Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3101

the second day.

Lei Yun had breakfast and went to the hotel where Fu Jincheng was. He went to the door of his room and rang the doorbell.

However, she pressed for a long time, and there was no reaction inside.

Lei Yun takes back his hand, picks up his mobile phone and calls Secretary LAN.

Blue Secretary see caller ID, busy to pick up: “general Lei, good morning.”

“Good morning.” Lei Yunxiao: “I called you so early. I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

“No, we got up long ago and are on our way to the airport now.”

Lei Yun’s smile suddenly froze. “Are you on your way to the airport?”


Lei Yun raised his eyes, “is Mr. Fu around you now?”

“Yes.” Secretary LAN looked at Fu Jincheng, who closed his eyes in the back seat. “Mr. Fu may not have slept well last night, but he is still resting in the back seat. What do you want to do with Mr. Fu?”

“Nothing. I just want to come and have a look.”

She just wanted to take them to the airport.

But unexpectedly, Fu Jincheng didn’t give her this opportunity at all, “since President Fu is resting, I won’t disturb him to rest. I’ll call president Fu later.”

“All right.”

Secretary LAN finished and hung up.

Lei Yun left the hotel and went back to the company.

Sun always see her face is not very good, “how come so early back to the company? Don’t you mean to take Fu Jincheng to the airport? “

“When I got to the hotel, Fu Jincheng had already left.” Lei Yun said coldly.

Mr. Sun understands why Lei Yun is not happy.

“He didn’t tell you on purpose?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe I’m in a bad mood. Forget it.”

Whether intentionally or accidentally forgotten, it shows that in Fu Jincheng’s heart, the existence of her Lei Yun is not so important.

“Maybe, didn’t you say he was in a bad mood these days?”

Lei Yun has no painting and calligraphy, and she looks very cold. “I realize more and more that if I want Fu Jincheng to be interesting to me, it doesn’t have much effect.”

“What do you say?”

“Just like yesterday, I pretended that I was not very good to Gao Yunjin. His face was pulled down, and no one was allowed to say that she was half bad.”

Therefore, the focus is still on Gao Yunjin.

Starting from Gao Yunjin and removing Gao Yunjin from Fu Jincheng’s heart, Fu Jincheng can really see her.

Fortunately, she had already realized this and was preparing for it.

I hope the plan will go smoothly by then.

She was in a good mood at the thought.


Nearly to the airport, Fu Jincheng opened his eyes.

Secretary LAN noticed and was about to tell him that Lei Yun was looking for him when he saw Fu Jincheng take out his mobile phone and look at it. It seemed that he was looking for someone.

Soon, his eyes were a little more dark.

Secretary LAN guessed that he was waiting for Gao Yunjin to call.

However, the answer let him down, Gao Yunjin still did not take the initiative to contact him.

Secretary LAN coughed and said to Fu Jincheng, “Mr. Fu, Mr. Lei called just now. It seems that he has something to look for you.”

“Well.” Fu Jincheng answers and calls Lei Yun.

Lei Yun picked it up quickly, “general manager Fu.”

“Secretary Lan said you wanted to see me?”“ What do you say? ” Lei Yun raised his eyebrows in a joking tone. He didn’t sound half unhappy. “I remember Mr. Fu said to me yesterday that he would tell me if you had made a reservation for the return flight. I haven’t received your information or order, so I’ll take it

I haven’t set a time for you to go back, so I went to the hotel to see you just now. Who knows, I was empty. “

Listening to her, Fu Jincheng suddenly remembered that he seemed to have promised such a thing.

But he forgot.

His mind was on Gao Yunjin yesterday, and he couldn’t think of anything else at all.

“There were a lot of things yesterday. I forgot to tell you I’m sorry.”

“Nothing.” Lei Yun sighed and said to himself, “I’m used to it, too.”

When she said that, Fu Jincheng was even more embarrassed. “When you come to Beijing, I’ll pick you up and invite you to have dinner together. It’s compensation. How about it?”

“Yes, let’s say that. I hope Mr. Fu will not forget this when he comes. If you forget…”

“No Fu Jincheng interrupted her and said.

“That’s good.”

I hung up and the airport arrived.

Fu Jincheng didn’t speak after that.

Off the plane, Fu Jincheng told the driver to go to the company, blue Secretary Leng, “you, do not go home?”

Fu Jincheng gave him two days off, and the company had nothing to do. What did he do in the company?


After that, Fu Jincheng didn’t say anything more. When he got to the company, he got off the car.

Fu Jincheng company’s business is so big, although there is nothing urgent for her to deal with at the first time, but if he wants to be busy, he can still have a lot of things to do.

In the days when he went to H City, he handled the project so well that the stock price of his company rose a little.

Now I hear that he has come back, and the people on the board of directors of the company want to invite him to dinner to show their heart.

Fu Jincheng looked at the next time, refused, “I have to go to school, pick up the children after class.”

The people in the board of directors seemed to be in a bad mood and didn’t dare to say more. They just said that next time, he could eat when he was free.

Fu Jincheng left the company and went to school.

Little guys get on the car, see him in, surprise, jumped into his arms.

Holding two soft little guys, Fu Jincheng finally had a smile on his face.

The two little guys lifted the little face out of his arms. “Dad, when did you come back? You didn’t tell us when you came back. Did you want to give us a surprise? “

Fu Jincheng said with a smile, “didn’t mom tell you I came back today?”

The two little guys shook their heads together: “No

Fu Jincheng held the little guy’s hand tightly, “is that right? Maybe, maybe mom is busy with her work and forgot. “

Two little guys nodded, “it should be, mom is very busy every day.”

Fu Jincheng is the head of soft little guys.

He said this to comfort the little guys, for fear that they would think more.

In fact, Fu Jincheng knows that no matter how busy Gao Yunjin is, as long as she has half of her thoughts about him, she can’t forget such an important thing.

“Dad, you, you’re thin.” Yueyue frowned, two small hands touched Fu Jincheng’s handsome face, “is it hard work?”

Fu Jincheng touched his daughter’s face, “yes, dad is a little busy with his work.”

It’s better not to tell the children about his illness.

Otherwise, they will be worried about him next time he goes on a business trip.

Yueyue didn’t say anything, but her eyes were full of heartache. She kissed Fu Jincheng’s face and rubbed his pink face.

Xiao Xuan also loves Fu Jincheng very much. He is afraid that Fu Jincheng is tired. He comes down from Fu Jincheng’s leg and does it by himself. He doesn’t need Fu Jincheng to hold him.

Fu Jincheng was so moved that he couldn’t help hugging them and said with a smile, “where do you want to play? Dad will go with you

“No, let’s go home and have a rest.”“ Well

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