Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3122

At this time, Gao Yunjin’s hair was almost dry.

Gao Yunjin reached out to touch it and said, “OK, you can take a bath first.”

Fu Jincheng did not speak, but turned off the hair dryer and put it aside.

Gao Yunjin is about to do some skin care work, Fu Jincheng will pull her back to bed, fished into his arms, his hot breathing spray on her soft neck.

Gao Yunjin’s heart beats faster. Before she can react, Fu Jincheng kisses her neck. Her dry thin lips rub her ears. “Xiaojin, is that ok?”

Gao Yunjin knows what he’s talking about.

The last time he asked for love, she came to my aunt and refused him.

Think of this, she swallowed saliva, know that there is no reason to refuse him, after half a ring, just “um” a.

Voice has not been completely down, was Fu Jincheng turned in the past, facing him, and then he blocked the lips.

Then her cell phone rang.

Gao Yunjin heard, pushed him, but Fu Jincheng did not let her go, “regardless.”

“In case of emergency –“

Fu Jincheng is not happy with the heavy face, long arm, took her mobile phone, can see the caller ID “Huo Zhengyun” three words, he was stunned.

Gao Yunjin didn’t see it and reached for his mobile phone: “who?”

Fu Jincheng paused, then looked down at her: “Huo Zhengyun.”

Gao Yunjin also Leng next, because very surprised, did not expect Huo Zhengyun will call her.

Fu Jincheng let his tone sound as much as possible without questioning: “how can you have his number? And how does he know your number? “

Don’t they just know each other?

Gao Yunjin couldn’t understand this, she didn’t say, reached for her mobile phone: “I’ll answer the phone first, or the call will stop for a while.”

Fu Jincheng reflexively took away some, did not answer for her.

Gao Yunjin frowned: “what are you doing?”

Fu Jincheng looked as if she was angry, but he held back and handed her his mobile phone.

Gao Yunjin pushes him away and wants to get up from his arms, but Fu Jincheng doesn’t move: “just pick him up.”


He didn’t look very well and seemed angry.

“Turn on handsfree.” High Yunjin requirements.


Gao Yunjin doesn’t know why he asks, but she doesn’t know what Huo Zhengyun wants to say to her, in case she talks about what he said tonight

Gao Yunjin’s eyes flashed slightly. “He may not know you are here. Will it be impolite for me to do so?”

“Impolite? Just because it’s impolite? ” Fu Jincheng noticed that Gao Yunjin’s heart felt guilty at the bottom of his eyes, and the blue tendons on the back of his hands stood out beside the bed.

So, his Xiaojin lied to him?

Maybe it’s not the first time for her to meet Huo Zhengyun?

Thinking of this, he thought of harashi.

At the beginning, she knew Yuanshi, and she had been ambiguous with Yuanshi for so long, and she never disclosed half a sentence.

If it wasn’t that she didn’t mean much to harashi, she might have been worried about her thoughtsโ€”โ€”

Huo Zhengyun and Yuanshi seem to be different.

She seems to like and appreciate Huo Zhengyun more!

“I –“

Gao Yunjin doesn’t know what to say.

Because it’s not just bad manners.

She doesn’t want him to know what she said to Huo Zhengyun tonight.

Just as she was struggling to answer, the phone stopped and hung up.

Gao Yunjin

“It’s over there.”

Fu Jincheng: “I know. Do you want to call back? “

Gao Yunjin hesitated and shook his head: “No. He may have the wrong number

She is not lying about this. She thinks that Huo Zhengyun probably made the wrong number.

Otherwise, she couldn’t think of the reason why Huo Zhengyun called her.

In fact, when Huo Zhengyun proposed to exchange numbers, she was also very surprised.

Moreover, the number Huo Zhengyun gave her seems to be a private number.

“Is it?”

Fu Jincheng cannot deny it.

If it’s really polite, she should dial back and ask what’s going on there, not when there’s a wrong number.

She didn’t want to call back. Obviously, she wanted to call back when he was away.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng’s eyes were a little gloomy.

He thought it was just a matter of whether she loved them or not.

But he didn’t expect that she would hide so many things from him. Many times, she treated him as an outsider.

This is different from what he imagined before, even if she doesn’t love him, they can still support and trust each other.

Thinking of this, Fu Jincheng hugged her and did not speak.

“Are you… OK?”

She noticed the loss of his eyes, and also felt that he didn’t want to continue with her.

Fu Jincheng hugged her without humming and didn’t answer.

He found that some things, it seems that he is not wishful thinking, think how, can do.

Although she wanted to keep the marriage with him, it was only because of the children.

And her ideal to maintain marriage is that her private life does not interfere with each other. When she comes back home, she will play the role of loving parents in front of her children, right?

But he didn’t think so.

Fu Jincheng held her for a long time.

Gao Yunjin doesn’t understand why he suddenly becomes so sad. He wants to ask what’s the matter with him, but he doesn’t want to speak, so he has to hold him.

After a long time.

Fu Jincheng’s mood is better, let her go, in her forehead gently fell a kiss, voice hoarse way: “you sleep first, I go to take a bath.”

Gao Yunjin held his sleeve: “you, you…”

Fu Jincheng tone is very gentle, “what’s the matter?”

Gao Yunjin’s face is a little red, “you, don’t do it?”

No matter whether he loves or not, he has always been very interested in things in bed. If he does these things, he will feel better.

Fu Jincheng was a little surprised. He laughed and held her gently. “It’s very late. Go to bed first.”

Gao Yunjin had to withdraw his hand: “good.”

Fu Jincheng went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Gao Yunjin was lying on the soft big bed, his thoughts were flying, and he couldn’t sleep for a long time.

Fu Jincheng went into the bathroom for a long time and didn’t come out.

Usually Fu Jincheng takes a bath, it won’t take so long.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin got up and knocked on the bathroom door: “Jincheng? Haven’t you washed it yet? “

The sound of the water stopped, and Fu Jincheng’s voice came out of the bathroom


“I’m ok,” Fu Jincheng guessed that she was worried about him, and comforted, “so she went out.”


Three minutes later, Fu Jincheng came out of the bathroom.

He took her into his arms and gave her a kiss on the small face. “Well, sleep.”


Leaning on his arms, Gao Yunjin’s brain was not in a mess before, and soon fell asleep. Fu Jincheng looked at her sleeping face and didn’t fall asleep for a long time.

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