Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3088

But Fu Jincheng is different.

Fu Jincheng’s vision, courage, and wrist, even a few of them old men are admired.

If such a person can be recruited and become a family with them, it is naturally the best thing.

In fact, the first person to have such an idea was Mr. Lei.

Of course, now he has the same idea.

I even hope that Lei Yun can catch Fu Jincheng.

“Xiaoyun, this year is almost over. You have to hurry up.”

“I know.”“ I know that you muqiang, the second generation whose family background matches us, ability, wrist, or appearance can match Fu Jincheng, none of them. At present, he is your best choice. If you miss this opportunity, can you

You don’t want to get married, do you? “

Yes, ray Yun doesn’t want to.

Master Lei knows her very well. She is a strong admirer. Only those who are more powerful than her can conquer her and let her marry each other willingly.

Thinking of this, she said, “grandfather, I know how to do it. Don’t worry.”

“I wish you knew.” Leilaozi light way: “but still that sentence, can’t delay, delay for a long time, your chance will be less and less.” Although he is old, he still knows the mentality of men. Most men love young beauties. Lei Yun is no longer young. Although she doesn’t need to conquer Fu Jincheng by her youth and beauty, if she can be younger, she will be more successful

That’s right.

Lei Yun knew what he meant. “I understand, grandfather.”

“Well.” Leilaozi pause, don’t have deep meaning way: “some means don’t have to be so open and aboveboard, as long as the goal is good.”

Thunder luck, smile: “I understand.”

She was taught by Mr. Lei. How could she not understand him.

She used it, too. Unfortunately, she failed.

Fortunately, she didn’t scare the snake that time, so she could look for the next chance.

However, Fu Jincheng has always been cautious. It is not easy for her to seize the opportunity.

But as her grandfather said, she doesn’t have much time to spend. She still has to put the plan on the agenda.

Over there, Fu Jincheng, who didn’t know that he was being calculated by several people, immediately called Gao Yunjin after returning to his room.

Gao Yunjin picked it up quickly, “hello.”

“I’m done. How about you?”

“I’m almost there.”

“Have you left the company?”

“I’m not ready to pack up yet.” Then he asked, “are you finished?”


“So fast?”

“Just have a meal together, and come back after dinner.”


Gao Yunjin thought, “when will you come back?”

“In a few days, there will be a banquet to attend here. After the banquet, I will visit some elders. These things will take some time.”


After that, they chatted with each other for a long time without hanging up.

However, after Gao Yunjin returns home, the two little guys hear Gao Yunjin talking to Fu Jincheng, and they also want to chat with Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin had to hand the mobile phone to the two little guys and let them chat with Fu Jincheng.

After chatting with the kids for a while, Fu Jincheng said, “give back your mobile phone to your mother.”

Yueyue curled her lips: “I know.”

Then, he handed the mobile phone to Gao Yunjin, “Dad said he wanted to talk to you.”

“Well.” Gao Yunjin took the mobile phone and asked Fu Jincheng, “is there anything else?”

“There’s nothing else. Just talk about it.”

“What are you talking about?”

They have been chatting for so long. I don’t know what else to talk about.


Gao Yunjin

“Are you so free today?”

“Well, it’s my personal time.”


Don’t you have to spend his private time with other people?

Or is it awkward?

However, Fu Jincheng’s tone sounds very happy, but it doesn’t look like he is making trouble with others.

“But what?”

“Nothing.” She hesitated, “you don’t have to accompany me. Do you accompany Mr. Lei?”

“Thunder luck?” Fu Jincheng was a little surprised that she suddenly mentioned Lei Yun. “I had dinner with her grandfather just now. She sent her grandfather home.”

“Oh, that’s it.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t want to talk about his own affairs. He wanted to hear her say more: “what about you? Is there anything particularly good about work? “

He made a deliberate attempt.

Gao Yunjin: “me? No, that’s it. “

Fu Jincheng took the hand of the mobile phone and lowered his eyes: “no?”


There is really no good news these days. If there is, the clothes are still selling well and making a lot of money.

However, in front of him and Lei Yun, this money is nothing at all, and she will not mention it.

“All right.”

Perhaps, her secretary is right, she may still want to give him a surprise, isn’t she?

Gao Yunjin is silent.

Because I don’t know what to say next.

Fu Jincheng didn’t speak.

Gao Yunjin couldn’t help but say, “well, why don’t you hang up first?”

“What are you up to?”

“I’ve got a little bit of design inspiration, and I want to record it.”

Fu Jincheng’s gloomy drooping eyes, “well, first of all, goodbye.”

“Well, bye.”

Hang up the phone, Gao Yunjin back busy with their own things.

When she’s done, it’s almost midnight.

Her mobile phone to the information prompt, she looked at the original is Fu Jincheng information, he said good night with him.

Gao Yunjin looked at it, stunned, but didn’t return. As soon as he turned off his mobile phone, he went into the bathroom to take a bath.


Fu Jincheng saved Lei’s project from the brink of crisis, and it also made the project a hot spot. It was a sensation in the business world.

This is not true. When I learned that Fu Jincheng would attend the celebration banquet of Lei’s family, many famous families in H city came to congratulate Lei’s family one after another. At the same time, I also brought one or two beautiful women with me.

Fu Jincheng knows exactly what those people are thinking.

In the same way, Lei Yun knows all about it.

Gaoyunjin she still did not look, she has put Fu Jincheng into the private domain, Fu Jincheng finally can only be her!

Now, in her opinion, these people are just trying to dig her up.

However, she hasn’t done anything yet. For those who want to get close to him with their daughter or granddaughter, he dismissed them in a few words.

Everyone else knows what he means. No matter whether Fu Jincheng pretends to be high, or really doesn’t want to touch the wild flowers outside, or is single-minded to Lei Yun, they can only follow Fu Jincheng, take their daughter or granddaughter away, and then talk about cooperation with Fu Jincheng.

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