Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3075

Just, when he picked up his coat and was ready to go out, Gao Yunjin called in: “I have a party here. I can’t have dinner with you. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing.” The smile on Fu Jincheng’s face darkened, “what social intercourse? Shall I go with you? “


Gao Yunjin didn’t expect that he would say that. He was confused.

“That’s settled. I’ll go with you.” The more Fu Jincheng thought about it, the better he felt, “with me, you don’t have to drink.”

“No Gao Yunjin quickly said: “you, you will scare people.”

Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrows: “am I so scary?”


Gao Yunjin said with a headache, “you know what I mean.”

He is a famous entrepreneur at home and abroad, and there are countless people who want to flatter him.

But the people who can appear in front of him and have names are people who have certain influence in business or politics.

And her partners, compared with those people, are not enough to see.

If he was asked to help her talk, her partner would agree without saying a word.

In this way, the other Party promised to cooperate with her, I’m afraid it’s more about flattering Fu Jincheng. As for the cooperation with her company, it’s in the second place.

It’s not what she wanted.

Fu Jincheng didn’t give up: “isn’t your company developing well now? If I’m helping you, it will be more helpful for your company to take off, won’t it? “

Now that she wants to make the company bigger and let others know their relationship, he thinks it’s a very good choice.

“Not good.”

Gao Yunjin didn’t even think about it, so he refused, “you will disturb my rhythm.”

Fu Jincheng pursed his lips. “If I help you, it will disturb your rhythm?”

Why is Yuanshi so happy to help his friends?

“That’s not the same.” Gao Yunjin knows what he means. “Although the essence is the same, the core is different.”

If he helps, she believes that many people will soon know that she is his wife, and then all kinds of investors will come in droves, and the company will really have no problem if it wants to do more.

But at that time, many things could not be left to her. After all, when other people invested more, they would have a greater say. Maybe even the concept and style of the brand would change.

But the master’s help is different.

The master affirmed her design, ability, and the quality of clothing, so her brand became popular.

She has a good plan for the future.

Now she needs nothing.

If he is strong enough to join in, it will only make things worse.

Fu Jincheng actually understood.

So, he took the cell phone and didn’t speak.

Aware of his silence, Gao Yunjin said, “Jincheng, I’m not –“

“I know, I missed the opportunity.”

Fu Jincheng is a businessman, in business, the timing is important, he can not be more clear.

However, he did not expect that, even emotionally, timing is so important.

If he didn’t follow her at the beginning, Yuanshi would not have a chance to get in between them, and he didn’t need the help of his friends, so Gao Yunjin could step into a bigger stage.

But now, she has everything. She doesn’t need anything. She doesn’t need him any more. She can develop very well.

This opens up the sense of dependence between them.

Gao Yunjin: “actually…”

The so-called timing, she did not know why he said so, but his words made her feel inappropriate.

But Fu Jincheng did not give her a chance to speak: “I know.”

“Well, first of all, I’m going out.”


Fu Jincheng took a deep breath and said, “don’t drink too much wine.”

Gao Yunjin said: “I know, you can rest assured.”


“Well, I’ll hang up first.”


Gao Yunjin finished and hung up.

Fu Jincheng put down his mobile phone and slowly threw his suit coat on the sofa and sat back.

Half a ring later, he called Secretary LAN, “help me order a meal.”

Blue Secretary Leng next, “you are not about the lady to eat together?”

Fu Jincheng: “she has something to do.”

Finish saying, hang up the phone, put the mobile phone aside, covered Jun face.

That night, Gao Yunjin still had to work overtime.

When going to work, Gao Yunjin glanced at his mobile phone several times.

She is waiting for Fu Jincheng to call.

She didn’t know if Fu Jincheng would call her. If he didn’t call, she was embarrassed to tell him that she didn’t need to work overtime.

After more than ten minutes after work, Fu Jincheng still didn’t call. Gao Yunjin knew that Fu Jincheng would not look for her.

She asked her secretary to order a meal for her, then put her cell phone aside and focused on her own business.

After a while, there was a knock outside the door.

Gao Yunjin did not look up, “please come in.”

Hearing the sound of footsteps, no one spoke. She raised her head after reacting, but she narrowed Fu Jincheng’s eyes slightly.

Gao Yunjin was stunned: “you, are you?”

Fu Jincheng held his chest in both hands: “otherwise?”

“I didn’t know it was you.” Gao Yunjin thinks that he is a little unhappy. He thinks that he wants to help at noon, but she refuses him. Gao Yunjin says, “I have to work overtime, or would you like to go back first?”

Fu Jincheng light way: “I know you have to work overtime.”

Gao Yunjin was stunned: “then why are you –“

Fu Jincheng laughed, “if you work overtime, I can’t come to you?”

“Yes, I may not –“

They have known each other for two lives. Sometimes, she still knows him well. Gao Yunjin knows that he is even more unhappy.

“I know. I don’t need your company. I’ll be with you.”

Gaoyunjin a choke, heart slightly moved, aware of their emotions, she lowered her head, “but I still have a long time.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not busy anyway. I have time.”


“If you’re busy, I’ll just sit by.” Fu Jincheng said and sat down on the sofa beside the tea table.

Seeing him waiting like this, Gao Yunjin felt a little blocked in his heart. He couldn’t really let him wait like this, “you…”


“You…” Gao Yunjin didn’t know what to say. After half a sound, she asked later: “have you eaten?”


“Well, shall we go out to dinner?”

Fu Jincheng raises eyebrows, “do you have time?”

“If you like, it’s OK.”

She works a lot. It’s right to pay time to eat out. The big deal is that she works late and doesn’t come back.

Fu Jincheng smile, finally satisfied with some, toward her hand. Gaoyunjinxi habitually walked past, and then he pulled into his arms, sat down on his legs, tightly, his kiss fell on her lips.

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