Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3160

Although Huo Zhengyun asked her to take care of Rong Shuang before, it was Huo Zhengyun who owed her a favor, but after Rong Shuang showed her ability, with such an excellent designer, Gao Yunjin felt that she owed Huo Zhengyun a favor.

Think of Huo Zhengyun, Gao Yunjin just think of, she has not Huo Zhengyun news for several days.

They haven’t contacted each other since they separated at the spa.

I don’t know if Huo Zhengyun’s work in Beijing has been done.

Come whatever you want.

As soon as Gao Yunjin got back to the office, Huo Zhengyun called, “do you have time?”

Thinking of the hot spring villa, Gao Yunjin hesitated, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I just want to invite you to dinner.” Huo Zhengyun said.

“Thank you, Mr. Huo, but I have a lot of things on my side. It’s hard to go away. Next time.”

“Good.” Huo Zhengyun also didn’t force, suddenly asked: “by the way, I listen to Rong Shuang say you and your husband seem to be feeling warm?”

Gao Yunjin didn’t think Huo Zhengyun knew so soon, “did miss Rong tell you all these things?”

Gao Yunjin remembers that Fu Jincheng has sent her to work these days. Everyone in the company knows that Rong Shuang doesn’t seem to care about these things. However, as long as she is not deaf or blind, it’s not difficult to know these things.

“Sometimes when I ask you, she says.” Huo Zhengyun with a brush, light way: “congratulations.”

Gao Yunjin smiles, “thank you.”

Since he would congratulate her directly, it means that he should have lost his mind on her?

She also felt a little happy about this.

Otherwise, every time she contacts Huo Zhengyun, she will feel embarrassed.

“You’re welcome.”

Huo Zhengyun added: “I will stay here for a long time. You can call me whenever you have something.”

What he said, Gao Yunjin didn’t know what it was, so he automatically understood it as something to do with Rongshuang.

She said, “OK.”

Huo Zhengyun finished and hung up.


Originally, Fu Jincheng planned to go on a business trip as soon as possible, and personally went to the base to investigate the future science and technology project.

However, there are a lot of big and small things in the company, and the funds of his company have not been withdrawn. At present, the future technology project still has funds to continue to support the project. For the time being, it is not urgent.

It’s confirmed that there is no need to go on a business trip in recent years. When Fu Jincheng leaves work in the evening, he tells Gao Yunjin.

Gao Yunjin was very happy, “well, I know.”

They get along very well these two days. In fact, she doesn’t want him to go on business.

She would like them to have more time together.

Fu Jincheng took her into his arms, “I’ll accompany you to play with two little guys on Saturday and Sunday, OK? Where do you want to go? “

“Ask Yueyue. I can do anything.”

Fu Jincheng has always been accustomed to putting her in the first place. She is very satisfied with his intention. However, she has been to all the interesting places with Fu Jincheng these years, and she is not very interested.

“If I ask them, they’ll say they want to go skiing.”

It’s only two days and they can’t go too far.

“Then go skiing.”

Fu Jincheng sighed: “OK.”

Actually, he didn’t really want to go skiing.

The two little guys are still young. If they go skiing, they must be watching them all the time. Don’t think there is any time for them.

At the weekend, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng take two kids to ski together.

The two little guys were very excited. They argued to go out early in the morning. When they arrived at huaxuchang, they were very early and there was no one.

After they played for half an hour, there were more and more people in the ski resort.

The two little guys were tired and sat down to have a rest. Suddenly they said to Gao Yunjin, “Mom, do you think that’s uncle Huo?”

Gao Yunjin looked over and saw Huo Zhengyun.

He seems to be with the shopping mall friends together, there is no Rongshuang figure.

Huo Zhengyun also seems to see them, said with the people around, came over, “what a coincidence.”

“Yes.” Gao Yunjin asked, “have you just arrived?”


“What about Miss Rong? Didn’t she come? “

“She hasn’t skied, and she’s not interested in skiing, so she won’t come.”

Gao Yunjin nodded and asked no more.

“Will you come with the children?” Huo Zhengyun said hello to the two little guys, but didn’t see Fu Jincheng, so he asked.

“No, Jincheng is here too. He’s going to the bathroom. He’ll be back soon.”

Huo Zhengyun nodded, “that you are busy, my friend is still waiting for me, free to chat.”


As soon as Huo Zhengyun left, Fu Jincheng came back. Seeing Huo Zhengyun’s back, he frowned and said, “who was that just now?”

He didn’t see Huo Zhengyun’s face.

“Huo Zhengyun, general manager Huo.”

“He’s skiing, too? That’s a coincidence Although he knew that Huo Zhengyun, a high guerrilla, didn’t mean that, he felt that Huo Zhengyun was still coveting his Xiaojin. Fu Jincheng was not happy whether he heard about Huo Zhengyun or saw Huo Zhengyun.

Finish saying, he looked toward Huo Zhengyun there, Huo Zhengyun also happened to look over, light toward him nodded, soon left with people.

Fu Jincheng frowned.

He always felt that Huo Zhengyun didn’t feel very good about him. He couldn’t help but turn back and say to Gao Yunjin, “we don’t have any business with the Huo family, and maybe we won’t have any business in the future. You’d better have less business with him.”

“Well, I see.”

She and Huo Zhengyun don’t meet much. She thinks that it should be very difficult for her to meet Huo Zhengyun in the future.

Having had enough, they went home with two little guys.

After the weekend, Gao Yunjin and Fu Jincheng continue to be busy with their work.

On Monday, as soon as Fu Jincheng returned to the company, he received a call from Lei Yun: “Mr. Fu, your grandfather has decided to cooperate with us. We have signed an agreement, and our project can finally start. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’ll treat you to dinner some other day.”


“Your grandfather is coming. I have a lot to do. Hang up first.”

Lei Yun didn’t say much. After he hung up, he went downstairs with his grandfather to pick up Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu and Mr. Lei are very familiar. After being polite to each other, Mr. Fu’s eyes fell on Lei Yun and said with a smile, “it took me 20 or 30 years to cultivate a group that I can trust completely

You’re much better than me, Lao Lei, in handing it over to his successor. ” Their methods of training successors are similar, but Mr. Lei has cultivated a Lei Yun, who has not been in office for long, but his achievements have been brilliant enough.

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