Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3150

“Ready to eat.” Fu Jincheng sat down on the sofa, “is Lei always busy?”

“There’s a lot going on in the company. It’s just a headache.”

“What happened to the company?” Lei Yun called him, he can only think of this, after all, the intersection of their lives is not much.

“It’s nothing. It’s just such a small thing. It’s easy to get annoyed if there are too many.” Lei Yun said, “but I listen to your tone. You seem to be in a good mood. Your condition seems much better than mine.”

“No, I have a lot of things on my side.”

He is in a good mood because his relationship with his family Xiaojin has made progress.

“Oh.” Lei Yun didn’t ask much.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

Since Lei Yun has all called, Fu Jincheng will be unkind if he doesn’t ask.

Of course, it’s just a question. If he can help, he will try his best, but if he can’t, he won’t be soft hearted.

Lei Yunxin moved, but said: “if you want to help Mr. Fu, you can really help.”


“The former amusement park project is not very well funded now. It’s a little short. If you think about it again, Mr. Fu, I can really save a lot of worry.”

They have invested part of the money in this project. If the project can’t be started, that part of the money will be wasted.

So now they are trying to pull in investment.

But after two days of hard work, there is still no progress. The company’s shareholders and her grandfather all put their ideas on Fu Jincheng and asked her to ask what Fu Jincheng meant.

She had asked Fu Jincheng before, but Fu Jincheng refused. Her grandfather didn’t give up and wanted her to ask again. She thought that Fu Jincheng could not say that she would really invest.

At the beginning, she refused. She could feel that if Fu Jincheng wanted to invest, he would have opened his mouth without her. Since he had refused before, it showed that he was not very interested in this investment.

But now that Fu Jincheng has asked about it, she also hopes to ask about it.

Fu Jincheng was silent and didn’t speak for a moment.

His silence aroused Lei Yun’s hope and said: “Mr. Fu, this project is really good. Didn’t you say that before? If you still have money on hand, you can — “


Fu Jincheng or refused: “for the time being, whether it’s the company or me, I don’t have this budget.”

Thunder luck smile stiff a few minutes, “nothing.”

“But it occurred to me that someone might be interested.” Fu Jincheng said.

Lei Yun was surprised. “Are you serious?”

“I’ll ask for you.” Fu Jincheng said.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“OK, I won’t disturb you for dinner. You can call me whenever you have news.”


Hung up the phone, Fu Jincheng casually called the old man Fu in the past.

Fu old son there also quickly picked up, “how suddenly thought of calling me?”

Fu Jincheng: “I just saw a good project. I want to ask if you have any investment intention.”

“What project?”

“It’s the Leijia amusement park project.”

“I know about that project, too.” Mr. Fu frowned: “but I think their place is a little bit too far away, and they don’t occupy enough land, and the surrounding traffic is not too developed. The income may not be as considerable as the pie they painted.”

Then he said, “don’t you have a good cooperation with the Lei family? Since you think it’s a good project, why didn’t I hear that you are interested in investing? “

Mr. Fu’s words are not ironic, but puzzled.

Although Fu Jincheng has separated from the Fu family, Fu Jincheng will not be cold-blooded enough to personally let the Fu family fall into disaster.

Even more, sometimes the Fu group wants his help, as long as he can help, not difficult, he will help.

“I can’t turn my money around right now.”

The money he has on hand is intended to invest in the future science and technology project.

It’s not that he didn’t want to let Fu also invest in this project, but he didn’t want to get involved with Fu too deeply. The old man is old, and when he is gone in the future, other people’s ideas will surely increase.

In this way, there will be no less trouble.

“Sure it’s a good project?” Master Fu didn’t believe him, “or the girl of Lei family begged you. You didn’t have money, so you called my grandfather?”

“I think so.”

Master Fu frowned: “it seems that you are getting closer to her.”

“No Fu Jincheng light way: “just because I think this project is really good, if I have extra money, I will certainly invest.”

“All right.” When he said this, master Fu said, “I’ll discuss it with others.”


“Will you come back for Chinese new year?” Mr. Fu asked again.

“I should come back to see what Xiaojin means.”

“If you have time, you’d better come back. I haven’t seen Yueyue and Xiaoxuan for a long time.”

Fu Jincheng didn’t interfere in Fu’s affairs. Yueyue and Xiaoxuan also had little contact with other people in Fu’s family. Master Fu said that he didn’t regret it.

If he can, he naturally hopes to bring Fu Jincheng closer to others in the Fu family. If anything happens to him in the future, their brothers can help each other.

“I’ll try.”

Fu Jincheng knows what he means, but Fu Jincheng is too troublesome. In Fu’s family, he pays more attention to the old man and Fu Xiaocheng. As for what other people are, he knows very well.


After hanging up, Fu Jincheng finished his meal.

After dinner, continue to busy their own things.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock in the evening.

At this time, his cell phone rang.

Gao Yunjin called.

Fu Jincheng’s tiredness was swept away, and he picked up the phone: “did you call at last? I thought you forgot. “

“I didn’t forget.”

How could she forget that he valued it so much?

“Are you finished?”

“As soon as I’m finished, I’ll pack up and go home.”

“That’s good.”

Fu Jincheng took the phone in one hand and cleaned up the documents on the desk in the other. He said with a smile, “is Xiaojin waiting for me to go home?”

“I –“

Gao Yunjin is said to be the center of the matter, subconsciously want to deny, but think of him with her to start again, she also feel that she should not retreat, gently “Er” a. Fu Jincheng is just teasing her. Unexpectedly, she is generous enough to admit that she suddenly stops the action of packing up. A warm current suddenly surges into her heart. I wish I was at home now, holding her in my arms and loving her well.

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