Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3066

Fu Jincheng came out after the meeting and saw Lei Yun.

Lei Yun sat down on the sofa. “It’s a bit boring. I’ll have a chat with you. I won’t disturb you, will I?”

“No Fu Jincheng also sat down on another sofa.

Lei Yun pushed the small paper bag she had brought to him. “I don’t know if you like dessert. This one was introduced to me by my friend. I’ve tasted it. It’s delicious. Do you want to taste it?”



Fu Jincheng said with a smile, “it’s natural to have a taste.”

“I thought you didn’t like sweet food,” he said

“I don’t like it, but my wife likes it.” Speaking of Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng can be described as endless: “before, when she was not married, there was a dessert shop on her side, which was also very good, but that shop owner was more willful and often disappeared. It didn’t have to open a few days a year

She hasn’t had that dessert for a long time. After that, even if you eat from other stores, you will feel less interesting. ” Lei Yun’s eyes twinkled: “so it is. I thought it was different from other men. I love this. However, this one is really great. Try it. If you think it’s good, I’ll ask someone to send you one and let you take it home

Wife and children

“Thank you.”

Fu Jincheng opened the package and tasted it. Jun’s face added a smile: “it’s really good.”

“Will Madame like it?”

“I should like it.”

Although it’s a little worse than the dessert shop Gao Yunjin liked before, it’s OK to eat it once in a while.

“That store wants to make an appointment, so I’ll call someone to send you one?”

“Well, thank you.”


In the evening, Gao Yunjin just got home, and Fu Jincheng came back.

In addition, his hand, also carrying a bag, looks like a dessert.

Gao Yunjin Leng next, “how suddenly buy dessert back?”

“Don’t you like it? I’ve tried it. It’s worse than the previous one, but it’s still good. ” Fu Jincheng handed the bag to her.

He didn’t say it clearly. Gao Yunjin also knew which one he was talking about.

“I want to eat it, too!”

On hearing the dessert, Yueyue put down the toy and ran over.

Gao Yunjin opened the package and gave it to Yueyue at the first bite.

Yue Yue licked her mouth in surprise, “eat well!”

“Is it?” Gao Yunjin also tasted a mouthful, also very surprised: “it’s really delicious.”

It’s delicious. It’s almost as good as the one in Gaojia community.

Yueyue likes to eat sweets and keeps eating with a small spoon.

After a while, she ate half of a dessert.

But she also knows that she can’t eat alone. If there is not much left, she will leave it to her brother.

Xiaoxuan doesn’t like sweets very much, but this time the desserts are unexpectedly delicious. Xiaoxuan also takes a few more mouthfuls, and doesn’t let Yueyue like before.

Yueyue didn’t eat enough, Baba looked at Xiaoxuan eat, pursed: “Dad, why don’t you buy more?”

“It’s a reservation.” Fu Jincheng holding her daughter’s small face, “this is still a friend to me, I just got it.”

“All right.” Yueyue heard this, holding him coquetry: “that tomorrow you make a reservation, buy more good?”? I want to eat more. “

“I see, little greedy cat.”

There was still one mouthful left. Xiaoxuan handed the small spoon to Fu Jincheng’s mouth: “Dad, eat it.”

Fu Jincheng heart a warm, “Dad ate, Xiao Xuan eat it.”

“Dad ate it?” Yueyue tilted his head, “is it dad’s friend who invited him to eat?”


Gao Yunjin also asked, “where is it? If it’s convenient for me, I can eat it when I pass by. “

Fu Jincheng said an address, “it’s quite far away from your company. If you want to eat, I’ll bring it back to you.”

Gao Yunjin frowned, “OK.”

It seems that if she wants to go, it’s really troublesome.

The next night, Fu Jincheng came back with desserts.

This time, I brought several kinds of food back. Gao Yunjin and the two little guys love it.

However, eating too much is not good, Fu Jincheng bought several times in a row, then reduced the number of times to buy.


Gao Yunjin’s clothing brand is becoming more and more famous, and the channels are becoming wider and wider. Her company is seriously short of manpower, so she plans to hire more staff.

However, her office is so large that even if she employs more people, the company can’t accommodate so many people.

Although a bit troublesome, Gao Yunjin is still looking for a new office building.

As soon as she began to inquire, Fu Jincheng received the news and soon gave her a phone call: “I’ve helped you to find the place. I’ll take you to have a look later.”

Gaoyunjin Leng next: “where?”

“Aren’t you going to move the company?”

“You, how do you know?”

“It’s very kind of you not to tell me such a big thing.”

It was a troublesome thing for her, but it was just a matter of words for him.

“I think you’ve been busy lately.”

“I’m not as busy as I used to be.”

She said it was just an excuse.

Although they are getting back together now, it seems that there is no difference between them and before. But when she has something to do with him, she is very outspoken and will not take the initiative to ask him for help.

Gao Yunjin heard the dissatisfaction in his tone and couldn’t help laughing, “so we’re going to see it now?”

“OK, I’ll pick you up.”


Hung up and Fu Jincheng arrived soon.

The place Fu Jincheng found for her was not far away from her original company. The location was good and it was convenient for the staff to go to and from work. Gao Yunjin was very satisfied and signed the contract on the same day.

As for the decoration problem, Fu Jincheng also helped her solve it, Gao Yunjin didn’t have to worry about anything at all.

Half a month later, the decoration came out, she just needs to take people to move in.

Zhuolin knew and sighed, “your husband has the same flavor as before.”

Gao Yunjin paused, “in fact, he has always been like this.”

In this life, even if he recovered his memory, he was good to her in this respect.

“It seems so.” Zhuolin was drinking milk tea. “To tell you the truth, your husband is really perfect on the wholeโ€œ

“… well.”

In her eyes, Fu Jincheng is also perfect.

He has changed a lot with his life.

“What’s more, he and that Lei Yun haven’t been on the hot search for two months. This is to draw a clear line and have no contact with each other.”

Gao Yunjin bit the straw: “it should be.”

She is busy with her work. She is usually with Fu Jincheng, either taking her children out to play, or having dinner together, or two people in the evening

There are many opportunities for them to talk, but there is no ray luck in the topic they talked about. She didn’t want to mention it. As for why Fu Jincheng didn’t mention it, she didn’t know.

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