Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3099

Mr. Lei was also wise. Instead of talking about this topic, he asked, “have you agreed to this decision?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

We are all businessmen. Businessmen cheat.

What he said, Mr. Lei should be measured before he believes it or not.

Fu Jincheng told part of the truth. As for whether Mr. Lei believed it or not, that’s his business.

Mr. Lei didn’t talk about this topic any more. He changed another topic.

Soon, they arrived at the dining hotel.

Mr. Lei is also very good at being a man. He knows that Fu Jincheng is not in a good spirit. The place to eat is set in the hotel where he stayed before Fu Jincheng. After eating, he can go back to his room and have a rest. It’s very convenient.

What’s more, there were only a few of them at dinner, and Mr. Lei didn’t invite anyone else.

Fu Jincheng can understand Mr. Lei’s doing so.

Even if he didn’t say anything, as long as Mr. Lei disclosed the news that he had dinner with him alone, people outside would think that he trusted the Lei family and had a close relationship with them.

When they invest, or when something happens to the Lei family, they will trust the Lei family more.

Therefore, it is good for Mr. Lei to come to the hospital to pick him up.

After dinner, Lei Yun went upstairs to have a rest on the ground that he didn’t feel well and wanted to have a good rest.

“I’ll take you upstairs,” said Lei Yun

“I have nothing to do with my health. I’m just a little tired. I’m tired of taking care of you in the hospital these days. You can go back to rest earlier. I’ll treat you to dinner another day.”

No matter how Mr. Lei calculated him, Lei Yun actually helped him a lot. He still got the favor.


Lei Yun knows that Fu Jincheng means appreciating.

She paused. “Are you going back to the capital?”

She had guessed this since he told her grandfather that his company didn’t plan to do new projects.

“Well, I want to go back early.”

“OK, I’ll see you off then.”

“Don’t bother –“

“Yes.” Lei Yun said with a smile: “I will go to Beijing in a few days. You should remember to pick up the plane.”

Fu Jincheng sighed and laughed: “OK.”

Lei Yun picked an eyebrow: “I won’t say much about that. You have a good rest. Tell me when you’ve made a reservation.”


Lei Yun waved and turned to leave.

Mr. Lei was waiting for her in the car before he left.

However, he is not idle. He is talking on the phone.

During the period when Fu Jincheng was ill and hospitalized, many people wanted to visit Fu Jincheng in the hospital. They were all rejected by Lei’s family on the ground that “general manager Fu is not fit to see customers”.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, only Lei’s family can visit Fu Jincheng in the hospital.

In the eyes of outsiders, it means that Fu Jincheng especially trusts the Lei family.

No, as soon as he was discharged from hospital, he invited the Lei family to dinner!

Those people couldn’t contact Fu Jincheng, so naturally they came to contact Mr. Lei and asked for information through him.

Lei Yun also knows what Mr. Lei is doing. He doesn’t disturb him to talk on the phone and is waiting.

After waiting for a while, Mr. Lei hung up, “what does Fu Jincheng say? When will he leave? “

Obviously, master Lei also guessed that Fu Jincheng was leaving.

“It’s not settled yet, but he will tell me when he leaves.”

“That’s good.” Leilaozi put down the phone, I do not know what to think of, but look a little pale: “it seems that Fu Jincheng did not trust you very much.”

Lei Yun dropped his eyes: “he is not an ordinary person. First of all, his status does not allow him to trust people easily. Especially for people like us who are almost equal to him, he will be more guarded by ordinary people.”

“Yes, but it’s obviously not right that you know him so well and he’s still guarding you like this.”

Ray Yun stopped and frowned: “he’s guarding me? What do you mean

She knows that Fu Jincheng is on guard against her, but this evening, it seems that she did not talk about the relevant content.

Mr. Lei sneered, “what he said tonight that he didn’t want to do a new project is to be on guard?” Without waiting for Lei Yun to speak, he narrowed his eyes again. “He’s clearly afraid of our Lei family. He saw that our Lei family had gained a lot of benefits by cooperating with him. He was afraid that if we cooperated with him again, we would grow stronger and stronger, so he said

The next investment, it is estimated, is to a large extent not to cooperate with us, but to find new partners. After all, there are countless people who want to cooperate with him, and he does not lack of people, does he? “

Lei Yun frowned. At first, she didn’t understand what Mr. Lei meant. But slowly, she thought, “do you mean what he needs is a big family? Not a close opponent? “

“What else?” Leilaozi asked: “for you, would you like to be the king alone, or would you like to bring out several equal opponents?”

The answer is obvious. You don’t have to choose.

Lei Yun felt uncomfortable when he heard this.

Uncomfortable, Fu Jincheng calculated her and treated her as an ordinary partner.

It’s just… “But I don’t think Fu Jincheng’s words are all lies. He is a person who puts the family room in a very important position. He also loves his wife very much. He said that he would not consider doing new projects for the sake of his family. I think it is very possible

It’s true. “

Lei Yun thinks that the old man’s words are reasonable, but with her understanding of Fu Jincheng, what Fu Jincheng said before may also be true. Lei’s wrinkled face immediately sank: “I want you to develop with Fu Jincheng in order to strengthen our Lei family, not to let you trust Fu Jincheng. I think you seem to be dazed by Fu Jincheng and forget you

What’s your status? I can’t believe that businessmen like Fu Jincheng will really put their career in the second place for the sake of their love and so-called family! “

Lei Yun also lowered his face. “Grandfather, Fu Jincheng is so powerful that he doesn’t have to sacrifice his so-called love and family to be in the shopping mall.”

“I know what you want to say. It’s reasonable for you to say so, but the reality is not idol drama. It’s not so dreamy. Don’t idealize Fu Jincheng too much and be brainwashed by him.”

Lei Yun listened and did not speak.

She knew that no matter what she said, Mr. Lei would not believe that Fu Jincheng really had deep feelings for Gao Yunjin.

If Fu Jincheng is the kind of man in their circle who keeps his wife at home and countless little wives outside, she will not work hard for so long without success. However, she also knows that when her grandfather told her this, he didn’t want her to lose herself because she admired Fu Jincheng too much, just like other women, because of love.

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