Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3105

“I know. I have a sense of propriety. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good.”

Although Fu Jincheng said so, Gao Yunjin can’t really put down her heart. As long as Lei Yun is too powerful, it’s very possible that she will do something suddenly when he is not careful.

Thinking of this, she asked: “can you really wait so long?”

He and ray Yun seem to have a good relationship now.

She thought he couldn’t wait to divorce her and marry ray Yun.

After all, he didn’t break up with her in his last life, and his old love with Lin Yixun revived?

“You can? Why can’t I? “

“I, I’m not the same.”

She has no one she likes.

“What’s the difference?”

Gao Yunjin

Is that for her to be frank?

“Our love for children is the same.” Fu Jincheng said.

If it’s really for the sake of children, if she doesn’t insist on divorce, he would rather not divorce all his life.

Of course, they don’t have to divorce in their lifetime.

After all, Yueyue is 18 years old, eight or nine years away, and a long time away.

For such a long time, she should be able to accept him again, shouldn’t she?

Gao Yunjin looks at him in surprise.

Fu Jincheng raised his eyebrows: “what’s your expression?”

“I, I just didn’t think of it.”

She knew that he loved two children in his life, but she didn’t know that he would love them so much. She thought that after he had the memory of his last life, his love for children would be weakened.

Fu Jincheng knew what she meant, but he couldn’t say a word to refute it. He couldn’t even say that he loved Gao Baixuan.

Because he’s not qualified, and he’s not worthy.

What’s more, he believed that even if he said it, Gao Yunjin certainly didn’t believe it.

So he chose silence.

“In fact, you have changed a lot.”

Gao Yunjin looked at him and couldn’t help saying.

“Has life changed a lot?”


It’s not as cold and heartless as last life, it’s a bit human.

In her last life, she really couldn’t understand a single thought of him.

In this life, he will have more ups and downs, and he really cares about his children.

Knowing this, for her, has made her feel at ease a lot.

“What do you say?” Fu Jincheng looked at her with great interest: “but I don’t think I have changed. If I change, there is only a little.”

Gao Yunjin was intrigued by him: “which point?”

After a pause, he said, “it’s about the kids, right?”

Fu Jincheng shook his head: “No.”

His only change is to know clearly that he wants to be good to her.

If he could, he would like to show his love for her as before.

But I’m afraid she can’t accept it.

They all need time.

In a few years.

When she gets used to it, she should be able to guess some things and be more likely to accept them.

“Isn’t it?”

Gao Yunjin was suspicious, “that’s –“

As soon as she spoke, she sneezed.

It’s getting darker and colder.

Gao Yunjin feels a little cold and closes his clothes tightly.

Fu Jincheng looks at her and holds her.

Gao Yunjin wants to push him away, but Fu Jincheng pauses, “Xiaojin.”

His appearance of this normal color makes Gao Yunjin nervous: “what?”

“We’re husband and wife, right? We don’t divorce until Yueyue is 18, do we? “


“So you’re going to make me a monk all these years?”

Gao Yunjin choked, “no, I didn’t mean that, but you didn’t –“

“If not.”

Fu Jincheng laughed.

Before, he didn’t expect to have this harvest when talking about this topic. He picked her up and said, “I’ll take you back.”


Fu Jincheng with a smile on his face, in a good mood asked: “but what?”

Gao Yunjin held his clothes, thought about it, and said, “that is, you can go out and look for it.”

Although Gao Yunjin has not finished, Fu Jincheng has understood her meaning.

He suddenly stopped step, ugliness on the face get some horror, dead stare at Gao Yunjin: “is that what I want to mean? “Xiaojin?”

Gao Yunjin swallows saliva: “I –“

“You want me to go out and find another woman?”

Gao Yunjin closed his mouth, which is equivalent to admitting.

Fu Jincheng held her and didn’t move, just said: “Xiaojin, I’ll give you two roads.”

Before he said it, Gao Yunjin already knew what he wanted to say. He couldn’t help saying, “we’re actually like this.”

“So you choose the first one? You want to divorce me directly? “

Gao Yunjin opened his mouth wide. “I don’t mean that. I just feel that –“

“I don’t want you to think.” Fu Jincheng didn’t smile at all. He looked at her and said, “there are only two roads. Which one do you choose?”

Gao Yunjin almost did not hesitate: “I choose the second one!”

Fu Jincheng laughed: “well.”

He has never been a self sacrificing man.

Whatever he wants, he has to get it by all means.

He can’t really let her go.

He can let her make trouble, she can also not love him, but she must not leave his side.

For this kind of thing, he will never feel tired of it. Naturally, he can’t follow her.

What’s more, for a woman like Gao Yunjin, as long as she occupies her body, even if her heart doesn’t fall on him again, she can’t like others any more.

Thinking of this, he holds Gao Yunjin and turns to go upstairs. He presses her on the bed and kisses her lips.

Gao Yunjin’s eyes were red, but he didn’t avoid his kiss.

When Fu Jincheng saw her red eyes, his heart ached and he held her in his arms. “Xiaojin, don’t do this…”

He’ll be soft hearted if she keeps doing this.

He didn’t want to soften his heart.

Gaoyunjin eyelashes stained with tears, “can’t only maintain the surface of husband and wife?”

Fu Jincheng heart a tight, shaking his head: “no, Xiaojin, I am a carnivore, you should understand.”


As soon as Gao Yunjin opened his mouth, Fu Jincheng’s eyes became cold.

Gao Yunjin thought of the two roads that Fu Jincheng had just asked her to choose. She couldn’t tell.

She is afraid that she really said, Fu Jincheng impulse, will also say divorce, when the time comes – Fu Jincheng know that he scared her, looking at her pale face, Fu Jincheng distressed up, released her, gently embrace her in his arms, “why suddenly want to be a superficial husband and wife? Is it hard for you to do these things with me?

But wasn’t it good before? You like it, too — “

“I, I didn’t.”

Gao Yunjin’s face turned red when he said it.

“No?” Fu Jincheng touched her forehead, “are you sure?”

“I –” Gao Yunjin’s face is more red, “no, it’s not the same.”โ€œ What’s the difference? “

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