Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3094

Lei Yun’s eyes flashed.

The amount of medicine she had asked people to prescribe was too much. In addition, another person also prescribed medicine for him. Fu Jincheng took the medicine, but he didn’t expect such a thing to happen

Blue Secretary worried: “according to your meaning, seems to continue to burn?”

“Yes, but let’s prescribe and take some medicine. It should be ready in a few days.”

Lei Yun took back his thoughts and said with concern: “if it burns like this, won’t something happen?”

Fu Jincheng has been burning for two or three days.

Before, she had heard many cases of people becoming stupid after burning for several days.

“He has a low fever, not a high fever. There should be no problem.” The doctor may also know what Lei Yun is thinking. He said with a smile, “don’t worry, we’ve seen patients who have been burning intermittently for two months. In the end, it’s ok?”

Hearing this, Secretary Lan was relieved.

But Fu Jincheng, as the client, didn’t open his mouth. He looked out of the window and didn’t know what he was thinking.

Blue Secretary Leng next, “general Fu?”

Fu Jincheng came back and said, “hmm?”

“The doctor suggested that you be hospitalized. What do you think?”

Although in terms of his status, he wants to stay in the hotel all the time and let the doctor go to the hotel to see him is just a matter of words, it is more convenient in the hospital.

“Then stay in the hospital.” Fu Jincheng said without expression.

“OK, I’ll go through the formalities.”

Secretary LAN left, leaving only Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun in the room.

Ray Yun pulled a chair and sat down. “You don’t look right. Is something wrong?”


Fu Jincheng didn’t want to speak. After saying these words, he was silent.

Lei Yun didn’t expect him to be like this. He was stunned and then gave a gentle smile: “since you are not happy and don’t want to talk, I won’t say it, OK?”

Fu Jincheng gave a “um”.

Although he is cold, his eyes glance at his mobile phone from time to time. It seems that he is waiting for someone’s call

Lei Yun guesses that he and Gao Yunjin may have quarreled, but he is not sure.

But now seeing him like this, she had a clear answer in her heart.

Secretary LAN went through the formalities and came back to talk to Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng said lightly: “I want to be quiet.”

Lei Yun and Secretary LAN left the ward.

Lei Yun jokingly said to Secretary LAN, “what’s wrong with Mr. Fu?”

“I think I had a fight with my wife.”

Anyway, no matter what happened, Fu Jincheng didn’t care too much.

Only when things are related to Gao Yunjin, Fu Jincheng’s mood is very easy to fluctuate. Over the years, he has been used to it.

“Another fight?”

“I think so.”

I don’t know when Fu Jincheng’s illness will be cured. Secretary LAN is worried. “I’ll call her and talk to her or the following.”

Lei Yun laughs: “good.”

Secretary LAN dials a phone to go out, the phone is connected, but no one answers.

LAN Mi continues to fight.

By the time of the second call, Gao Yunjin finally picked up, “hello.”

“Ma’am, it’s me. My husband is ill, do you know?”

“I know.” Gaoyunjin tone anxious way: “I have very important things to deal with here, first don’t say, hang up.”

With that, Gao Yunjin hung up without waiting for secretary LAN to answer.

Thinking about Fu Jincheng, Gao Yunjin was about to call Fu Jincheng. Her secretary said, “Mr. Gao, the reporter rushed in.”

Gao Yunjin frowned. Before she spoke, more than a dozen reporters rushed in. Several guards of her company couldn’t stop her.

On the other side.

Blue secretary looked at the phone was hung up, the face is not very good-looking.

Lei Yun picked his eyebrows without any trace: “Secretary LAN, what’s the matter?”

“She hung up on me.”

Thunder luck Leng next, “why? Is there something urgent? “

“She said yes.” Although Secretary Lan said so, he didn’t agree with the urgent matter in Gao Yunjin’s mouth: “but what can be important to you?”

He has been around Fu Jincheng for so long. No matter what time, Fu Jincheng always put Gao Yunjin first.

But what about gaoyunjin?

Maybe Fu Jincheng dotes on her so much that she seems to have changed and become more and more willful.

He can understand their quarrel.

But even if she was angry, she couldn’t even care if Fu Jincheng was ill.

Lei Yun didn’t know what to say. He was silent. Secretary LAN put the mobile phone back in his pocket, “Mr. Lei, Mr. Fu is under the care of a doctor. Nothing will happen. You have been working hard for Mr. Fu these days. You should have a lot of things to deal with, don’t you? Why don’t you go back and help yourself

I’ll contact you if there’s something urgent, sir? “

“Not in the way.” Lei Yun laughs, “it doesn’t matter if I’m a little bit busy about the company. It’s not urgent. I’m not sure about Mr. Fu. I still want to stay and have a look.”

Blue Secretary Leng next, looking at the eyes of Lei Yun, more than a touch of thinking.

Lei Yun made an uncomfortable expression. “I’ll find a place to sit down. Do you want to go together?”

Blue Secretary nodded: “good.”

In the ward, Fu Jincheng waited for a long time. From morning to noon, and from noon to evening, there was no light to Gao Yunjin’s phone.

Fu Jincheng fever time reduced, the number of times also reduced, but his whole face looks very pale, no spirit.

Lei Yun sat on one side and chipped the apple for him. “It’s very lively outside. Do you want to go down and have a look?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “No.”

He didn’t have a strong desire to speak. He seldom spoke to them. Secretary LAN couldn’t help but asked, “hasn’t your wife called you yet?”

Fu Jincheng raised his eyes.

Secretary LAN: “I actually called my wife this morning. She said she had something urgent to deal with, and then hung up on me.”

Fu Jincheng’s eyes slowly disappeared, “um” a, Lei Yun handed over the fruit, he shook his head, no meaning to eat.

Lei Yun droops his eyes, but he can’t see his emotion.

The night deepened.

Fu Jincheng tired, “you go back to rest.”

“I’ll stay for you.” Secretary Lan said.

“No, I just have a fever and a cold, not a disability.”

Secretary LAN choked.

Finally, he left with Lei Yun.

After they leave, Fu Jincheng looks at the mobile phone that hasn’t moved all day, takes it up, looks at Gao Yunjin’s number, and wants to dial it out, but it’s not so willing.

He wants to see when Gao Yunjin will think of him.

However, she has not been fighting, but he can’t pass it in his heart. I’m afraid that Gao Yunjin has completely forgotten him. If she doesn’t call him all the time, he has to make excuses for her and tell himself that she is really busy and urgent.

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