Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3098

Fu Jincheng did not speak, at this time, the doctor came to give him a general examination: “the fever has completely subsided, you can be discharged.”

Secretary Lan said, “I’ll go and get you discharged!”

Then he ran away.

Lei Yun saw that his face was more ugly than when she came just now. He apologized to him: “I was just talking nonsense. I haven’t met your wife. I don’t know what she was thinking. Don’t worry about it.”

“I didn’t take it to heart.” Because he himself knew that what she said was true.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t love him anymore.

That’s why she didn’t tell him anything important and didn’t mention him in the interview.

Lei Yun didn’t know whether to ask or not. Finally, he asked, “did you fight?”

“No Lei Yun laughed and said, “since you think of her that way, you can ask her to come here to see you when you are just sick. If you show a little weakness, she will take care of you. It’s good for your feelings

It’s warm. “

Fu Jincheng did not speak.

That’s what he thought.

But Gao Yunjin didn’t come.

Let alone come to see him, she seldom calls him on the phone.

In fact, Lei Yun knew everything. Looking at him, he showed a heartless expression: “you called, she didn’t come?” Without waiting for her answer, she frowned and said, “although I’m not married, I also know that husband and wife should understand and tolerate each other. No matter how serious your quarrel is before, but you are sick, all this quarrel should be suspended, after all

Your body is the most important, but she’s still at odds with you. That’s — “

The meaning of Lei Yun’s words is very clear.

She felt that Gao Yunjin was not sensible enough and was too willful.


Fu Jincheng tone cold three points, looked up and said to her seriously: “she is very good, not as you think.”

Lei Yun choked and his smile was stiff.

Fu Jincheng added: “you don’t know what happened between us, so I hope you don’t judge her at will in the future.”

Lei Yun’s eyes also flashed a little cold, embarrassed smile: “sorry, I, I don’t mean to say bad things about your wife, but I think you are always out of your mind recently, the whole person has lost a circle, some can’t bear to…”

“I know.” Fu Jincheng language and temperature down, but still insisted: “thank you for your kindness, but later I hope you don’t say these.”

Lei Yun nodded: “OK, I won’t talk about it in the future.” Finish saying, carefully looking at him: “are you angry?”


It’s a lie, of course.

He was really angry.

He doesn’t like it very much and doesn’t allow others to say that Gao Yunjin is not good.

But her starting point is for his good, and so seriously apologized to him, if he continued to care, it would be boring.

Ray Yun didn’t turn her head to cover up the coldness of her eyes.

She did not expect that Fu Jincheng, who is powerful in business and resolute in means, would have no bottom line in love affairs.

It didn’t look like Fu Jincheng she knew.

But I have to say, such him, but let her heart.

If, if the object of his endless tolerance is not Gao Yunjin, but her

Thinking of this, her heart beat wildly.


There was a knock outside the door.

It’s Mr. ray.

Here he comes.

Mr. Lei is an elder. Fu Jincheng gets up and says, “why is Mr. Lei here?”

“I heard you were discharged today, so I want to come and see you.” Leilaozi concerned about the next Fu Jincheng just shoulder, looked at him for a while, “lived in a few days, the whole person a lot of thin, now the disease is good, can be a good fill.”

Fu Jincheng heard that, he knew the purpose of master Lei.

As soon as he leaves hospital, he will come to invite him to dinner.

In fact, this is a good thing. After all, Mr. Lei is in a good position. It should be a great honor to be invited to dinner with him.

What’s more, he went to the hospital to meet him in person with great sincerity.

It can be said that it has given him enough face.

However, Fu Jincheng has no appetite to eat and doesn’t want to socialize.

But as soon as Mr. Lei came, he had to promise to have dinner with him.

Otherwise, it will not give people face.

At this time, Secretary LAN has finished the discharge procedures for Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng got into the car of Mr. Lei, and several of them talked freely in the car.

The content of the discussion is naturally related to the trend of the market.

Mr. Lei wants to ask Fu Jincheng what he is interested in next. It sounds like he wants to invest with him.

After all, Fu Jincheng is now more and more valued by other entrepreneurs, and countless entrepreneurs are lining up to cooperate with him.

But in terms of Fu Jincheng’s status, ordinary people have no chance.

Mr. Lei belongs to the people who have opportunities, but there are many people who are equal to or more powerful than his family.

Therefore, he has many unique choices for the Lei family.

Naturally, he had to start first.

Fu Jincheng listened and lowered his eyes: “in the next year, I should not do any new projects.”

Thunder old son Leng next, “why? Is it because the previous project investment is too large and the cost has not been recovered? “

“This is one of them.” Fu Jincheng drank a mouthful of water and moistened his throat before he said, “most importantly, next I want to spend more time on my family.”

Leilaozi looked at him with disapproval, “a man is ambitious. Naturally, he should focus on his career. As long as his career is well done, the family will be more stable. Besides, there is no contradiction between doing projects and President Fu’s intention to maintain the family, right?”

“There is no contradiction.” Fu Jincheng nodded: “but I think I can spend more time with my family in the future.”

This time spent with his family, also included that he wanted to retire from the company and help new people to the Abbot’s overall situation.

Of course, it has to be done step by step.

We can’t publicize this.

If it is publicized, not only the company will make people panic, but also the partners who cooperate with them will make troubleโ€œ That’s it. ” Mr. Lei asked with concern: “I heard that you go back to G city several times a year now, and you have a good relationship with Lao Fu. So, you want to spend more time with your family, wife and children? Is something wrong at home? need

Ask me to help — “

“Thank you for your concern. My wife and children and I are very good.”

When Fu Jincheng said this, his smile faded a little.

He means he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Mr. Lei stopped and then laughed again: “Mr. Fu is young, decisive in his work, and I believe you can do well in your life.”โ€œ Thank you very much

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