK. I can feel that you are doing me good. I should thank you.”

She was quite surprised. She didn’t expect that he would set her up with Fu Jincheng.

Harashi didn’t speak.

He got up very tangled, finally, or can’t help saying: “you can usually observe more, perhaps, he still loves you, but maybe he can’t help it.”

Gao Yunjin Leng next, “can’t help it?”


Although, in terms of Fu Jincheng’s current status, he could not think of any reason why he could not help himself.


In fact, Gao Yunjin couldn’t think of the reason why Fu Jincheng couldn’t help himself.

In his last life, although he was not smooth sailing, the trough period was very short compared with many people.

He has the final say at that time, and no one has suppressed him. Why did he come to himself involuntarily? After a while, my parents will come to help me with the discharge procedures and leave after noon. However, when I recover my injury, I will still apply to work here. “

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