Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3147

However, since she agrees to start over with him, does it mean that she still has some feelings for him now?

Think of this, Fu Jincheng heart a heat, attached to kiss her, holding her little hand to pull her upstairs.

“You, don’t make trouble –“

Gao Yunjin stays in the same place and refuses to go. However, he is half dragged by Fu Jincheng and dragged upstairs.

However, when I was on the second floor, I met two kids who were playing. The kids were on the rise. When I saw them, they just called mom and Dad, and then they ran away.

Fu Jincheng pulls Gao Yunjin, looks at the back of the two little guys and tells them, “it’s late. Go back to bed after playing for a while. Don’t let the housekeeper urge you, you know?”

“I see.”

The little guys didn’t look back.

Then, Gao Yunjin was pulled by Fu Jincheng, went into the bedroom, closed the door, and quickly locked the door.

Fu Jincheng presses Gao Yunjin on the wall beside the door. Just as he wants to kiss him, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rings.

Gao Yunjin covered his lips. “The mobile phone rang.”

Fu Jincheng poked her hand, “don’t care about it.”

“What if there’s something urgent? You still — “

Before she finished, Fu Jincheng was very upset when she heard the shaking sound of the mobile phone. He was afraid that someone would call him to disturb him when he was working with Gao Yunjin. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

Gao Yunjin is very close to him. As soon as he takes out his mobile phone, she sees the caller ID above: Lei Yun.

Gao Yunjin’s eyes twinkle slightly. Don’t open your head. The blush on your face slowly fades away.

Fu Jincheng frowned, but did not answer, hung up the phone, then typed, told Lei Yun that there was something wrong, told him, and he went back to her when he was busy.

After sending the message, Fu Jincheng did not wait for a reply from the other side, so he turned off the mobile phone directly. The action was so fast that Yunjin had no time to respond.

When she reacted, she was surprised.

But without opening his mouth, he was picked up by Fu Jincheng and put on the bed. Then, the lip was blocked by Fu Jincheng.

Gao Yunjin has something on his mind, pushed him, “you, you do not answer the phone, really no problem?”

“What’s the problem?”

Fu Jincheng thought that she was worried about his work and said with a smile: “there will be no problem. I have already dealt with the work. She called me. Maybe she has private affairs to chat with me, but I have no time now. I don’t want to talk.”

Finish saying, Fu Jincheng can’t wait to kiss her lips, never give her a chance to speak.

Gao Yunjin is breathless by his kiss. In her final consciousness, she suddenly thinks that Fu Jincheng and Lei Yun really seem to have something wrong. They may have broken up.

Thinking of this, Gao Yunjin’s mood is very complicated, but soon, she has no other thought, and her thoughts are occupied by Fu Jincheng.

For a long time.

all is quiet at dead of night.

The snow is still flying.

The room finally quieted down.

Gao Yunjin has already finished taking a bath and is taken back from the bathroom by Fu Jincheng. He also helps her cover the quilt.

Gao Yunjin is very tired. Surprisingly, she is not sleepy at all and can’t sleep in bed.

Fu Jincheng took her over and leaned in his arms, “really can’t sleep?”


She sat up reluctantly. “Hasn’t the snow stopped yet?”

“Not yet.” Fu Jincheng let her lie in his arms, smell her hair, “still want to see snow?”

Gao Yunjin shook his head, “no, I’m tired.”

She didn’t have the strength to get out of bed. Fu Jincheng laughed and was very satisfied with her honesty. He said with a smile, “go to bed early. It’s snowing so heavily tonight. Yueyue and Xuanxuan will definitely quarrel to make a snowman. I’ll get up early tomorrow morning and accompany them to make a snowman, shovel snow, etc

When they’ve had enough, they’ll send them to school. “

Gao Yunjin leaned his ears against his chest and listened to his voice. He gradually felt sleepy, yawned and said with a smile, “good.”

She came down from his arms, found a comfortable place, and soon fell asleep.

The next day, when Gao Yunjin woke up, it was just sunny outside.

The interior curtains and balcony doors were closed and warm.

There is no one around, Fu Jincheng is estimated to have got up.

Gao Yunjin is lying lazily on the bed and doesn’t want to move.

But think of last night, Gao Yunjin’s face gradually filled with a smile.

She can feel that Fu Jincheng really wants to start over with her.

Just as he was saying that, there came intermittent and noisy laughter outside the window.

It’s like Yueyue and Xiaoxuan.

Gao Yunjin puts on Fu Jincheng’s thick down jacket, which she put on the clothes rack beside her bed, and opens the door of the balcony.

Just opened the door, a piercing cold wind hit, Gao Yunjin face delicate skin was a little bit painful.

He gathered up his coat and walked to the edge of the fence.

Downstairs, Fu Jincheng and the two little guys are wearing thick winter clothes, especially the two little guys. They wrap themselves round and only show their eyes and nose outside.

There is a big shovel and two small shovels beside. Now three people are preparing to make a snowman. They are busy preparing materials separately.

Looking at it, Gao Yunjin felt very soft and warm.


Xiaoxuan is looking for a branch. Seeing her holding her head high, she shouts, “Mom wakes up?”

“You must be too noisy to wake up my mother.” Yue Yue said with a smile.

“No way.” Xuan Xuan curls lip, “elder sister is the most noisy.”

“You, bad Xuanxuan, you dare to say that your sister’s quarrel is against you.”

Yueyue snorts and chases Xiaoxuan with a handful of snow. It seems that she wants to put snow in her brother’s clothes.

“Haven’t you had breakfast yet?” Fu Jincheng also put down the things at hand, raised his face and asked with a smile.

“Well, I just woke up.”

“It’s cold outside. Go to breakfast and warm up.” Fu Jincheng warned.

“I see.”

Gao Yunjin looked at the two kids playing and asked Fu Jincheng, “it’s more than eight now. Yueyue, they haven’t gone to school yet. Is it time?”

“It was bloody all night yesterday, the road was snowed, and the school was closed today.”

“So serious?”

“You don’t know how much snow it was last night.” Fu Jincheng said: “we have to go out late. If we go out too early, it’s easy to have an accident.”


After a chat, Gao Yunjin went back to his room to wash.

After breakfast downstairs, Fu Jincheng and the two little snowmen were also piled up. They were chubby and lovely.

When Gao Yunjin saw that they had been playing for so long, he was afraid that they would be cold and would not let them continue to play, so he dragged the two little guys back. After Fu Jincheng came back with the two little guys, he asked them to drink some hot water, and did not care about them. He sat down beside Gao Yunjin and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Do you want to go out for a walk?”

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