Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3157

In order to keep fit, she didn’t eat much. After drinking the coffee made by Secretary LAN and eating two cakes, she didn’t eat any more. She walked around Fu Jincheng’s office for a while, and soon found out the food in every corner of Fu Jincheng’s office

A lot of snacks and drinks that she and even a little guy like to eat.

Fu Jincheng may be thinking that she and the children will come to him, so he has always been prepared with heart. When they come, they can eat at any time.

On the other side.

Fu Jincheng’s meeting went smoothly. At the end of the discussion, if there were no other things, the meeting would be over. Someone suddenly asked, “Mr. Fu, have you heard about the Leishi amusement park project? I heard that the project is very good, but you didn’t talk to me before

They have mentioned — “

“Are you interested in this project?” Fu Jincheng asked.

“No, I heard it’s a good project. Since it’s a good project, it’s sure to make money. It’s a pity to miss such a good opportunity. I just want to know your opinion.”

In fact, he said so much just now, focusing on the word “Lei Shi”.

They have paid attention to this project before and thought that Fu Jincheng would mention it at this meeting.

Who knows Fu Jincheng didn’t mention it from beginning to end.

Today, they see Gao Yunjin. Now, it seems that the relationship between them is quite good.

So, they thought that he didn’t mention the project, because it had something to do with personal feelings.

As the leader of the company, Fu Jincheng is not a qualified leader if he is influenced by his personal feelingsโ€œ It’s a good project. ” Fu Jincheng said faintly: “but it’s just good. It’s in line with the rules. At present, I’m most optimistic about the future science and technology project, so I will put more thoughts and funds on that project. again

Said, don’t forget, you agree to continue to support the future technology project, do not withdraw the funds, then where do we have so much money to invest in the Leishi amusement park project? “

The other party smell speech, pour is not angry, nod: “you say right, it is so right.”

As long as Fu Jincheng didn’t make the decision rashly because of his personal feelings, they would not have any opinions.

“Anything else?” Fu Jincheng asked again.

The others shook their heads. “It’s gone.”

“Break up.”

As Fu Jincheng’s voice dropped, someone came up and said with a smile, “I haven’t had dinner with your wife for some time. Would you like to have dinner together in the evening?”

Others nodded and echoed: “yes, let’s have a meal and get together?”

After the meeting, Fu Jincheng was not so serious, especially speaking of Gao Yunjin. He was in a better mood and had more patience.

However, such a good chance for two people, he can not let other people get involved.

“No, I’d like to have dinner with my wife alone. We have other plans. If we have dinner, next time.”

“OK, we don’t want to disturb the world for both of you.”

Other people see this situation, they know that the relationship between their husband and wife seems to go back to the past.

My heart is more solid.

Fu Jincheng said with others, can’t wait to go back to the office.

In the office, Gao Yunjin is sitting on the sofa reading. When he comes back, he smiles.

Fu Jincheng looked at the cake which had not been moved on the table and frowned: “don’t you like it? I remember you used to love the pastries of this family

“Like, afraid of fat, but can’t eat more.”

“Where are you fat? Even if you’re a little fat, it’s OK. Just be happy. ” Gao Yunjin has always paid attention to keeping fit. She is not fat at all, and the meat grows where it should be. She has always been in good shape.

“It’s not as good as it used to be.”

As she gets older, she can’t eat as she did a few years ago.

Otherwise it’s really easy to get fat.

What’s more, she doesn’t like sports as much as he does.

Although he is two years older than her, he always has great energy, physical strength and eight abdominal muscles.

Fu Jincheng knew what she was talking about, but he was very happy and said with a smile, “it’s very good.”

Time ages.

But Fu Jincheng is not afraid of being old.

He is never afraid of being old.

His biggest wish in his life is to grow old with her.

As for getting old and ugly, what does it matter?

After all, he has lived two lives, and he hasn’t tried to grow old. To tell you the truth, Fu Jincheng looks forward to the gray hair of Gao yunjindu and him in the future.

But Gao Yunjin can’t keep up with his thinking, “what’s better?”

Fu Jincheng laughs. Just as he talks, Secretary LAN knocks on the door and comes in. He hands the document to him, and then tells him about the next two or three days.

With that, Secretary LAN cleaned up the mess on the tea table and went back from work.

Fu Jincheng put aside the documents, helped her with her bag, pulled her up and said: “let’s go, let’s go to dinner.”

Gao Yunjin laughs: “good.”

“What would you like to eat?”

“Not sure yet.”


“No, you forgot that I had a snack?”

“That snack isn’t enough.”

“I’m not hungry.” Gao Yunjin said helplessly.

“OK, we’ll walk and watch later. We’ll eat whatever we want.”


It’s time to get off work.

Many people are stunned when they see them. They react and stand up and say hello to them.

Fu Jincheng nodded faintly. Gao Yunjin was also a person who had seen a big scene. He didn’t panic and nodded easily.

However, seeing that many people in the crowd look strange, Gao Yunjin looks over to Fu Jincheng and finds that he helps her carry her bag.

Fu Jincheng’s suit was neat and serious. Suddenly, she had a green bag on her hand, which greatly reduced his dignity.

Gao Yunjin reaches for his bag to come back, but Fu Jincheng doesn’t give it, “I’ll just help you with it.”

Gao Yunjin

In the past, Fu Jincheng didn’t give her less bags. She didn’t have any burden at all, and she took them very easily.

The others saw it and bowed their heads.

Gao Yunjin is also, just unconsciously, the little face has been red, but the smile on the face is more sweet.

“Do you want to go shopping?”

After getting on the bus, Fu Jincheng asked.

He hasn’t been shopping with her for a long time, and I don’t know if she has been shopping recently.

“Shopping?” Gao Yunjin thought, “I just went shopping with Xiao Lin last week, so I’d better go to dinner first, after dinner.”โ€œ Last week? That’s OK. Let’s just walk around after dinner. ” Fu Jincheng’s tone is a little sour.

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