Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3067

Zhuolin glanced at Gao Yunjin, “I don’t know what you are thinking.”

If it was her, she would have asked for the first time about the relationship between Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun, rather than Gao Yunjin. She didn’t dare to ask either.

She didn’t know what she was afraid of.

She believes that it is the worst policy to let Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun drag on for a long time.

Gao Yunjin said with a smile, “I wish I knew.”

“All right.”

Zhuolin stopped talking and asked, “your husband is not as busy as before, is he?”

“Well, he doesn’t need to go on business all the time. He’s still very busy at ordinary times.”

Zhuolin nodded and was about to speak when she saw a tall figure coming into the dessert shop.

She widened her eyes and pulled Gao Yunjin’s clothes: “Xiaojin, your husband, he’s looking for you!”

Then he waved to Fu Jincheng.

But Fu Jincheng didn’t notice them. He went to the counter and said a few words. After a while, the counter offered Fu Jincheng a big cake.

Before they could react, Fu Jincheng had already left with the cake.

“This –“

Zhuolin was stunned. “Didn’t she come to you?”

Gao Yunjin frowned and shook his head: “he has something to do. I didn’t tell him that I came out to eat with you.”

“Does anyone in your family have a birthday today?”

Look at that cake. It looks like a birthday cake.

Gaoyunjin Leng, “No.”

“Then why did he buy such a big cake?”

“I don’t know.”

All she knew was that he said he had something to do today and had to go home later.

She never asked him about his company, so she didn’t know why he was here.

However, Fu Jincheng told her that she knew about this store before. It’s reasonable that he will be here.

It’s just

Who on earth did he order such a big cake for?

“Well, do you want to ask?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head, “wait a minute.”


Zhuolin didn’t say any more.

After drinking milk tea and dessert, they continued to go shopping.

It’s just that Gao Yunjin is a little absent-minded.

However, Zhuolin was very interested and didn’t find Gao Yunjin wrong.

After they finished shopping, Gao Yunjin and Lei Yun came out of the mall with a pile of things.

Just above the entrance of the mall, there is a large screen for advertising.

As soon as they came out, they saw a familiar figure on the screen.

It was an interview.

A reporter is interviewing Lei Yun.

“Mr. Lei, the profits of recent projects are very good, and now all of you are praising you. With such a successful project, Mr. Lei, your birthday is coming. Have you ever thought about how to spend it? “

Hearing this, Lei Yun lowered his head and laughed, “I have discussed with my friends that we will have dinner together and celebrate with some close friends.”

“Aren’t you going to have a big party?”

“No, I prefer to spend my birthday with close friends.”

After that, the reporter and Lei Yun on the video still said something, but Gao Yunjin couldn’t listen to it.

She only remembered the word birthday.

Hearing this, he suddenly stopped.

Thinking of the way Fu Jincheng walked with the birthday cake, Zhuolin and Gao Yunjin thought of going together. “Is it, is it, is it Lei Yun’s birthday?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t speak, picked up the mobile phone to check, finally, stopped all the action.

Zhuolin looked at her face and came over.


Today is really Lei Yun’s birthday.

So, the cake Fu Jincheng bought just now may have been bought for Lei Yun?

Zhuolin hesitated: “I haven’t heard about Lei Yun recently. Is she still in Beijing now?”

“I don’t know.”

She didn’t go out of her way to inquire.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence?” Zhuolin said carefully.


Yeah, there’s a coincidence.

Moreover, even if Lei Yun’s birthday, Fu Jincheng bought a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday, it doesn’t mean much.

After sending Zhuolin home, Gao Yunjin drives home.

Two kids have school activities and are not at home.

When she came home, she was cold and quiet, and Fu Jincheng had not come back.

She called Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer.

Gao Yunjin did not continue to play, went upstairs to take a bath.

When she took a bath, her mobile phone rang. It was a call from Fu Jincheng.

She answered, “hello?”

“Xiaojin, I still have something to do here. I have to come back later. You don’t have to wait for me. Have a rest early.”

Gao Yunjin clenched his cell phone, “does it matter? Did you drink? Do you want me to pick you up? “

“No, you’d better have a rest early. If I get drunk, I’ll be sent back.”


After he said that, Gao Yunjin didn’t speak any more. He was about to turn off the phone, but at this time, he heard a female voice coming from the phone: “finished talking?”

Gao Yunjin wanted to hang up the phone, and soon heard Fu Jincheng’s “um”.

It’s ray Yun.

It’s her voice.

She knows it.

At this time, Fu Jincheng hung up.

Gao Yunjin stood still for a long time.

So, is Fu Jincheng really celebrating Lei Yun’s birthday?

When I woke up the next day, Fu Jincheng came back and was sleeping beside her.

Looking at his still perfect side face, Gao Yunjin looked away after a while and got up to wash.

She washes out, Fu Jincheng also awakes, looks a little tired, looked at her to smile.

Gao Yunjin steps: “did you come back late last night?”

“It’s a little late.” Fu Jincheng didn’t want to say more. He reached out and pulled her over. He held her in his arms and wanted to kiss him.

Gao Yunjin blocked his lips with his hand, “you haven’t washed yet.”

Fu Jincheng pursed his lips: “Xiaojin, are you abandoning me?”

“Our company has something to do. We have to go out early.” Gao Yunjin came out of his arms and said while doing facial moisturizing work.

“All right.”

Fu Jincheng a little tired, lying back, “I sleep for a while.”


Fu Jincheng soon fell asleep.

Looking at it, Gao Yunjin seems to think of something. He picks up his mobile phone and looks on the Internet.


There is no news about Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun on the Internet.

She quietly put down her mobile phone, after moisturizing, went downstairs, had breakfast and went to work.

At noon, about to have dinner, Fu Jincheng called her back, “Xiaojin, I have something to do at noon, I can’t go to dinner with you.”

Gao Yunjin: “it’s OK.”

“Then you remember to eat. I’ll pick you up at night.”


Gao Yunjin had no appetite. At noon, instead of going out to eat, he ordered a takeout. As soon as the takeout arrived, Zhuolin called in, “Xiaojin, it’s me.”

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