Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3051

Country M.

Lei Yun frowned and put down the document in his hand, “is Yuanshi back in country m? His parents brought him back

“No Sun always see her face is not very good, hesitated: “he seems to have put down Gao Yunjin, he is willing to come back.”

Lei Yun snorted coldly: “he almost lost his life, but he still couldn’t move that woman’s heart. It’s useless.”

Mr. Sun is silent.

Lei Yun narrowed his eyes. “However, it also shows that the woman is not so simple. I underestimated her. If it were an ordinary woman and a man who had the right conditions to spare his life to save her, he would have been occupied long ago. ““ But she was wide awake. She clearly knows that Fu Jincheng’s condition is better than Yuanshi’s, so she never thought about developing anything with Yuanshi. She tangled with Yuanshi, but to stimulate Fu Jincheng, attract his attention, and make him happy

Straight on her

In retrospect, Sun Zong thinks that Lei Yun’s words really have some truth: “the means of hanging a man are really powerful. No wonder she can hold Fu Jincheng as a sweet cake after she has been married to Fu Jincheng for many years.”

Then he said, “if she doesn’t let go, won’t you have no chance?”

“Not necessarily.” Lei Yun said with disdain: “even if she says goodbye, she will only play tricks on men. What will happen in the future is still uncertain?”

She hasn’t really done it yet.

If you really want to fight with Gao Yunjin, Gao Yunjin is not her opponent at all!


The relationship between the original family and the Lei family is good. It is said that after Yuanshi returned to m country, he rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

When she arrived, her parents were not there.

When Yuan Shi saw her, his face was not very good: “what are you doing here?”

“To see you, of course.” Lei Yun sat down and laughed: “it seems that you are not in a good mood?”

Yuan Shi coldly said: “I’m fine, thank you for your concern, you can go.”

“So cold?” Lei Yun didn’t care whether he was cold or not. He just said with a smile, “you’re really willing to come back like this?”

Yuan Shi sneered: “you know quite a lot.”

Lei Yun shrugged: “Fu Jincheng is my partner and my friend. I can guess some of them.”

“Is it?”

Yuanshi didn’t believe that she just guessed what happened between him and Gao Yunjin. “I’ve made it clear to her that I have no use value for you. You can go now.”

After that, he gave her a piece of advice: “the feelings between them are much deeper than you think. Fu Jincheng also loves Gao Yunjin very much. You have no chance. You’d better let go as soon as possible.”

Although Gao Yunjin thinks that Fu Jincheng doesn’t love him, Yuanshi believes in his intuition.

“Do you love it? So what? ” Lei Yun sniffed at Yuan Shi’s words and got up and said, “you have a good rest. I’ll see you another day.”

After that, he left.


The first time Fu Jincheng returned to m country, he called Gao Yunjin.

Just hung up the phone, not long after, Lei Yun called again.

“When will Mr. Fu come back?”

“He’s back. Ray’s always in trouble?”

“I heard about a project with good prospects. Would you like to know if you are interested?”

Fu Jincheng wanted to refuse directly, but he thought it was impolite to refuse directly, so he had to perfunctorily say: “what project?” “It’s the future of science and technology.”

After that, Lei Yun introduced the market positioning and future development prospects of the project.

Fu Jincheng’s eyes moved and moved.

He’s half a future man.

He couldn’t be more clear about the direction of the development of science and technology in the future.

In his last life, he also won a certain market share.

It’s just that this share, in his previous life, is a little less.

If we start to invest now, we will have a bigger development module in the future, and we can also focus the development of the company on this one.

In recent years, he himself has thought of doing this.

It’s just that what happened with Gao Yunjin in the past two years makes him not interested in his career. He just wants to spend more time with her and repair the relationship between them, so he has no action.

Now Lei Yun mentioned that he was really interested.

“How’s it going? Are you interested? ” After Lei Yun’s introduction, he asked with a smile.


Lei Yun’s eyes flashed with appreciation: “are you sure?”

The development of science and technology in the future is an uncertain factor. This kind of investment will cost a lot in the early stage, and there will be no results for a long time. Therefore, many people are interested in this project after hearing about it, but they will not invest immediately.


“Well, shall we have a chat tomorrow?”


The next day, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun met. They made an appointment with professionals and talked for a long time about the future of science and technology.

After the chat, Lei Yun handed Fu Jincheng a glass of water, “you are more interested in this project than I thought.”

Fu Jincheng does not deny: “I am really optimistic about this project.”

“That’s good.” Lei Yun chuckled: “will we have dinner together later?”


At dinner, they had a good talk and were very interested in each other’s topics, so they chatted for a while.

After dinner, Fu Jincheng left with Secretary LAN.

Back at the company, Fu Jincheng asked Secretary LAN to contact the board of directors of the company and prepare to talk about the cooperation with the company.

Secretary LAN hesitated: “Mr. Lei, are you sure you want to do this project?”

Fu Jincheng raised his head: “don’t you believe me?”

Secretary LAN left and shook his head: “no, I didn’t mean that.”

He has been with Fu Jincheng for so long, and he certainly believes in Fu Jincheng’s ability.

It’s just

“If we go on like this, will our company be more deeply tied to the interests of the Lei family?”


Secretary Lan was silent and asked, “do you believe in Mr. Lei’s eyes so much?”

Fu Jincheng said frankly: “she is really good at investing and controlling the market, otherwise Mr. Lei would not have let her sit in that position.”

Secretary LAN choked and couldn’t speak.

Fu Jincheng seems to have something on his mind: “do you think she is not reliable enough?”

“No, Mr. Lei’s ability is obvious to all. How can I have such an idea? I’m worried that the shareholders will not agree. After all, if I bind my interests with another big family, the risk will be much higher.”

“I know, but I’ll convince them. Don’t worry.”

With that, Fu Jincheng continued to read the documents.

Secretary LAN didn’t tell the truth.

What he wanted to say was that he thought Fu Jincheng was too optimistic about Lei Yun.

No matter what the project is, as long as Lei Yun proposes it, Fu Jincheng will decide to invest it very soon. He had never seen Fu Jincheng appreciate a person so much.

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