Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3081

Gaoyunjin red face, just, see in front of the mobile phone, the face of the red halo slowly dissipated.

He tossed her that night, but up to now, Fu Jincheng has not called to care about her body

In the past, he would never forget such a thing.

After all, some things have changed, but they have.

No matter how enthusiastic they are together sometimes, there is no denying that.

After a busy day, she went home after work.

Fu Jincheng didn’t call back until she went to bed.

Early the next morning.

When she got up, she went downstairs to have breakfast. The housekeeper said to her, “madam, an hour ago, my husband called home and said that he had an emergency and went to H city. It may take him about a week to come back.”

“H city?”

To tell you the truth, Gao Yunjin was not surprised. She was surprised that Fu Jincheng was in such a hurry. “What happened to the company?”

“My husband’s tone is very urgent. Maybe something’s wrong, otherwise he won’t be busy all night.”


Gao Yunjin said he knew.

When having breakfast, her heart is still not very steady. She can’t help but take out her mobile phone and go to the Internet to see if she can find some useful information.

Online, there is no news of Fu Jincheng, but there is news of her company’s accident.

According to media reports, there was a problem with a project that Lei Yun’s company did a year ago, which also involved human lives.

It’s fermenting now, and Reich’s share price has dropped a bit. However, Reich’s public relations team was very good. They soon apologized to the public and promised to make certain compensation to the staff who had paid their lives. Finally, they also said that they would solve the problem as soon as possible and that no more people would be injured

However, read the meaning of the report, Leishi want to solve this problem, I’m afraid it will lose a lot of money.

Now that Lei Shi has invested in so many projects, he does not have much working capital in his hand. If he loses part of his working capital because of this, it will have a great impact on the development of these new projects of his company.

But Gao Yunjin is not concerned about this,

Even if Leishi falls to the bottom, the rotten ship will still have three catties of nails left. What’s more, in front of the huge Leishi, they are sure to survive this project.

What she is concerned about is that Fu Jincheng didn’t return home last night and flew to H city early this morning. Does it have anything to do with Lei’s accident.

Although Fu Jincheng cooperated with the Lei family last year, this project has been talking about the Lei family from the beginning to the end, and Fu Jincheng’s company has not been involved at all.

In other words, this project has nothing to do with Fu Jincheng.

Therefore, even if this happens to Lei family, there is no need for Fu Jincheng to rush for Lei family.

But if so, why did Fu Jincheng leave in such a hurry?

She has no answer.

Thinking about it, I couldn’t help it. On impulse, I called Fu Jincheng.

The phone got through, but no one answered.

Gao Yunjin played again, but Fu Jincheng didn’t answer.

After that, she didn’t call again.

Mind some confusion, she turned off the mobile phone, control yourself not to think, half an hour later, just sort out their thoughts, into the work.

When her mind was completely out of her mind, she was worried that there would be a partner looking for her, so she started the machine.

But as soon as she turned it on, she saw a reminder of missed calls pop up on her mobile phone.

She thought it was Fu Jincheng and picked up her cell phone.

However, after seeing clearly, the happy color on the face was silent again.

The missed call was from Zhuolin.

She called back: “why do you have time to call me at this point?”

“Did you go online?” Asked Zhuolin.

As soon as Gao Yunjin heard it, he knew what it meant. “They… Went on the hot search again?”

“Well.” Zhuolin said angrily: “are those online true? Does Fu Jincheng really want to invest in the project that happened? “

Gao Yunjin shook his hand with his mobile phone, “what?”

“You don’t know yet?”

“I don’t know.” Without waiting for Zhuolin’s novels, she said, “I’ll go online first and hang up.”

After hanging up the phone, she immediately went online to see it.

As she guessed, Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun were indeed on the hot search.

Not only that, there are also reports on the project of Fu Jincheng investing in Leiyun company.

According to reports, Fu Jincheng invested 100 million yuan in Leiyun company in his own name!

Personal name.

a hundred million.

Fu Jincheng is very rich.

But for entrepreneurs like them, money is just a bunch of figures, and they are always making various investments. As the amount of working capital, it is not a lot.

Because Fu Jincheng’s 100 million yuan of working capital directly smashed the project, and the professionals didn’t know what he was thinking at all.

If you say that he is optimistic about this project, but now this project still has a lot of troubles to solve, and this project has been in a state of loss since it was taken over by the Lei family.

Therefore, after the accident, many partners withdrew from the investment one after another.

Fu Jincheng is the opposite.

Is it true that he has such a unique vision and is sure that this is a promising project?

no, it isn’t.

Gao Yunjin saw the analysis of professionals, they said that this project is basically rotten now, just like chicken ribs, tasteless food, a pity to abandon.

Fu Jincheng threw so much money into it that it was impossible to start the project again.

Therefore, the money, Fu Jincheng smashed, but also equivalent to the float.

Why did Fu Jincheng spend so much money on this project?

Answer: help the Lei family through.

Fu Jincheng company has a close cooperation relationship with Lei. It’s fair to say that Fu Jincheng company invested in this project to help Lei overcome this difficulty.

But Fu Jincheng is in his own name.

It’s not about the company.

This is a very interesting thing.

After the analysis of several professionals, some netizens also understand these, so netizens all know what’s going on.

“It seems that Fu Jincheng is not only an outstanding entrepreneur, but also a real man who dares to give everything for love. He loves me.”

“It is said that true love can be seen in adversity. It can be seen that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun really appreciate and cherish each other. Oh, my God, they are so envious.”

“Is the love between big men so grand and great? One shot is a hundred million. My God, I envy Lei Yun. “

Fu Jincheng for the sake of Lei Yun can do this, netizens, whether male or female, admire Fu Jincheng very much.

However, some people don’t like it.

“Isn’t Fu Jincheng divorced? Where did he allocate the original equipment? Is it true that only their love is love, and others deserve to be hurt by them? ““ I can’t imagine what it’s like for me to see this. If I were you, my heart would be dead. “

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