Lure Wife into the House

Chapter 3161

Having such an excellent successor is the envy of many aristocratic families.

“Lao Fu, if you say that, I’m going to blush. No matter how lucky my family is, it’s not half as good as your Jincheng.” Although Mr. Lei thinks that Lei Yun is really good.

But a person’s excellence is compared.

With Fu Jincheng in the city, Lei Yun, relatively speaking, will be a bit gloomy.

Therefore, Mr. Lei hopes that Lei Yun can be with Fu Jincheng more and more.

If people like Fu Jincheng can really be used by their Lei family, their Lei family will not have to worry about the next few decadesโ€œ Jincheng is powerful, but he is not cultivated by me. ” Mr. Fu said realistically, “he has a natural sense of the market. But he’s very powerful, but he doesn’t want to inherit the Fu family. Oh, don’t I have to worry about it?


“Well, I think you’re here to show off.” Lei old son has no good way: “I see you want to have a few more such characters in the family.”

It’s absolutely a great thing to have a younger generation who can grow up and grow up without having to worry about it.

In this way, even if there is something wrong with the Fu family, someone will take care of it.

Master Fu laughed and did not deny it.

“It’s windy outside, old man. Let’s go inside and talk about it.” Lei Yun said with a smile.

Master Fu nodded.

A group of people went into the company.

They’ve signed the contract.

Today, Mr. Fu came here mainly for the press conference.

Yes, they are going to hold a press conference later.

Several people chatted for a while, settled the details, and it was time for the press conference.

Both Fu’s and Lei’s are powerful families.

The two families have not cooperated for a long time.

This time, the outside world is very interested in the cooperation between the two countries.

I also feel that they seem to have the intention of long-term cooperation.

There is a direction for future business, many people are very concerned about it, and there are also many reporters present.

The press conference also went very smoothly.

During the press conference, a reporter asked: “the two companies have not cooperated for a long time. I don’t know what opportunity it is for them to reach a cooperation intention in this project?” Speaking of this, Lei Yun chuckled and replied: “speaking of this, first of all, I have to thank Mr. Fu Jincheng. In fact, he is particularly interested in my project, but for the time being, his company’s budget is not enough, so I’m sorry that he doesn’t have it

We’ve got people to work with. When I heard that our project was still short of funds, I helped me persuade Mr. Fu. “

Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng are both very popular. When reporters heard that Lei Yun talked about Fu Jincheng in person, they were all excited. “It seems that the relationship between general manager Lei and general manager Fu is really good.”

The two companies were originally running their own businesses. If they couldn’t cooperate, they couldn’t cooperate. They told Lei Yun that the budget was not enough, which was confidential. Reporters didn’t believe that their relationship was average.

Lei Yun wanted to admit that they had a good relationship, but she was not stupid. Naturally she knew that she couldn’t admit it. She just said, “it’s president Fu.”

The reporters laughed when they heard this.

Isn’t it funny to talk about justice in the market?

Therefore, the more Lei Yun said that, the more people felt that their relationship was unusual.

On one side, master Fu hears this and looks at Lei Yun without any trace. He appreciates her means very much.

However, he was not very happy when this method was applied to his grandson.

However, Lei Yun’s words came out, and he didn’t refute them.

What’s more, master Fu knows more about Fu Jincheng than Lei Yun.

Fu Jincheng himself grew up in a conspiracy. What he dislikes most is that others use him to achieve their own goals.

Lei Yun also noticed Fu’s eyes. She could feel that Fu appreciated herself. Thinking of this, she nodded and laughed at him.

Mr. Fu responded with a smile, but soon he looked away.

However, it’s enough to let others know how much master Fu appreciates Lei Yun.

No, after this incident was published in the newspaper, the relationship between Lei Yun and Fu Jincheng, as well as Fu’s appreciation of Lei Yun, soon became a hot topic.

Many netizens and journalists have the same ideaโ€œ Other people’s company budgets are generally hidden. Fu Jincheng, a man who is invincible in the shopping mall, actually told Lei Yun directly. As a result, it’s just because Fu Jincheng is more righteous? If I’m a fool, I’m not sure

I believe it. “

“Yes, it is. Lei Yun is showing his love. “

“If my boyfriend does this, I also want to show off. It seems that big guys have something in common with us ordinary people.”

“In that case, the Lei family is not only closely related to the Fu Jincheng company, but now even the Fu family has come out. It seems that it is not far from the Lei family to get married with the Fu family.”

“The way Mr. Fu looks at Lei Yun is that his grandfather looks at his granddaughter-in-law. The more he looks, the more satisfied he is?”

“Can master Fu not be satisfied with a granddaughter-in-law like Lei Yun? What’s more, Lei Yun is now the leader of Lei’s family. If Fu Jincheng really marries Lei Yun, doesn’t it mean that Lei also belongs to Fu? “

“It’s silly to say that upstairs, but there must be a lot of benefits. Women must be important to their husband’s family in the end, so it’s really hard to say what will happen to Lei Shi in the future.”

Although Gao Yunjin hasn’t been on the Internet for a long time, it’s hard for her to know if Zhuolin is there.

“Damn, what’s the matter with your husband?” Zhuolin gritted her teeth.

Gao Yunjin also understands the context of things.

Listening to Lei Yun’s familiar tone when talking about Fu Jincheng and Fu Jincheng’s telling her the company’s secrets made her feel uncomfortable.

Before she could answer, Zhuolin asked, “what do they want now? Where are they? Can’t it really be as good as it is said on the Internet? “


Think of recent events, Gao Yunjin these two words said very sure.


“We made up.”

“Made up?” Zhuolin frowned suspiciously: “are you kidding?”

“No kidding. We really made up.”โ€œ What’s the matter with Lei Yun? Is she directing and acting all this? But if she’s really directing and acting, why doesn’t your husband’s grandfather tear her down? ” Without waiting for Gao Yunjin to reply, Zhuolin said sourly: “I see your husband’s happiness

My grandfather seems to appreciate her very much. I think she speaks very well. “

“I don’t know.” When she watched the video, she also felt that the old man really liked Lei Yun.

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