Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3123

the second day.

As soon as Gao Yunjin got up, he received a call from Zhuolin: “wocao, Xiaojin, your peach blossom luck is not so prosperous!”

Gao Yunjin brushed her teeth and asked vaguely, “in the early morning, what are you talking about?”

“I said Huo Zhengyun!” Zhuolin said excitedly: “you are so lucky. Huo Zhengyun is young and handsome. The key is money.”

Having been friends for so many years, how can Gao Yunjin not know what she means?

She helplessly help the forehead, “you don’t make trouble, we just walked a red carpet together, talked a few words.”“ Did you walk on the red carpet together? ” Zhuolin hissed, “I heard that when Huo Zhengyun left the red carpet, even his cousin disdained to let her touch him, but when you met by chance, he didn’t refuse you. What does that mean? It means he might be right

You fell in love at first sight, and I have an idea for you! “

“It may be that he has a bad relationship with his cousin.” Gao Yunjin calm analysis, “they these rich family children, brother and sister feelings are not necessarily good, let alone cousins?”

“…” Zhuolin was speechless, “OK, even if what you said is reasonable, but if he doesn’t want to, why does he want to walk on the red carpet with you?”

“That’s the dinner party that night. It’s stipulated that a man and a woman should go together when they walk on the red carpet.”“ Bah, these rules are for you shrimps. If they don’t want to, who can do anything to them? Is he still afraid that the organizers will drive him out? How is that possible? He’s different from other stars. He should

It’s the sponsor who asked for it, isn’t it? “


Gao Yunjin: “you know a lot more.”

“Of course,” she said with pride


She spat out the foam in her mouth and rinse her mouth. Then she said, “anyway, you think too much. He doesn’t mean to me.”

Zhuolin disapproved and said: “that’s because you are slow! That’s what I told you at the beginning. You think I thought too much, but what happened? “

“…” Gao Yunjin: “it’s different.”

“What’s the difference?” Zhuolin refused to accept the way: “it’s all the same, it’s all rich and handsome, it’s all good for you at the first sight.”

Gao Yunjin

“Well, you can say whatever you like.”

Anyway, she can’t tell her.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Zhuolin said that she was very happy to win her, but soon she couldn’t laugh again. “Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun are getting more and more suspicious now. I feel sick when I saw them together last night.”

Gao Yunjin: “you don’t know that when I saw these just now, I was almost angry.” after a meal, she laughed again and said, “fortunately, you are not bad with Huo Zhengyun. You broke it back. But even so, I’m still very angry, you know, you and Huo

Zheng Yun has nothing, but what about them? ““ So, Jin, you can’t lose, you know? I think that Huo Zhengyun is really interested in you. Don’t stick to the bottom line. Don’t refuse others at the beginning. What if he is really the one for you? It’s too hard for a man with such good conditions

It’s hard to find. You have to learn to cherish it, you know? “

Gao Yunjin

Zhuolin was angry: “don’t play dead for me. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you.” Gao Yunjin is simply afraid of her, “I have to go to work in the company, hang up first.”

Without waiting for Zhuolin to speak, Gao Yunjin quickly hung up.


She woke up late. When she came downstairs, Fu Jincheng and the two little guys had already finished breakfast.

Fu Jincheng: “I send them to school.”

Gao Yunjin: “good.”

Fu Jincheng came over, pecked on her face and said, “there may be a little time at noon. Shall we have lunch together?”


“Wait for me to call.” Fu Jincheng finished, and was pulled out by two little guys.

After breakfast, Gao Yunjin went to the company and got busy.

As lunch approached, her cell phone suddenly rang.

She thought it was Fu Jincheng. She took the mobile phone, but when she was about to pick up the phone, she found that the caller was not Fu Jincheng, but Huo Zhengyun.

Gao Yunjin was a little surprised.

She didn’t expect that Huo Zhengyun would call her again.

So last night’s call was not a mistake?

Thinking of this, she quickly picked up the phone: “Mr. Huo?”

“It’s me.” Huo Zhengyun’s voice is still very cold, “will you be free later? Lunch together? “

Gao Yunjin’s mind is blank for a moment.

May be Zhuolin nagging more, she suddenly suspected Huo Zhengyun called her real purpose.

However, she recalled the feeling when she sat with Huo Zhengyun that day, and she quickly denied the idea.

Busy said: “at noon? I may not be free. I have an appointment for dinner. Can I have dinner tonight or tomorrow? “

Huo Zhengyun said: “yes.”

Then he hung up.

Gao Yunjin

Listen to this tone, it doesn’t look like it’s interesting to her.

Gao Yunjin breathed a sigh of relief.

Just, after putting down the mobile phone, she remembered later that she hadn’t asked Huo Zhengyun why he invited her to dinner.

She did not think much, put down the phone, continue to busy.

Seeing that the time for dinner is getting closer and closer, Fu Jincheng hasn’t called yet. Gao Yunjin hesitates and calls Fu Jincheng.

Fu Jincheng didn’t answer.

Put down the phone, the secretary came to her: “Mr. Gao, do you need to order takeout for you?”

Gao Yunjin: “let’s upgrade first.”

The Secretary nodded: “then tell me again when you need it?”


Gao Yunjin has been waiting for another half an hour. It’s past lunch break. Fu Jincheng hasn’t called her back yet. She calls again.

I can’t get through.

Gao Yunjin thinks about it and calls Secretary LAN.

Blue Secretary there quickly picked up: “madam?”

“It’s me.”

Gao Yunjin said, “is Mr. Fu busy now?”

“Mr. Fu is eating in the office now. What’s the matter?”

Gao Yunjin was stunned, “is that so? OK, I see. It’s OK. “

Secretary LAN answered and hung up.

Gao Yunjin remembers what Fu Jincheng said today, pauses, calls her secretary and asks her to order takeout for her.

Just hung up, Fu Jincheng called.

Gao Yunjin picked up: “hello.”

“Xiaojin, I’m sorry, there are many things in the company this morning. I’ve been busy till now. I’ll have to keep busy later. I can’t have dinner with you. Would you like to find something to eat by yourself?”

Gao Yunjin: “it’s OK. I’ve already ordered takeout.”“ That’s good. ” Fu Jincheng said: “then hang up first?”

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